Un fine settimana a Glasgow

A weekend in Glasgow: beer, art and vintage clothes

It is the most important city in Scotland after the capital Edinburgh with a very lively cultural landscape and a great offer for shoppers. Without forgetting good hotels and high-level restaurants. That’s why a weekend in Glasgow can please anyone: just decide if you want to please the gluttony, the vanity or the desire to discover. And then take a flight.

The choice of a weekend in Glasgow in fact, it can be justified in many ways. The city was one of the first to be recognized as “European capital of culture ” and a few years later “City of Architecture”. And it is easy to understand why. On a weekend in Glasgow it is possible to wander around to discover the beyond twenty between galleries and museums that with their exhibitions integrate the heritage of buildings created by architects such as Alexander Thomsonknown for his classic designs, and Charles Rennie Mackintoshmaster of Art Nouveau. The same museums, which house very important works – and can often be visited for free – can also be reached with a simple bus tour. Not only that: the program of theaters is always very rich and ballet and classical music shows are never lacking and in addition, in January the Celtic Connectionthe winter festival that brings together the best Scottish talent.
Aren’t you crazy about twos or Shakespeare’s poetry? No problem: dive into the pedestrian path of Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan Street and Argyle Streetunited under the fashionable hat of “Style Mile“And dedicate yourself to shopping. The choice of small boutiques of local producers will surprise you. In short, a weekend in Glasgow promises not to give you time to get bored. And if you really were insatiable, you should know that the festive atmosphere is made more lively thanks to the big one student population attracted here by ben four universities and several colleges. And all these people flock to lively restaurants, pubs and interesting shopping areas. Let’s see in detail how to spend your days.

Weekend in Glasgow strolling along the River Clyde

Once the port area was the one that created wealth, the one where the people were concentrated shipyards who built steamers and ocean liners. So much so that thanks to these riches Glasgow became the second city of the British Empire. Then the decline and the area along the River Clyde it went out and ended up being forgotten and degraded. Now, however, after decades, the time has come for redevelopment and the entire area has been reclaimed and the old docks have come back to life. The result, among others is the Riverside Museumdefined a couple of years ago “The best European museum” which stands on the site of a former shipyard. The Seccinstead, which was born where there was a dock before, it hosts events, concerts and various bars and clubs. As a symbol, and it could not be otherwise, stands one of the old cranes that has been kept a short distance from a large auditorium called, affectionately, “The armadillo. Among the other buildings not to be missed on a weekend in Glasgow, especially for those traveling with children, the Glasgow Science center, an educational and exhibition center dedicated to science. Of all kinds: to make the experience more fun, you have the opportunity to live some very interesting experiments.

a-weekend-in-Glasgow --- The-city-from-above

A weekend in Glasgow: the cathedral and the river

We then continue our wandering going to dedicate the right homage to a monument whose history is intimately linked to that of the city: the cathedral dedicated to San Mungo who oversaw the construction. The saint’s remains are buried in the crypt and the cathedral continues to be a place of worship for over 800 years. A record when you think about how many churches in Scotland were destroyed during the Reformation. The imposing medieval building, which dates from the late 12th century, is one of the best examples of Scottish Gothic architecture with vaulted arches, stained glass windows, and spiers scenographically blackened by time. Dedicate some time to this temple and if you want to follow a guided tour: there are also in Italian.

Then, after a relaxing walk watching the river current, here is the right time to go shopping. A Glasgow weekend wouldn’t be complete without a session of shopping in the main street of shop windows. In Buchanan Street there are two shopping centers and here are large department stores and luxury boutiques. But for those who want to live a more modern and engaging experience, bet on West End where instead of boutiques of global brands there are small shops selling vintage garments and local designers. wander the many thrift stores and other vintage shops. The most attentive fashion victims never miss a stop in the shop Starry Night

Is the wallet tired of being burgled? Let’s give it some rest by dedicating ourselves to the beauty of art. A weekend in Glasgow allows you to visit some important museums: for example the Kelvingrove Museum, in the West End, on the banks of the Kelvin. It is located near the university campus and houses a collection of European art with works by Italian, French, Dutch and of course Scottish. But not to be missed is the Christ of St. John at the Cross of Salvador Dali Also visit the GoMA, the Gallery of Modern Art, a beautiful neoclassical building right in the center of Glasgow. In Glasgow it is possible to create a path in the footsteps of Charles Rennie Macintosh, the architect inventor of the so-called Glasgow movement, or the local version of Art Nouveau. he has left some beautiful buildings like the School of Art and the Lighthousefrom which you can enjoy a beautiful view.


Are you also tired of art? After all, a weekend in Glasgow doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here then is the opportunity for a moment of relaxation a Kelvingrove Park. In addition to lawns and green corners, it hosts concerts in the summer also thanks to an amphitheater. Of course the sun is not frequent here: but when it shines it is a delightful place. If you want you can then continue with a visit to the University of Glasgow, one of the oldest in the Anglo-Saxon world. Its gothic architecture, with towers and pinnacles could be a bit creepy and there are also several museums and exhibitions inside. Some like the part dedicated to paleontology and archeology are interesting, others like those specific to human anatomy can be easily overlooked.

A weekend in Glasgow with pints and lakes

Then you want to feel truly a resident of Glasgow, even if only for 48 hours? Then do like them. Grab a metro day pass and experience the pub crawl. But underground. That is, get off at each of the fifteen stops of the subway and rise to the surface and then drink in pub closer. We know: it’s a stupid and harmful game. But here the young people love it. And then you will have the opportunity to see one of the oldest subways in the world. Even if of very small extension. After the beer, nature: with about twenty minutes by train you can reach Loch Lomond. It is the largest lake in England and a walk on its shores is a fantastic experience to immerse yourself in the charm of the Scottish countryside. Put on a tweed jacket and imagine you are in a gothic novel.

A-weekend-in-Glasgow --- the-Loch-Lomond

Is your weekend in Glasgow coming to an end? Let’s celebrate with a typical local dish. The city offers a huge choice of restaurants and places to eat cuisines from all over the world. But if you really want to experience local flavors here is the right choice:Haggis, the Scottish national dish: a sausage of minced sheep entrails with onion, kidney fat, oatmeal, salt and spices, mixed with broth and served with turnips and potatoes. Does it seem terrible to you? Maybe it is. But what weekend in Glasgow would it be without having tasted it?

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