Dove mangiare a Bangkok

Where to eat in Bangkok: from starred restaurants to stalls

Restaurants, stalls, shopping malls, braziers on the sidewalk, boats rocking on the mud of the Chao Praya equipped as kitchens. In Bangkok we eat everywhere: and often we eat well. The flavors are strong but pleasant, the chilli stings but doesn’t hurt. Prices are low. And it will be very difficult to run into an ailment due to food that is not fresh or poorly prepared. For this choose where to eat in bangkok it is not easy: because the offer is endless. And too much choice leaves you lost. On the other hand, the statistics prove it which, moreover, in this part of the world must always be taken with a certain flexibility: Bangkok there are at least three thousand restaurants indoors and perhaps an army of five hundred thousand itinerants scattered among the streets and canals. That’s why the first answer to the question where to eat in Bangkok is: everywhere. But still there are some right addresses. Those where definitely worth going. And taste the flavor of the city of Angels.

Where to eat in Bangkok: the Nahm Restaurant

If you were asked if there is a place, only one place where to eat in bangkok Sparing no expense, answer without a doubt: the Nahm. The Nahm it’s David Thompson’s restaurant, the Australian chef who was the first in the world to obtain a Michelin star with a Thai restaurant. In this elegant restaurant, inside the hotel of the Como chain, it is possible to experience the best of Thai gastronomy: great raw materials, ingredients chosen in a philological and well-finished combination and also a good wine list. Absolutely to try the tasting menu which offers a complete journey through the flavors of the different souls of the country’s cuisine.
Naham – Hotel Metropolitan 27 South Sathorn Road tel. 02.6253388 Nahm

Where to eat in Bangkok

Bo.lan restaurant

Bo and Dylan, two students of David Thompson, have decided to follow the master’s philosophy by proposing the classic thai cuisine with attention to fresh ingredients and service and respecting the logic of slow food. Therefore, great attention to tradition: food understood as part of the local culture. Here too try the tasting menu.
Bo.lan 42 Soi Pichairongnarongsongkram, Sukhumvit 26
tel. 02.2602962 – Closed on Mondays bo.lan

Ban Chiang

Local frequented mainly by farang, that is Western tourists and expats, in search of local flavors (the spicy here is dosed sparingly), in a simple but welcoming context and in a lively area of ​​the city. Average prices and decent service. And it is always full.
Ban Chiang 14 Soi Sri Wiang tel. 02.2367045
Open daily lunch and dinner Ban Chiang

Where to eat in Bangkok

Where to eat in Bangkok: the Mbk Food Court

The top floor of a food mall. With dozens of stalls, each specializing in one dish. Vouchers are bought at a common cash desk, then served as in a self-service. The advantage is that you are indoors with air conditioning. The choice is endless, the confusion great. So the situation is excellent.
Mbk Center sixth floor, Phra Ram Mbk Center

Where to eat in Bangkok

Where to eat in Bangkok: the street food of Soi 38

A soi, that is an alley, which houses a night market – from 18 to 3 – full of stalls. The service is spartan (plastic tables, no toilets and often not even napkins), the prices are low, the flavors genuine or intense. Those who can’t stand spicy beware. Look around and peek at other people’s dishes and often get ready for surreal orders with gestures and grimaces: the menu, if any, is almost always in Thai. Each stall has its own specialty: for noodles with crab, Bamee is recommended; and for pad thai with prawns, Phad Thai (right at the entrance to the alley). Proof that the above is true: where to eat in bangkok? Everywhere.
Soi 38 Sukhumvit
Near Bts Thong Lor stop

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