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Christmas in the heat: where to swim on New Year’s Eve from the Canary Islands to Dubai

It is useless to pretend: we have all dreamed of passing the Warm Christmasaway from cold, snow and cloudy days. And we all imagined ourselves receiving Santa Claus laying on a beach in the shade of a palm tree. A dream? Perhaps. But there are many places, even closer than we imagine where this can be done. And instead of freezing you can enjoy a bath.

Warm Christmas in the Canary Islands

We said it: to treat yourself to a warm Christmas, sometimes you don’t need to go to the antipodes. An example is given by Canary Islandsi.e. a territory of the Spainwhich are located north of the Tropic of Cancernot far from the coast of Morocco. However, the climate does not derive from this but from the presence of a cold sea current which opposes trade winds, constant winds from the northeast. The result is a strange magic whereby temperatures, regardless of the time of year, they oscillate between 21 and 28 degrees maximum. Certainly in winter there may be some rainy days. And the sea water, due to the cold current, only invites the bravest to swim.
But while at home it’s foggy and freezing here you wear a T-shirt. It should also be known that although not all of them look alike Canaries they have the same climate: it may be said in general that the islands to the east, i.e Lanzarote And Fuerteventuraare hotter while a little less temperate they are El Hierro and La Palma. Let’s take this into account as we evaluate what kind of activity we want to do but in general we will still be able to stay in the sun and enjoy life.

Madeira, the pearl of the Atlantic

A little less heavenly, but not by much, is the situation of the climate on the island of Madeira that we remember it is part of the Portugal even if it is located off the Morocco. The temperature during the day in this winter period is around 19-20 degrees and grows from April onwards but without torrid peaks. And that’s why what they call the Pearl of the Atlantic it is considered the island of eternal spring.

Warm Christmas

Again however you pay the hot air luck with the water temperature which remains quite low throughout the year. So much so that the the best time for swimming is after the end of August. But we’re not complaining: a Warm Christmas in Madeira allows you to go for a stroll on hiking trails which here are called “levadas” and extend for about 3000 km. In reality they were born as irrigation canals but today they give emotions to hikers who can climb to the peaks of Parque Natural da Madeira and the Parque Ecológico do Funchal.

Some are steep but most can be tackled with ease by reaching too secluded beaches, cliffs and natural pools. In the end then, after the trek, the prize: that is the show of the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. According to some they are the greatest in the world, but records aside, they are truly splendid. You can admire the show from every point but maybe it’s from the sea that you get the best. And indeed there are boats that sail precisely at night to give the emotion of the fires from the blue.

Warm Christmas. With the Mayans

We want to spend Christmas warm and we have no problem ad cross the ocean? Then the goal can be Tulum in Mexicoon the Riviera Mayain the state of Quintana Roo. And here the heat is guaranteed. The climate is tropical but during the winter, from November to February, it can be enjoyed a drier and cooler season. If 28 degrees is cool for you. The sea water is always warm, perfect for swimming and then you’ll be spoiled for choice of what to do.

The beaches are splendid and the whole area is also rich in archaeological sites where to discover the traces of the Maya . And you cannot come here without going to discover the beauty of Castlethe most photographed ruin in the area which is also located a short distance from the Paradise Beach. And you don’t need to add anything else. If you can, add an excursion with a 4×4 to get to beaches of Punta Alen. There is no crowd but so much beauty.

Warm Christmas

African flavors and music

Do you want even more? And then that your Warm Christmas take you in Brazil. And to be precise a Salvador de Bahiathe most African city outside Africa. It is not a way of saying: here one still feels that the roots of the inhabitants are precisely from the Black Continent and the place where this is best understood is in the Pelourinho, the most historic – and touristic – colonial district. The climate is warm all year round and for Christmas we travel around maximums of 28 degrees while the rains are less frequent permitting live the beaches which, not surprisingly, are always crowded with tourists and locals. The landscape resembles that of Riowith buildings near the beach, kiosks and street vendors of all kinds.

The city then offers various attractions: in the upper city you come to see the Cathedral square from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the port and then we pass on to a dutiful tribute to Church of San Francesco, a triumph of South American baroque that leaves you lost. Finally here is the Pelourinhothe Unesco Heritage district, which is an intricate and colorful tangle of alleys, palaces and ancient churches where the drums sound and where samba fills the air. While the boys compete in capoeira.

Christmas in the Gulf of Siam

Do you want a warm Christmas with a more oriental flavour? Then go for the Thailand. And the goal is Koh Chang. When looking for a destination where you can enjoy the sun and the sea, the Thailand is the right destination but this island is even more so. It’s six hours by road – and ferry – come on temples of Bangkok in the Gulf of Siam. Its name means “elephant island” but mostly people come here for the sea. In fact, the island, as well as the surrounding ones, has its own coral reef that protects it and is inserted in a protected area, i.e. the Mu Ko Chang National Park.

The climate here is tropical, always hot with temperatures that hardly go below 30 degrees but in this winter season the climate is drier and therefore more pleasant and the sea water is a safe embrace. So let’s talk about beaches: the best areas for sea life are those of Hat Sai Khao And Hat Khlong Phrao And Laem Chaiyachet. The first is perhaps the most famous and has everything you need: white sand, cozy resorts and a curtain of palm trees.

The other two are wide and give the possibility to choose resorts and accommodations for every taste and budget. And then there is a rocky point that enters the sea which is the best place to watch the sunset. Inside, however, there are green hills crossed by streams and waterfalls and a network of paths that allow you to climb and enjoy extraordinary views. If you don’t like walking, you can rent mountain bikes to ride along the whole island.

Warm Christmas

End of the year among the skyscrapers of Dubai

We conclude the journey between the countries where you can spend Christmas in the warmth with the United Arab Emirates. That is with Dubai. Here the climate in summer is terrible but in this season it’s great: the highs oscillate between 24 and 26 degrees, it rains very little and only rarely does a gust of fresh air arrive which brings down the temperature at night. The rest can be done indoors cyclopean shopping malls which are a shopper’s paradise or looking up at the skyscrapers. If you are one of those who want the heat but then regret the snow know that you can ski indoors inside the ski dome of the Mall of the Emirates: the temperature is fixed at – one and you can ski all year round.

Then, after getting on the Burj Khalifa which with its 828 meters is the tallest building in the world you can go and lie down in the sun on the beaches of Jumeirah Beach. On one side skyscrapers and hotels, on the other the sea and the funnest area is that of Navy. Further north, for some time now, the area called di has exploded Wed. There are umbrellas, palm trees, cabins, manicured lawns as well as bars and restaurants. It’s sunny and warm. And thinking that it could be Christmas sometimes becomes difficult.

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