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What to see in Denmark: from Copenhagen to Aarhus

For some it is the country of Mermaidfor others the place where the happier people in the world. Others remember it for the restaurants hyperstellati but also for the fabulous views, with castles, beaches beaten by the wind, villages which seem to have been taken from a model railway. But also good beer and design, cycle paths e Viking suggestions. In short, these few lines are enough to understand that the guide on what to see in Denmark it should be very long. And for a relatively small country, the mix of opportunities and discoveries is decidedly substantial.

In short, the possibilities are many during a trip to Denmark that allows you to combine the discovery of the lively local culture in cities, such as Aarhus, Odense or Aalborg but also allowing himself a visit to the islands, rural areas and the unexpected series of castles. Everyone will then want to take some time to explore the capital Copenhagen but remember that it is better to have a couple of days more to be able to see the surroundings and other areas that are more easily accessible.

What to see in Denmark

What to see in Denmark: over 400 islands

If we want to discover Denmark, however, we must first remember a detail: this is a country made of water. Yes, because the country occupies the peninsula of Jutland but above all an archipelago of over 400 islands to the east of the peninsula that form a third of the space for life. The largest of the country’s islands is the Zealand and the capital is located in this territory while the second most important city, Aarhusis the main urban center of the Jutland.

What to see in Denmark

What to see in Denmark: Copenhagen

Of Copenhagen we said: it is the capital, it offers a wide range of interesting tourist attractions but it is also an ideal place to simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a cafe or strolling along the Stroget, the long pedestrian avenue that crosses it and where there are shops and magnets for shopping addicted. But if you want to discover the beauties of the city, you must concentrate on the palaces: the royal residence in the palace of Amalienborgthe palace of Christiansborg which houses the Danish government and the Rosenborg Palace, seasonal residence of the royal family. But remember: Copenhagen is also one city ​​to walk or to discover by renting a bike and enjoying the cycle paths to see the most different corners. Sure a look at the Mermaid you will go and give it (but be prepared: you will easily be disappointed) as well as the Tivoli parka small amusement park (very different from the Disney giants) that is located in the city center and offers many gardens, rides, concerts and fireworks weekly in summer. There are a few restaurants in and around (including a Hard Rock Cafe) but things to discover in Copenhagen are others like them wonderful museums or the always fascinating old port of Nyhavn.

Not far from here lived a gentleman who everyone knows: Hans Christian Andersen who wrote the stories of our childhood as “The tin soldierAnd “The Princess and the Pea”. Pay homage to him because if the list of what to see in Denmark is long, it is also due to tales. And if you are interested in the darker side of Copenhagen, don’t get lost Christianiaa partially independent neighborhood born as hippie village decades ago and now transformed into a cross between a tourist attraction, a community center and an area of dealing in hashish at the light of the Sun. It is no coincidence that the main street is called Pusher Street.


Continuing our journey we arrive at Odensethe city immersed in the greenery ofisland of Funen. It is a pleasant and elegant place, with beautiful buildings even if it takes its name from the Nordic god of war. But fortunately also for wisdom and poetry. This is indeed one city ​​rich in culture and it is also the birthplace of the most famous Dane, the aforementioned Hans Christian Andersen. You can see his birthplace but also the splendid one Egeskov Castle. The city is easily accessible from Copenhagen, either by car in less than two hours, or by train which allows you to enjoy magnificent views over delightful countryside.

What to see in Denmark

What to see in Denmark: other destinations

Other popular destinations in Denmark that shouldn’t be overlooked include Roskildeone of the oldest cities in the country and the port city of Svendborg. From Svendborg the more curious can take a ferry to the island of Ærø and spend some time in the old merchants’ town Aeroskobing, strolling through the narrow streets that touch well-preserved houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. And the beauty is that many of these things can be easily reached using the capital as a base.


Finally, if you are a music lover, the city of Aarhus offers you everything: from symphonic performances to theaters, as well as the Den Gamle By which is an open-air theater and the centerpiece of the city. Then, just to give some insights, there are the spectacular white chalk cliffs of Mon’s Klinton the island of Møn and for those who always feel like a child, the park of Legoland to Billund: a place where the world is child-friendly. And everything is built in colored bricks of Lego.


But a guide doesn’t just have to say what to see in Denmark. But also what to find out: this has been cited for years as the happiest country in the world and it is easy to see why by seeing the clean, efficient streets public transport systems, progressive social policies and the way of life of people in cities and towns. That is why it is important to try to get in touch with people from here during the trip: first because the Danes are not as reserved as they say and are instead very nice. Secondly, it could be that a little happiness is sprouting in you too.


What to see in Denmark and when to go

The weather in Denmark has four seasons distand, with a cold winter and hot summer. There spring tends to be unpredictable, with large changes in temperature and unexpected rain showers. Autumn and winter tend to be very cold, and it gets dark pretty early. The best time to visit Denmark is in the warm period between May and Augustwhen daytime temperatures are steadily around 20 ° C and days are very long; this is also the reason why most of the events in Denmark take place in July and August.

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