Viaggio a Panama

Travel to Panama, what to see and where to eat in the Old City

We say Panama and we think of the canal, of huge ships that cross the mountains to pass between two oceans. But the trip to panama, discovering the Old Town, i.e. the Casco Antiguo of Panama, is critical. Also because the old historic center is now also awarded by Unesco his heart. A heart from which it is necessary to start to discover the land of the canal. The first observation is that the Casco Antiguo of Panama it is not only history: but also life. This is in fact the best part of Panama’s Casco Antiguo to enjoy a little relaxation by wandering around the open-air bars, clubs and restaurants and perhaps even indulging in some musical performances.

A walk between music and flavours

The first way to go in the Casco Antiguo of Panama it is certainly the cobbled and lively Central Avenue where you cannot fail to notice a huge red devil camping on a wall. It is a popular image that has now also become the emblem of Diabolic restaurant specialized in traditional cuisine. In the evening, in addition to dinner, you can fill your eyes and ears with live music shows.

Continuing, there is no shortage of opportunities to stop: a little further on you can sit at the restaurant Manolo Caracol: the dishes are traditional but you need to master a little Spanish because there is no written menu and the waiter recites the list aloud. Don’t you feel it? No problem. Almost opposite is the more reassuring Tequila Bar where you can sit at tables and listen to live music. A little further on you finally come in Bolivar square: and here you are spoiled for choice. The restaurants offer local and South American but also international and Italian dishes. Choose according to your taste but don’t miss a stop at Ciao Pescao: the cheviche, or the classic marinated raw fish is not bad at all.

Trip to Panama: shopping and flavors in Panama’s Casco Antiguo

If you want to do some shopping after lunch, continue along this road: the right shop is Victor where you can find a wide selection of hats. Needless to say what type: the hat is called Panama not by chance. In the stretch of road that leads to Piazza di Francia there are other interesting shops: both La Ronda and El Faro offer a good selection of local handicrafts.

After shopping, let’s go back to exploring the area: beyond Piazza di Francia there is a walkway from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the sea and which reaches as far as the Bridge of the Americasthe bay and the modern part of the city and above all the Amador Causeway, a thin strip of land that connects three islets full of museums, restaurants and bars. From here you can also embark for the Las Perlas Islands.

Not tired yet? No problem, the road that awaits us for our trip to Panama can make your head spin. In fact, along Avenue A there is the best-stocked wine shop in the city: it is called bar Divino and has a catalog of wines from all over the world. They also organize tastings: be careful in the heat not to overdo it. On this avenue there is a very interesting boutique that sells reproductions of Indian jewellery. Rummage through the shelves and choose a gift for friends back home. Then you will arrive at the Herrera square where live music attracts many people on weekends. Mingle with those who get late listening to the rhythms of the drums and if you’re still feeling peckish stop at the place called Gate of Tierra: the list of appetizers is endless. The trip to Panama goes on. The night of the Casco Antiguo is still long. And you continue to live it.

Trip to Panama The Casco Antiguo of Panama - restaurant

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