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Things to see in Cadaqués: the beaches and the village of Dalì

Cadaqués was a fishing village clinging to the cliffs of the Costa Brava. Yet, for a long time and for many, it was considered a kind of island. This is because to get there you have to go through one winding road unrolling in the mountains – and in fact it was easier arrive by sea – and also because it is in fact the last village in the Spain. And as happens in the islands, people also have a particular accent, different from their neighbors, and for some sounds closer to what they speak to. Palma de Mallorca. Yet when we summarize what the things to see in Cadaqués it is not about fishermen or about the sea. But say art.

A small oddity, not the only one found here, which arises from the fate that the village, which in winter only hosts 3000 souls that become 30 thousand in the heart of the high season, has always been known as a meeting point for artists, intellectuals and free spirits. Artists like Picasso, Mark Chagall, Marcel Duchamp, Henry Matisse and especially Salvador Dali have chosen to spend a lot of their time here, between the good life and creative moments, and this choice has helped to consolidate the reputation of a destination suitable for dreaming souls rather than classic families looking for sun-sea-beach.

Here are the things to see in Cadaqués: alleys and views

Cadaques is located in the province of Gironain Catalonia170 km from Barcelonaand artistic past aside, it is considered by many one of the most beautiful villages in the Spain. Already on arrival he hits the expanse of white houses which open in narrow winding alleys leading to the port. There is also one small beach and all around rocky headlands while the village is surmounted by the church of Santa María de Cadaqués. Needless to say: from above you can enjoy one great view over the bay which reaches up to the lighthouse.

All this charm has worked since the beginning of the last century and has attracted an important artistic community who has seen painters such as Picasso, Mirò and Man Ray. But it was after World War II when Salvador Dali came to live in the neighbor Portlligat that Cadaques became popular enough to be baptized there St Tropez of Spain. The result? Many people. And the church that has become one of the most represented buildings on the canvas in the country.

things to see in Cadaqués

Before scrolling through the list of things to see in Cadaqués, a premise must be made: the country must be lived slowly. The main square, Es Passeigis located on the harbor and is a great place to sit and relax or to sample the rich flavors of this part of Spain. THE traditional dishes they are obviously based on fish and the seasonings are respected for the preparations. Like this the curls they are eaten in winter, the mussels in spring and summer is the time oflobster. All combined alliolia sauce made with garlic and oil and above all ad anchovies which after being kept in salt for ten months are served on slices of bread with oil and tomato. The sea seems to eat it.

things to see in Cadaqués

Things to see in Cadaqués: the city between the walls

The beauty of Cadaqués is not only in the spectacular sea views. But perhaps above all in the city itself, which presents itself with a medieval quarter which starts from church of Santa Maria and goes up to port. Once here it is natural to get lost among the whitewashed houses following the labyrinth of narrow sloping alleys. A stop is definitely worth doing at Punta des Baluard, the bastion, in the heart of the old town overlooking the bay. Other memories of the Medieval Cadaqués include a series of arches such as the Portal de Mar de la Muralla and remains of old buildings embedded in the city walls such as the House of the Baró de la Roda in Carrer de Santa Maria.

Then a visit to the church of Santa Maria perched on the highest point of Cadaqués is a must. It is a building rebuilt after the previous church was destroyed in 1543 during an attack led by the Barbarossa pirate. The church houses some baroque altars extremely decorated and a 17th century organ which is said to be one of the most antiquities of Catalonia.

things to see in Cadaqués

Here are the things to see in Cadaqués: the houses and the art

Wandering in search of the things to see in Cadaques take the time to appreciate the art that surrounds you. There are scattered around in fact numerous sculptor but also colorful murals and paintings on doors and walls. Then pay homage to the Serinyana House – also known as Sa Casa Blaua (the Blue House), an early 20th century residence built for Octavius ​​Serinyana which is a wonderful example of modernist architecture. Designed by Salvador Sellés i Baróthe house features a facade adorned with blue glazed tiles and wrought iron balconies.

But what is the reason for the presence of this – and of several modernist houses? It all stems from the fact that in the nineteenth century a Cadaqués some small industries had developed specialized in the processing of anchovies, tuna and olive oil. But when these industries began to decline, many residents emigrated to America and Cuba: some of them were lucky and returned home rich by having the luxurious modernist style houses built that dot the bay.

But if you say Cadaques it immediately comes to mind Salvador Dalí. And it is necessary to mention its history and its house which is one of the voices of the guide of the things to see in Cadaques. The artist was born in Figueres and he lived here for a long time, being inspired by the places and leaving evident traces of his passage. So among the things to do when you are in these parts do not miss the opportunity to visit his house museum. Before finally taking a dip in the sea.

things to see in Cadaqués

Things to see in Cadaqués: the beaches

A premise though: if you dream of the big ones beaches of Andalusia you will be disappointed. This stretch of coast offers mostly splendid bays and coves but small. And in the high season, consequently, crowded. You don’t have to give up the sea for this: but be prepared and perhaps this part could be the most disappointing part in our guide of things to see in Cadaqués. Among those to visit there is certainly Port d’Alguera small beach made suggestive also by the presence of fishermen’s boats with the islet of S’Arenella.

A little wider is the beach of Es Portal – which the locals call Spiaggia Grande – not surprisingly – but it is also very popular and therefore you can feel the crowds also because it is the one chosen by families with children. If you are looking for sand, consider the beach of And Pianc but remember that there are stones in the water. And you need shoes to get in comfortably. Finally, for those who want to feel more comfortable the advice is to go to Pears Fet: there are pines, blue water. And all the tranquility to feel happy, at least a little.

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