Cosa vedere e quali spiagge a Leros, nel Dodecaneso

What to see and which beaches in Leros in the Dodecanese

From here, from the great port of Lakkiat the time of the war, the ships that were supposed to break the back of Greece were leaving. Today, on the other hand, those who land there Greece they love her. And they prefer it authentic: quiet, not too crowded. Never brash. Leros, for decades, it hosted the largest Italian port in theAegean but of that city there are only crumbling buildings with unmistakable lictory architecture and presumptuous triumphal avenues where, however, the scooters of those, still not so many, who roam this island of the Dodecanese in search of its many beaches. A good way to discover the island, with its rolling hills and large quiet bays, is to climb about 200 meters up the hill above the town of Platanos and admire the view: in front, as far as the eye can see, the blue and behind the castle of Pandeli built by knights of St. John (which then are those of Malta and of Kos). Here, to find out what to see and which beaches in Leros go up here worth a visit. You will have a splendid glance. Then you can leave to find your corner of the island.

What to see and which beaches in Leros

Warm up, after the short walk, it will be better to dive in for a bath. The choice, on the other hand, is wide, the coves offer quiet beaches protected by the tamarisk trees not yet invaded by umbrellas and the row of villages guarantees delicious stops in the taverns for tasty snacks. And don’t miss the chance to taste the soft local goat cheese. For those who are not afraid of the heat, there is also a network of paths along which to pass from one coast to another. The only noises that will follow you are those of the very noisy cicadas. Tradition has it that it was born on this island Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Sitting at sunset in a bar of Agia Marinawhile the light plays on the sea, it becomes easy to believe that it is all true.

What to see and which beaches in Leros: how to get there

In Leros there is an airport with daily connections with Athens. The island is then connected by ferries to the Piraeusthe port of Athens and with the other islands of Samos, Kos, Patmos, Rhodes.

What to see and which beaches in Leros: the sand and the sea

Alinda Beach is located 3 km northwest of Agia Marina and it is the longest beach in Leros. It is also one of the most organized beaches with rentals and several tavernas. There beach it is located a few steps away from the town and guarantees the caress of white sand and crystal clear waters. Not far away there are trees for a bit of shade and rest lulled by the sound of cicadas. For those seeking peace at the ends of the beach there are some relaxing coves such as the romantic beach of Krifo.

What to see and which beaches on the island of Leros, in the Dodecanese

Agia Marina is the main settlement of the island and has now merged with the other two towns of Platanos And Panteli. Right in front of the village there is the natural bay with soft sand and transparent waters very popular with families and those who do not want to give up on comforts. The beaches of Vromolimnos, Pandeli and Alinda are also within easy reach.

Vromolithos it is a beautiful cove not too far from the village of Pandeli. Over the past few years, it has developed considerably and now there are many rental houses, cottages and small hotels. However, the beach has kept its relaxed and pleasant style even though there is no shortage of sunbeds and umbrellas. The southern and northern parts of the beach offer sand, while in the center there are pebbles. There are also some tavernas for those who love to have a snack near the sea.

Ksirokampos Beach is located 9 km southeast of Agia Marina and 3 km from the natural harbor of Lakki. The characteristic is the presence of a coast that falls with some caves and the transparent purity of the water. The water is so crystal clear that you can see some spots located 45 meters deep. Xirokambos also offers a large area dedicated to scuba diving which extends from Capo Soumari to Capo Mavros Kavos. At the end of the beach is the chapel of Panagia Kavouradena And Paleokastro where travelers can visit the ruins of the ancient castle. There are also many tavernas nearby and a camping site that is always quite busy.

What to see and which beaches on the island of Leros, in the Dodecanese

What to see and which beaches in Leros: where to sleep

Nepheli hotel

Crithoni – Tel .: +30 22470 24611

Small hotel in a quiet area a few hundred meters from Agia Marina. It offers rooms with sea views and beautiful terraces. Studios for two people for 85 euros in high season

Archontiko Angelou hotel

Alinda – Tel: +30 (22470) 22749

Eight-room hotel in a neoclassical villa surrounded by greenery with period furniture. Deliberately retro atmosphere and prices per room around 120 euros in high season.

What to see and which beaches on the island of Leros, in the Dodecanese: where to eat

Neromylos tavern

Agia Marina
A unique tavern for atmosphere under a mill illuminated at night. You eat practically on the water while watching the fish. At sea and on the plate. Dinner around 30 euros.

Psaropoula restaurant

Close to the beach, it prides itself on offering the best fish on the island. Try the prawns with feta. Dinner about 28 euros

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