Dove mangiare i migliori gyros di Atene

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens: the street food of Greece

Who comes in Greece he soon discovers: the food may not be sophisticated. But it is good. And it street food, as it is fashionable to call it now, is no exception. The street food symbol in the country, which is a village of Cyclades or a street of Athensand always the same: the gyros. This ubiquitous snack, which can easily be a lunch, is certainly the simplest solution after a busy day Athens museums but remember that there are many shades of gyros. Just as there are so many restaurants not to be missed in Athens. So here is a short guide to discover the real recipe. Then we dedicate ourselves to the advice on where to eat the best gyros in Athens.

The gyros, for those few who don’t know it yet, is a kind of sandwich made with meat, sauces and particular bread. Bread is the pita, a soft and light disc, usually grilled: the best pitas are thick enough to absorb the juices of the meat and sauce without getting soggy. Flavor is another thing. The meat is usually made up of thin slices chicken or porkbut sometimes there is also lamb, which are seasoned and stacked vertically on a skewer. When the cylinder is cooked, the outer part is cut into thin strips. All this is paired with tzatziki – a tasty sauce made with yogurt, garlic, cucumbers and oil – but also with tomato, onion rings and pure fried potatoes. And you understand why he talked about a full lunch. Now with the basics we can go and find where to eat the best gyros of Athens. But know that at every corner you will find very good ones.

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens: Harokopou Street

This is a safe address, the 46 of Harokopou streetfor those looking for the place to eat the best gyros in Athens. Here in particular they are rich and juicy and also the environment has a little more grace than the usual local fast food restaurants that can be found practically on every street. If one wishes, he also prepares coupons burgers and souvlaki (i.e. skewers to eat with bread or to use to fill pita bread). Rest assured: you will go crazy for it.
46 Harokopou Street
+30 210 9596569

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens


Gyros is a traditional dish and this is, in fact, a traditional place where to eat it. So they are stuffed with a lot of onion, much tzaziki and good meat. For all these reasons it is a point of reference for the inhabitants of the neighborhood who for many years have frequented the restaurant located next to the square. Petroupolis. The place is always crowded and gyros and souvlaki are selling like hot cakes.
83, 25 Martiou Street
+30 2105051217

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens: the famous Thanasis

Most of the Athenians will tell you to steer clear of the gyros vendors around Monastiraki. And the reasons are many: the waiters are hasty and sometimes intrusive and some are real tourist traps. All true. But Thanasis is an institution that must be tried: sit back and immerse yourself in the frenzy that surrounds you. The choice for the rest is quite limited: here they are eaten gyros and skewers which you can have pork, chicken or lamb, wrapped in a pita or served on a plate – it is called merida – as a portion. The standard is four skewers and accompanying come tzaziki, chips and the eternal koriatiki the classic Greek salad.
69, Mitropoleos

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens

Or Kostas

The showcase of Or Kostas opens on the square since the 80s Agia Irinis and people have always attended it with a lot of passion ever since. The merit? The quality of the products that are prepared every morning according to family recipes which concern gyros and souvlaki accompanied by a slightly spicy sauce. We talked about the success of the place: the proof is that it often closes early enough because the stocks are out.
2, Agia Irinis square

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens


This family-run establishment was inaugurated in 1922 in the suburb of Palaia Kokkiniain the area of Piraeusbefore making the leap and moving to Athens in a convenient position a Monastiraki, right in front of the church. In recent years it has gone well for him so much that a second long venue was born Ermou, just over 300 meters away with also a panoramic terrace and the same proposal of very good gyros. A detail: you can go there between visits to a museum but also at night. It is open until almost morning.
91, Ermou

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens: even vegetarians at the Amanita grill

The gyros, of course, involves meat. But in recent years a limited offer has also been growing for vegetarians. An address that has made this choice is Amanita Grill in the neighborhood of Exarcheia which offers vegan recipes. So there are gyros with assorted vegetables and also with organic products including very special mushrooms. All this effort is also seen in what is around: Amanita has adopted a zero waste approach and their packaging is recyclable.
43-45 Themistokleou

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens

Or Kostas

This not at all flashy venue is located not far from Syntagma square and is considered one of the best places to eat a gyros ad Athens. Do not confuse it with the other Kostas of piazza Irini: this instead it is found in Penteli where it has been fanning meat and bread for over 60 years. Don’t expect anything extravagant or trendy here: Kostas’ success comes from the freshness of its ingredients and the particular flavor of the meat. The queue that forms every day confirms that Kostas is a guarantee when it comes to Greek street food.
5, Pentelis

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens: the masters of the grill

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without one of the most loved no-nonsense locals in the Koukaki district. Here too little scene and a lot of concreteness. But people adore him often come back. The name of the place can be translated as “all about the coals”And perfectly describes the type of food they serve. Once ordered, everything – the pita, the meat (be it gyros or skewers) and the vegetables are grilled together. And then the tasty bundle to bite is assembled. Believe: the result is special. To find it without going crazy ask passersby for directions to “ta koritsia”(The girls), the nickname given to the place as it is run exclusively by women. And this too is an extra value in a world, that of the grid, typically male ad Athens.
16, Drakou,

Where to eat the best gyros in Athens

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