Cose da vedere a Cefalonia

Things to see in Kefalonia: the beaches and villages on the Ionian island

In Greece the islands are all beautiful. But, even in such a fortunate country, Kefalonia it is special because it is not easy to find such a fascinating set of mountains and villages that seem forgotten, archaeological sites It’s a lot sea. And if this is not enough for you as a taste of the things to see in Kefalonia then you are really insatiable. This island, the bigger of the Ioniansit is also particular because it combines the best of two colors: green and blue. And in all possible shades. Here the green of its mountains it blends with the blue – indeed, the many shades of blue – of its water, explaining why it is such a popular destination.

Pines and cypresses cover the peaks of the mount Ainos while further down they follow one another the vineyards who produce a much loved wine variety. If instead loved life by the sea and see the world behind the glass of a mask you will find what you are looking for. You may also have the opportunity to meet the rare sea turtles who take refuge here and – but this is very rare – even one of the last monk seals that resist in the Mare Nostrum. To this is added a rich culinary tradition, sleepy villages and all to be discovered but also a pleasant one nightlife for those who do not want to sleep early. And the list of beauties and things to see in Kefalonia could go on.

To discover and see in Kefalonia: a difficult story

But this has not always been a land kissed by sun and luck: in 1940 Italian soldiers they conquered Kefalonia but after 8 September 1943 there was one here tragedy without equal: Germans they massacred more than 10,000 Italian soldiers and Nazi planes bombed Argostoli and neighboring villages, leaving hundreds of victims behind. It would be very.

But that’s not all: in 1953 it was the earth that trembled that destroyed life and future and the tremors followed one another for two months ago collapse the buildings and killing hundreds of people. After the tremors many emigrated and it seemed that the island was going to go out but since 2001 Kefalonia is the fastest growing prefecture and today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece also thanks to the advertising offered by the film “Captain Corelli’s mandolin”Shot right between its bays and valleys.

Things to see in Kefalonia

Things to see in Kefalonia: the city of Argostoli

There largest city of the island and the capital of the island is Argostolia city built as an amphitheater that welcomes those arriving with shops for all tastes, cafes to relax, bars and beaches nearby. Although Argostoli was totally destroyed by the earthquake from 1953, there are still some memories of the old woman Venetian architecture.

So, to understand what are the things to see in Kefalonia today, you can see the old town of Krani with its cyclopean walls, you can walk through the pedestrian streets invaded by traditional music or go and mirror yourself in the sea along the pier to the end even if everyone ends up arriving at the promenade with palm trees where local fishing boats dock. The small archaeological Museum collects artifacts dating back to the Mycenaean, Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Things to see in Kefalonia

Also worth seeing Korgialeneios library which exhibits a rare collection of books and manuscripts and which also represents the island’s folklore museum. But we are on holidays and if you like nightlife you will not be bored since here there are places for dinner and after dinner and also clubs open until dawn. Then, before going to sleep, admire the sunrise.

Things to see in Kefalonia

Things to see in Kefalonia: all the colors of Fiskardo

Fiskardo is unquestionably Fr.the most beautiful village of Kefalonia and it is easily explained since it was the only settlement that survived the devastating earthquake of 1953. Most of the buildings retain the traditional original color and the ancient style that takes you back in time: large buildings with elegant balconiesold two-story houses, the dark red of the tiles of the roof, the green of the mountain sides, the blue of the sea Ionian islands. In short, it is obvious that it is enchanting.

Fiskardo is located on the north-eastern tip of the island and is surrounded by a forest of cypresses which increase its charm. But not only nature: the country is also very popular with boat crews who moor their yachts here in the summer nights taking advantage that most of the houses around the harbor now house luxury restaurantscafes and rooms for rent.

Things to see in Kefalonia

If you want to find out what are the things to see in Kefalonia, it is necessary to leave and follow the coast to arrive then, on the north-western side, 10 kilometers from Fiskardo, to the village of Ássos, built on a causeway that connects a hilly peninsula to the mainland. To reach it, take a series of hairpin bends between the cliffs of the peninsula and then descend towards the port, in the center of the village, where the inevitable ones are found fish taverns.

Things to see in Kefalonia

It is a quiet country and still genuine that appeals to those seeking tranquility and likes to have at hand beautiful beaches. The peninsula is dominated by the ruins of a Venetian castle of the sixteenth century which can be reached with a walk of about 40 minutes while towards the sea it is worth going to the bay of Myrtos.

It is one of the most photographed beaches of Greece. Behind it has impressive cliffs and in front a calm and turquoise sea that laps a beach of about two kilometers of smooth white pebbles. You pay for so much beauty: on the beach there is no shade and the seabed drops suddenly, between the currents, making it suitable only for those who know how to swim well.

Things to see in Kefalonia

Things to see in Kefalonia: the port of Sámi

On the east coast, a 24 kilometers east of Argostóliis found Sámi which is the main port of the island, served by tregular ragches to and from Patras, that is with the Greek mainland. The ancient city of Sami is located south of the modern city, on the slopes of the hill – i remains of the acropolis are still visible, and from here you have a nice view over the bay. Not far away, at the bottom of a sheltered bay, is the Antisamos beach, one of the most famous on the island. Here, too, nature reigns supreme: they are around the pine forests and at the edge of the water an expanse of clear pebbles while the water is particularly transparent, suitable for snorkeling. There are some stretches with umbrellas and sunbeds and a couple of tavernas for a tasty snack.

If you want to discover the other things to see in Kefalonia, you can continue talking about water. Even if it is not that of the sea. Southwest of Sámiin fact, close to the Khaliotata villagethere is the huge cave of Drongaráti. We say huge not by chance: it is 95 meters long and 45 meters wide and to enter you must go down a staircase that leads to this truly beautiful cave, bright and full of magnificent stalactites and stalagmites that resemble statues. The second chamber has exceptional natural acoustics and occasionally hosts concerts so much so that he is said to have sung here too Maria Callas. We don’t know: but it’s nice to believe it.

Things to see in Kefalonia

Speaking of caves, it deserves a mention Melissáni cavenorthwest of Sámi, which houses a underground lake. To visit it, you need to get off one flight of stairs towards a jetty, then board a small rowing boat that allows you to take a journey of about 15 minutes in the underground lake. Yes, underground but with a lot of light. The roof of the cave in fact collapsed many years ago and so the sunlight enters through a large hole creating incredible shades of blue light on the cave walls. The best effects occur around noon when the sun is overhead. THE archaeological finds found during explorations suggest that the cave may have once been used as an ancient place of worship.

Things to see in Kefalonia

Things to see in Kefalonia: the natural park

In the south of the island, the mount Ainos rises up to 1,628 meters above the sea in an area that has been designated a national park. The slopes of the mountain, in the higher areas, are covered with dense pine forests of a species that has remained exceptionally pure here due to the isolation of the island. The national park is ideal for hiking and mountain biking and those who love birdwatching can get excited: here you can spot woodpeckers, eagles, vultures and hawks.

Things to see in Kefalonia

Coming down from pine forestsand before returning to beaches, we recommend a couple of stops in the villages of the island. The first is definitely in the country of Svoronata, on the southern side of Kefalonia. Just 9 km from Argostolithe capital of the island, Svoronata it is also the closest village to the airport. It is a village that keeps interesting examples of local architecture but most importantly it is located near lovely beaches, including Ai-Helis, Avithos, Ammes, Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos. All these beaches have crystal clear water and soft sand, and around them there is a lush vegetation among which they are located hotels, studios and greedy taverns overlooking the sea.

Finally another place that deserves a detour a stop: Kourkoumata, which is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Kefalonia. The town is located 10 km from Argostoli and was completely destroyed by the 1953 earthquake but was completely rebuilt with the financial support of the shipowner Giorgos Vergotis who managed to rebuild it respecting it neoclassical architectural style in vogue in those times. The result is that Kourkoumelata is considered the most elegant settlement in Kefalonia with beautiful buildings, well-kept gardens and an ensemble that strikes those who arrive who find themselves projected into a warm and welcoming context. And one has to reflect: it would be nice if every earthquake gave a similar reconstruction. On one side the sea, on the other the buildings. Beauty together.

Things to see in Kefalonia

Things to see in Kefalonia and how to get there

L’Kefalonia airport it is located in the southwestern part of the island. Receives domestic flights from Athens And Thessaloniki and the flight time from both cities is approximately one hour. In the summer, there are many connections too low cost and charter from Italy and other countries. Then there are ferries to Kefalonia that depart from Killinia port city in the Peloponnese western, and arrive at Poros, in about an hour and a half. There are then ferries from Patrasfrom the port of Astakosin Greece continental, and from Ithaca. The port of Fiscardo also receives ferries from Lefkada, while the port of Pessada has connections with Zakynthos. In high season there are finally ferries from Toasts.

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