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What to see in Stuttgart: castles, museums and Mercedes cars

Elegant, sophisticated and fun-loving: if you were to sketch a hasty identikit for the capital of the German land of Baden-Württemberg these could be the keywords. Adding perhaps that this is a modern and lively city that nevertheless maintains a provincial soul, pleasing it. The locals are known for a certain particular elegance and in everyone’s DNA is the myth of speed and fast cars (Mercedes Benz And Porsche they have their headquarters here) but no one knows how to give up trips to the neighbors Swabian Alps or to a long and pleasant stop in spas like the MineralBad Cannstatt. And so get ready to discover that our guide on what to see in Stuttgart will have many surprises in store for you.

The city center was unfortunately destroyed by the bombing during the Second World War and today the few remaining old buildings are surrounded by more sterile modern buildings and office blocks. However, the lack of some atmosphere and glimpses of the past are made up for by a lively art scene and above all by a high standard of quality of life. This is because the good foodattention to wine and a certain tendency to enjoy the best aspects of life are an integral part of the way of life of the inhabitants of Stuttgart.

what to see in Stuttgart

So there is a wide choice of traditional Swabian restaurants that starred rooms without forgetting the always crowded farmers’ markets. Throughout the year, various festivals are held, ranging from the big ones wine festival held in September at the famous Summer festival which attracts many people who love gastronomy and music. There is also a pleasant evening and night life which is centered around the lively Theodor-Heuss-Strasse while shopping and fashion lovers will have to head to the Königstrasse, one of the longest shopping streets in Germany. Finally, if you are looking for a reminder of the atmosphere of the time that was not to be missed is the district of Bohnenviertel where it is nice to sit in its outdoor cafes, true corners of relaxation on quiet cobbled streets.

What to see in Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart: a green city

In short, our little guide on what to see in Stuttgart before taking you to the symbolic museums of the city, those dedicated to engines, deviates towards nature. Yes, because this city has something of the Mediterranean, at least in the summer months, when everyone lives intensely there large green expanses that envelop it. A series of Fr.arches and gardensobviously dotted with breweries and restaurants, cross the central districts forming a huge “U green“, Which starts at Schlossgarten and ends in the park Killesberg. If then this two-hour walk from one end of the “Grüne U“- precisely the U eight kilometers green– does not satisfy your desire for fresh air, no problem: the nearby hills covered with vineyards are completely covered by a spectacular network of pedestrian and cycle paths.

After the trip, however, go back to the city and take a look from above to understand what to see in Stuttgart. To get an overview, just climb the 217 meters of the Fernsehturm (the television tower) on top of which there is an observation point and a restaurant from which, on a clear day, you can even see the Black Forest. So do like all the people here and head to Schlossplatz, the heart of the city, where everyone meets and where the events of the Sommerfestthe Summer Party.

What to see in Stuttgart

So let’s do as the inhabitants here and start from the square for our trip to Stuttgart. In the center of the Schlossplatz is the Neues Schlossor Palazzo Nuovo, the former residence of the kings, built between 1746 and 1806 and now the seat of the government of the Land of Baden-Württemberg. If the style of the building reminds you of something already seen, it is because the duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg he wanted to have hers Versailles in Stuttgart. The jubilee column of the King William was erected in 1841 in honor of the 25-year reign of the monarch and the statue of the Concordiathe Roman goddess of harmony, was added to the top of the column in 1863. The two fountains on either side were built in the same period and symbolically support eight cherubs, each representing one of the fiumi of Württemberg. The square is always lively and crowded, we said and if nothing else it is also full of music since street musicians flock here. During the winter it hosts the Christmas marketone of the most beautiful flea markets of Germany.

Also in the same square and not far from the Palazzo Nuovo is theAltes Schloss or the Old Castle. The origins of the building date back to around the year 1000 but the current palace, with its picturesque arcaded courtyard, was built between 1553-78. Today the imposing structure houses the Land Museum with the collection of medieval art, musical instruments, watches as well as the Württemberg crown jewels. In the south wing is the church annexed to the 16th century palace where the tombs of the kings are located.

What to see in Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart: Otto Dix’s art

Continuing the discovery of the city you arrive at the very central Kunstmuseum which in itself is a work of art. Opened only in 2005 it is basically a large glass cube with internal limestone walls spread over 5,000 square meters of exhibition space. Highlights of the collection include some of the most important works of German artists Otto Dixthe famous artist who represented the society of the Weimar republic, as well as of Dieter Roth And Willi Baumeister. If possible, visit the museum during the evening opening on Friday: when you leave, you will be struck by the bizarre lighting of the building.

What to see in Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart: Mercedes and Porsche

We said it straight away: Stuttgart has a heart of steel. And his beats are those of the engines. The Mercedes Benz museum proves it: it was inaugurated shortly before the start of the World Cup in Germany and is located in an impressive modern building that extends over 17,000 square meters and seven floors. The museum takes visitors on a journey through the history of the Mercedes automobile while also recounting the events that occurred worldwide at the same time as the progress of the automobile company. On display there are more than 160 different vehicles starting from racing cars to get to airplane engines and the mobile pope. Of course there is also a shop, a bar and a restaurant as well as audio guides in various languages. But it does not end there: in Stuttgart there is also the Porsche museum, inaugurated in 2009, near the company headquarters. The museum collects about eighty cars including racing cars, road cars and prototypes that rotate among the many owned by the company. And if after visiting them take a trip to Monk to see the museum of BMW you can say that you know everything about German cars.

What to see in Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart: the State Gallery

After the cylinders and pistons we return to art. There State Gallery of Stuttgart it is home to one of the finest art collections in Germany and is one of the most visited museums in the country. It is well known for its collection of 20th century paintings but it also boasts impressive collections of German Renaissance art as well as Dutch and Italian masters. The three buildings that make up the Staatsgalerie they are as interesting as the collections inside. The original building, the Alte Staatsgalerie it was designed in a neoclassical style and inaugurated in 1843. Adjacent Neue Staatsgalerie designed by James Stirling, and added in 1984, it is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. The most recent structure was added in 2002 and is a five-storey building housing the prints, drawings and photography section.

What to see in Stuttgart

What to see in Stuttgart: the pleasure of the spa

Finally let’s relax: and let’s do like the locals who living on one of the largest reserves of thermal water in Europe, it has always benefited from it, making it, over time, a real tourist attraction. Nineteen natural springs pump something like 22 million liters of thermal water: and therefore there is no fear of staying dry. Relaxing in a warm, steamy bath is a good way to spend some time remembering that water also has beneficial effects on the skin and for respiratory problems. Das Leuze, Mineralbad Cannstatt And Mineral Bath Berg they are facilities equipped with hot and cold thermal baths, saunas, whirlpools and swimming pools. Das Leuze it is the one most loved by families, with its playground and a brightly colored paddling pool, while Mineralbad Cannstatt it will appeal more to adults looking for a relaxing retreat. Mineral Bath Berg it is a unique piece that comes directly from the 1950s and its iron-rich waters are recognized as particularly beneficial.

What to see in Stuttgart

Finally we conclude with a quote from the chapel on the hill of Württemberg overlooking Stuttgart and the Neckar valley. La is the tomb of the queen Katharina and was erected by King William I as a funeral monument to his beloved wife who died prematurely. Built between 1820 and 1824, this structure, known locally as Grabkapelle, is a neoclassical style dome inspired by the Pantheon in Rome but beyond the historical value it is a place to visit for what is around. The walk to get there is not tiring and the view is splendid, with a view that covers the whole city and is lost among the vineyards and hills.

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