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Visiting the Louvre: when to go and how to avoid the queues

It is not just a museum. But it is a mythical place for art that houses some of the most famous works in the world (we mention only a couple: the Gioconda and the Venus from Milo). That’s why it is, understandably, often crowded on the verge of hysteria. And the queues are oceanic. Before visit the Louvretherefore, you need to know when to go and how to avoid the queues, remembering that most guides recommend arriving early (doors open at 9 am).

All right: but we are a Paris the problem is that everyone reads the guides and great writers who sang the city and therefore everyone chooses to do the same thing. Our advice therefore is instead that of arrive after 3pm avoiding the long waits in the morning. Even better, come on after 6pm on Wednesday or Friday for the evening opening which lasts until 9.45pm. And so you will have plenty of time to see the most important works in relative peace and finally enjoying the atmosphere of this place dedicated to beauty. But what are the days to avoid? Obviously the Tuesdaywhen the Louvre is closed and on the first Sunday of the month from October to March when crowds come for thefree and free admission. The ticket in this case is really well spent.

Visiting the Louvre: here is the secret access

Do you still want to choose the visit in the morning hours? The museum has just renovated the main entrance, the one below the famous pyramid, so the queues move faster than in the past. But there is an even faster way to enter the museum. That is through a secret entrance which is called Porte des Lions and is located in theDenon wing. To reach it, go past the Pyramid towards the Seine, turning right before the arch that leads to the garden of Tuileries where two statues of lions stand out. It is not an easy entrance to see (and in fact there are no queues), but this way you will avoid long waits. By the way, this is also the closest entrance to the Giocondaso you can beat them all and enjoy first for her mysterious smile.

The guides will tell you to buy tickets online to save time in queue. It is true but there are also other little-known methods to visit the Louvre: the first is to head towards the underground shopping center Carrousel du Louvre which is located at number 99 of Rue de Rivoli which houses one of the museum ticket offices. Is there a crowd here too? Then try to buy your ticket at the tobacconist’s Civette du Carrousel at the zero level (Allée de France, from 9 am). Virtually no one knows him and there are never long waits.

When to go and avoid the queues at the Louvre museum

Visiting the Louvre: and knowing where to eat

We talked about when visit the Louvre and avoid the queues: but the food chapter remains. Oral Paris brasserie they are many and beautiful and the choice is endless. But if you want to have a snack inside you can do it to overcome the fatigue of the 35 thousand works on display. A choice that we would like to suggest is that of Café Mollien which is located on the first floor of theDenon wing. The food is not overly expensive compared to other restaurants inside the Louvre and unlike other dining areas, lacking in charm and character such as those found under the Louvre. Pyramid, has its own grace with a context of caryatids, a painted ceiling and even a terrace made suggestive by the statues. And the pyramid is at your feet anyway.

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