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Travel in March: where to go on vacation in spring

There end of winter and the return to the outdoors, the moment when the desire to sea ​​and sun it gets stronger. After the gray and the frost. But without the crowds and high prices of summer and high season. A trip in march it is a very strong temptation and in many of us the question arises as to where togo on vacation in the spring. Maybe, even better, before i Easter bridges make the crowds grow and make everything less pleasant. Here then is a small catalog of destinations all over the world. To experience the beginning of spring on the go.

Travel in March: from Bangkok to the sea

One of the best proposals for a trip this season is the one guaranteed by Thailand. In fact, this period is in the middle of the dry season and the climate offers good options for both discovery and relaxation. The obligatory starting point is the chaotic Bangkok from which to start to discover the two most famous and sacred cities of the whole country: Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. If you have time then treat yourself to a detour to the northern capital, Chiang Maithe largest city, also from a cultural and artistic point of view after Bangkok, with his 300 temples and the rich offer of handicrafts.

But not only art and history: a March trip to Thailand allows you to enjoy the sea at its best by moving towards the beaches of the south-west, bathed by the Andaman Sea. The perfect destination is Krabiwith the beauty of the sea and the charm of the rich hinterland caves, forests and waterfalls. All in a province less crowded than Phuketmore relaxed than Koh Samuiand alone 80 minute flight from skyscrapers and come on temples of Bangkok. Along the coast there are over a hundred islands with white sand beaches and turquoise waters and the possibility of dedicating yourself to sea life in more or less known destinations.

And don’t forget that if Ao Nang, Railay, the islands Phi Phi And Koh Lanta are known to the general public, other locations such as Ao Luk, Ao Nam Mao, or Ao Thalane they are just as beautiful. And you can fall in love with them feeling as if you discovered them yourself.

Spring Break: Mayan Pyramids

The Mexico it is a good destination for every season. It is a destination that never disappoints. But if you want to go on a trip in March consider going there Yucatán. And in particular in the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. It is a place protected byUnesco which has even been included in the seven wonders of the modern world and that for these reasons would justify the trip.

But there is much more. First at this time of year the weather is perfectwith mild temperatures and rare rains and therefore before going to visit the ruins it is almost mandatory to treat yourself to a period on the most famous beaches of the Mexican peninsula as Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

To get to Chichen Itza on the other hand the easiest way is fly to Cancun and then take the buses that cover the approximately 200 km. From Tulum can be traveled in about 2 hours always on the bus – less frequent – ​​while from Playa del Carmen by bus it can take up to 4 hours while by taxi it takes just a couple. Paying a few tens of euros.

trip in march

The Serpent God arrives

But why is Chichen Itza the right place for a trip in March? Why with the equinox here takes place a unique event which attracts people from all over the world. According to the myth i Maya they believed that the Serpent god Kukulkan descended from the sky on the day of the equinox and stopped on the pyramid called now El Castillo. A legend? Of course, but on that very day, every year, thanks to position of the suna strange optical suggestion makes one snake shaped shadow, actually, climb the stairs of the pyramid. For the Mayans it was a miracle. For us it is an emotion not to be missed.

In the Land of the Rising Sun

Do we want to continue our ideal spring trip? So let’s move on Japan, which is the ideal destination for a trip in March. Indeed, during this period, the land of the rising sun looks better than ever when i million cherry trees scattered in almost every corner begin to bloom. One piece of information though: Japan is a country with marked climatic differences and if in the south the cherry trees bloom a the end of March in the north you risk having to even wait early May.

Throughout the country however it is a milestone event called Hanami -or admire the flowers- which involves million of people who crowd the parks and countryside to see the expanses of trees in bloom. In addition, these days many take advantage to have picnics but also to participate in events with music and lanterns.

Picnic along the river

Since, as we have said, there are big differences between north and south, you can take advantage of the trip to see different angles and several cities of the country. According to tradition, one of the first places where flowering takes place is the southern part of the island Okinawanespecially in the city of Naha.

The far north, a Sapporo, a well-known ski resort is the latest to be involved. Standing in the center of the country, to understand each other around Tokyousually the maximum flowering occurs between the end of March and the beginning of April and moving between districts of the capital there are several perfect places to enjoy the flower show. One of them is certainly the area of Nakameguro where a channel for kilometers is surrounded by a pink curtain of flowering trees.

trip in March

Equally suggestive, and famous, is the area of ​​the ueno park: here, lanterns stand out along the flower-covered streets and people flock to the stalls to buy food for picnics around the banks of the lake.

Tulip paradise

Cherry blossoms prove it: a trip in spring necessarily binds to the beauty of reborn nature. And here is the new idea for a trip in March: the one that leads to flower paradise in Holland. His name is Keukenhof and is known as the Garden of Europe being the largest flower garden in the world. Here you walk on a huge expanse of greenery where they stand out seven million flowers. And of course this is the right time to come and find out.

The Keukenhof park it is found at Lissein Hollandjust over half an hour from The Hague, Leiden And Amsterdam and extends over 32 hectares of land where the colors of millions of bulbs explode. In the 15th century it was a hunting reserve also used to produce vegetables that ended up in the kitchen Countess of Hainaut but in 1949 it became the park we know today, albeit with a particular purpose: to offer to the Dutch tulip export industry a sort of open-air catalog where producers could exhibit the their hybrids to the public.

Pavilions and expanses of flowers

Keukenhof is open only for a few weeks a year and, typically, opens at the end of March and closes in the second half of May. During this period, the park is open every day from 8 to 19.30, including public holidays. Walking in the garden means discovering thematic gardens and spaces different from each other with English areaswith more intimate paths and corners, and others with ponds, fountains and open spaces full of colors with of course, tulips, but also daffodils, roses, orchids and hyacinths. For those who want to stay inside all day, there are also spaces for a snack but also more elegant pavilions where you can dine with traditional Dutch dishes admiring the spectacle of the flowers reflected on the lakes.


Snorkelling in the China Sea

After the winter, do you just want sea and sun? Then we need to go a little further and aim towards the Malaysia and one of his so many dream islands. In this case we are talking about the island Kapasa handkerchief of land in the South China Sea, a paradise for those who love diving and snorkelling. The island, is located in the state of Terengganu it measures only 1.5 km by 2.5 km and in Malay bears the name of Cotton Island (for the white of its beaches).

Not far away is a second smaller island, called Gemiaand offers what one dreams of when thinking of an exotic destination: it has one tropical jungle, clear marine waters, white sand beaches and coral reefs in the surrounding waters. To arrive you land at the airport Kuala Terengganuabout 30 minutes, connected daily with Kuala Lumpur. Then we have to move Marang from where in half an hour by boat you get to Kapas Island. In Kapas there are no large hotel complexes, but small bungalows and rooms with essential services, perfect for those who want a beach destination without too many pretensions. But in contact with the sea and nature.

In addition, the island is a true mecca for those who love it snorkeling thanks to the shallow reef. But there are also great spots for diving as a wreck of a ship from the second world war and some fishing boats sunk to serve as artificial reefs. And under the surface of the water you can meet puffer fish, angel fish, clown fish and turtles.

Journey in March to the heart of the Mediterranean

To finish our overview of the destinations for a trip in March and early spring, here it isisland of the knights: Malta. It is close to Italy, it enjoys the best of Mediterranean climate and still not overrun by tourists. Of course, you still can’t stay all day on the beach or take long baths, for that it’s better to wait after May, but in any case the period is also perfect for seeing the island in bloom. Before the sun makes the essences wither.

In addition, with this climate you can visit them comfortably the streets and squares from Valletta going all the way up to enjoy the viewpoints before moving on to the Three Cities which are mirrored in front, beyond the Grand Harbour.

At the same time unmissable, after having traveled the small streets that brush against the stone walls that surround the flowery fields, etc. Mdina, the old capital of the island which dominates from above with its ocher light and silent streets. Finally, a mandatory stop, the city of Marsaxlok, at the extreme south of the island. Here, it returns to the atmosphere of a fishing village with low, colorful houses and boats rocking at the harbour.

On the bow they drew one eyea tradition that comes from times of the Phoenicians: you find a corner in the sun and sit down to admire them. The beauty of a trip in spring is also this: don’t be in a hurry. And take the time to feel wonder.

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