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Things to see on Samos in Greece: villages, beaches and its beauties

TO Samos you walk in the beauty and among the legends. And what’s more, everything around is green and pleasant. Yes, because this island, the easternmost part of the Aegean, combines many fascinating aspects. The wealth of his vegetationwhich affects so much those who think of the barren hills of Cyclades or the neighbor Dodecaneseor the pleasure of drinking local wine watching the boats rocking in the port of but also the emotion, walking at sunset in the village of Karlovassito remember that the myth places here the birthplace of Hera – or if you prefer, Juno – but also the origins – and these are history – of Pythagoras or ofastronomer Aristarchus.

In short, this has always been a lived-in and important place even if today the reason why so many are attracted to its coasts is simply for the pleasure of a dip in its so blue waters where history and legend and nature they mix sloshing. In short, the list of things to see on Samos, between fertile valleys, archaeological sites protected byUNESCO And traditional settlements climb the slopes of the mountains, it could go on and on. And we’re going to enjoy some taste.

What to see in Samos: the traces of antiquity

Samos was one of the first Greek islands to take advantage of tourism boom which here started strongly in the beginning of the 80s. Today it is a very popular destination with many villages grew up around equipped beaches of sunbeds a stone’s throw from taverns and from rented rooms. But it is not a matter of tourism that has devastated the island and profaned its culture and traditions. The very fact that it remains such a popular destination testifies to the fact that it has a lot to offer to holidaymakers who often return year after year, enchanted by its green glimpses and its many beauties that often come from a very distant yesterday.

things to see on Samos

An ancient story

In ancient times, when the great philosopher Pythagoras born here in the 6th century BC, Samos thrived, as evidenced by the now few remains of its magnificent ancient architecture such as those at the site of Heraionon the southern side of the island.

The temple of Hera. The most important of Greece

Here a sanctuary was built in very ancient times dedicated to Herawife of Zeus and it was an important temple though Herodotus he considered it “the biggest and imposing Greece of his time”. The Heraion site is included in the World Heritage ListUnesco and was formerly connected with the ancient city of Samos with a Via Sacrapart of which has survived to this day while important exhibits are kept in the archaeological Museum local, a must see in the list of things to see in Samos.

Things to see on Samos

The Baths of Antiquity

Among other things to visit there are certainly also the remains of the old bathsa bath complex built in the second half of the 2nd century AD on the west side of Pythagorio and which were part of the public spaces of the ancient city with the arena and stadium which was one of the largest in the Greece. Finally there is the tunnel to mention Ephpaliniuman extraordinary 6th century BC construction designed by the architect Efpalinos during the period of Polycrates. It supplied the ancient capital of the island with water and was used until the Roman period.

things to see on Samos

Things to see on Samos: the villages

There capital of Samos it has the same name as the island but many call it Vathy as actually the oldest part which has now merged with the new part. It is located in the northeastern part of the island, around a bay in the shape of an amphitheater and has an elegant air thanks to the presence of numerous Venetian and neoclassical buildings including those that host the aforementioned archaeological Museum and the city ​​Hall.

The port is one of the three port of call of the island and on the waterfront they are located many taverns and cafes. Behind the bay there is a network of narrow streets with old houses with colored walls and well-kept gardens that lead to Pythagoras square. Among the monuments of Vathy are the church of Agios Spyridon and the Byzantine Museum.

things to see on Samos

The village of Pythagoras

We have already said about Pythagoras: however, we have not remembered that the famous philosopher born in Samos also gave his name to the village of Pythagorio, one of the most beautiful on the island. It is located 11 km southwest of Vathy and now one of the tourist centers. In addition to being an excellent starting point from where to go and discover the island’s beaches and where to enjoy pleasant evenings strolling through the alleys and red-roofed houses before choosing one of the many taverns a stone’s throw from the sea.

There third location most important of the island, always mentioned among the things to see in Samos, is Karlovassion the northwest coast 32 km from Vathy. The city is located in one of the most fertile areas and is formed by three settlements originally separate that have merged. Almost everywhere they are found neoclassical buildings And elegant mansions which recall how this country has played an important role in the history of the island.

The remains of ancient fortunes

Wandering around there are several quite impressive churches, the most important of which is Ayia Triada, right on top of a hill. Around there are also the remains of industrial buildings that recall the era in which they were trade and crafts to bring wealth to the inhabitants of Karlovassi who boast of having hosted the first newspaper of Samos. This was well before the arrival of tourists who now prefer to doze off on the beaches of Micro And Megalo Seitani or go seek refreshment under the waterfall.

In fact, a short distance away there are some beautiful waterfalls that can be reached via a panoramic path: to get there you need to climb a ladder of sixty wooden steps or reach the river with some ropes. The waterfall bigger than Karlovassi it has a height of five meters and offers the opportunity to swim in the small lake that forms under the waterfall.

Samos and the castle

That Samos has a lot of history should be apparent by now. But to see the traces you can point to Lycurgus castlebuilt on the southwest side of the port of Pythagorio during the 7th century AD

In 1475, the castle was abandoned after the occupation of the Ottomans but in 1821 one of the leading figures of the Greek Revolution, Lycurgus Logothetisdecided to restore the entire castle with the help of the inhabitants of the island while one of the pre-existing fortified towers was repaired and used as the residence of the Logothetis family.

Today the tower serves as museum. On the highest point of the hill, the Church of the Transfiguration it was built on the initiative of Logothetis in commemoration of the Samos victory against the Ottomans in Mycale Strait in August 1824.

Things to see on Samos

CI flavors of Samos: the wine and the olive tree

Traveling inland trying to discover the things to see on Samos one should make a stop in the village in the mountains of Mytilini, on the east side of the island. The settlement is built amphitheatrically and has the main square in the center where there are several clubs while churches and chapels stand out all around. The village was named that because many people moved from mytilene, around the eighteenth century, after a strong earthquake that destroyed much of theisland of Lesbos.

Today the town is famous for tobacco production and is one of the centers of wine production on the island. Already, the wine. Samos has a long tradition in this sense, so much so that in 2005 a Wine museum. The museum has been created in the cellar of one of the producers and is managed by the local company winegrowers cooperative. Exhibits include traditional winemaking tools barrels and bottles of wine that can be sampled and purchased.

In the southern valleys to find out what to see on Samos

Finally we dedicate the last stop to the village of Spatharei, located in the valleys of the southern part of the island. From up here they enjoy beautiful views of Samos and on the islands of the Dodecanese. mto the village is also very pleasant as it has maintained the traditional architecture and a picturesque square where the locals meet. There is also an ancient stone church but the real pride of the village is the production of oil and the great party that is celebrated on the day of August. People come from all over the island and also from neighboring islands to celebrate the festival ofAssumed.

The most beautiful beaches

Obviously then the other great attraction of Samos is given by beaches which are beautiful and particular given the proximity of green forests and blue water. Kokkari, Lemonakia, Mykali and Tsamadou they are among the most beautiful beaches on Samos and although many today are organized and managed with umbrellas there are many spaces still largely untouched.

Many isolated bays guarantee absolute privacy and some are frequented by naturists. The most beautiful beach for families is Psili Ammoswhere children love to play in its warm, shallow waters.

Things to see on Samos and how to get there

Samos has a airport international with scheduled flights from Athens and not only. From April to October, there are charter flights from numerous European countries. The journey from Athens typically takes an hour. Flights land at the airport which is located in the southeast of the island, 2 kilometers from Pythagorion and at 16 from Samos.

Samos can be reached by ship from the port of Piraeus. The journey typically takes between seven and eight hours. Samos is also connected with the other islands of this part of Aegean as Chios, Fourni, Lesbos And Ikaria And Patmos.

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