cose da fare e vedere a Vienna

Things to do and see in Vienna, the capital of Sissi and Klimt

Vienna will surprise you: because here the harmonies of Mozart and hip hop music coexist as do the trendy and sumptuous local streets old cafes where old ladies with miniature dogs sip coffee and nibble Sacher cakes. Yes, because, beyond the clichés, the city today is a captivating mix of old and new that is perhaps best demonstrated in the renewed MuseumsQuartier which with its fifty centers dedicated to art and culture attracts over three million people a year. And it wins a place among the first cultural districts in the world. But then, among the things to do and see a Vienna there are many ideas, from classic music to the history of an empire, from monumental architecture to, why not, the grim noir atmospheres of the film “The third man“. With the unforgettable grin of Orson Welles. Yes, because Vienna is a city of art and thought. It is the place where Klimt created his famous “Kiss”And where the building of the Secession marked the transition to a new era in the history of painting. But it is also the place where Hitler, Marx And Freudof course not together, they sipped a coffee in a place in the city center which was then the heart of the unbeatable Austro-Hungaric Empire. And after them, and after that coffee, the story was never the same.

Things to do and see in Vienna: history and innovation

For all these reasons and many others, a decisive contribution has been made here to give life to what we call modernity even if the buildings around it often seem to allude to a lost golden age made of harmony and classicism. Who arrives today in the Austrian capital to see the things to do and see in Vienna will discover a city in evolution, alive and vital, where new buildings with innovative shapes such as the DC Tower 1 by the famous architect Dominique Perrault, the docking of the Twin City Liner on the Canale del Danube (by Fasch & Fuchs) and the luxury hotel designed by Jean Nouvel nearby. The university campus of the faculty of economics has turned the center of student life upside down and the new central station also shows the desire for renewal. Not just palaces though: just visit Vienna during the Design Week or during the Waves Festival to understand that the city thanks to designer And architects, artists and young creatives has chosen to look ahead. And then there is a fairly large choice of trendy hotels, definitely unusual. This is a city that has a rich past. But, it is evident, he has decided to decline the verbs in the future.

things to do and see in Vienna

A visit to the city looking for things to do and see in Vienna can only start from the complex Hofburg, what has been for more than six centuries the seat of the Habsburg – and the official residence of the ruler since 1275. The Hofburg is, historically, perhaps the most important of the palaces of Vienna and now also the official seat of Austrian President. This vast complex consists of numerous buildings that reflect the style of the various periods in which they were built from Gothic to pure Renaissance style, from Baroque to Rococo. The complex spans 59 acres with 18 clusters of buildings forming 19 courtyards. And around it there are 2,600 rooms. Its main attractions are the imperial apartments, the Sissi Museum and the silver collection, while other important sites within the complex include the Imperial Chapel (Burgkapelle), the natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum), la Austrian National Library and the Treasury with its large collection of imperial insignia and relics of the Holy Roman Empire.

things to do and see in Vienna

Things to do and see in Vienna: royal palaces and traditions

We said it: Vienna has a great history. And entering the Spanish Riding School this tradition is tangible. Dating back to the time of the emperor Maximilian IIthe superb Spanish riding school was founded to train the beautiful Lipizzan horses that arrived at court in 1572. Today, it is one of the main attractions of Vienna and the public flocks to admire the demonstrations of equestrian skill in the park of theHofburgwhere it has been based since 1735. The shows are always sold out so, if you want to attend, book your tickets well in advance.

things to do and see in Vienna

A guide to things to do and see in Vienna is necessarily very rich: but a space for Stephen’s Cathedral is required. It is the most important Gothic building in Vienna and archiepiscopal seat from 1722. The original 12th century Romanesque church was replaced by a late Romanesque one in the 13th century and traces remain in the massif Portal of the Giants and in the Pagani tower. Then came the reconstruction in the Gothic style in the 14th century, with the addition of the choir and the chapels of San Eligio and Santa Caterina while the famous 137 meter high tower, called by the Viennese “Steffl “ it only came in the 15th century. Improvements and further transformations followed but the entire structure was rebuilt after the Second World War. It is worthwhile to climb the 343 steps to reach the top of the Steffl from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view. Other gems not to be missed are the 14th century catacombs treasure which contains many of the cathedral’s most important artifacts.

things to do and see in Vienna

The spectacular Schönbrunn Palace from the 18th century deserves to be on the list of things to do and see in Vienna not only for its magnificent architecture, but also for its splendid park. This baroque palace contains the beauty of 1,441 rooms including those they hosted Maria Teresa. Of course, tours are organized that give the opportunity to see the imperial apartments including the emperor’s rooms Francesco Giuseppe and his bedroom, which still contains the bed in which he died. Among the many rooms to visit we remember the Grand Gallerythe central room of the building, over 40 meters long, almost ten wide with an area of ​​over 420 square meters and the Napoleon’s room who in 1805 during the occupation of Vienna used the castle as his headquarters. We said gods gardens: this is a park designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site which is also worth a visit on its own for its sumptuous baroque green spaces and numerous buildings to be discovered by walking.

things to do and see in Vienna

Continuing our visit among the things to do and see in Vienna you arrive at the palace of Belvedere actually formed by two Baroque buildings: the lower (Unteres) and the Upper (Oberes) Belvedere. Inside halls full of statues and frescoes and also collections of ancient works and panel paintings from the 12th to 16th centuries. Other important buildings connected to the Belvedere are the Winter Palacea Baroque building that once housed the Court treasure, theOrangerythe Palace of the Stables and the gardens full of fountains that connect the two palaces.

things to do and see in Vienna

Things to do and see in Vienna: music and theater

One of the largest and most beautiful theaters in the world is the Vienna State Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) which in its long history has hosted many of the most important composers, conductors, soloists and dancers of all time. Opera and ballet performances are held here for at least 300 days per year, a sign of the great passion for the Viennese for art. The actual massive Opera House was built in 1869 and is characterized by its Neo-Renaissance style and dominates among other monumental buildings of the Ringstrasse. During the war the theater came almost completely destroyed by bombing and only the front part, the foyer and the main staircase were saved, while the hall and stage were destroyed. It was reopened in 1955 and can accommodate 2210 spectators and over 110 musicians and is now the home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

things to do and see in Vienna

The history of the National Theater of Vienna founded by the emperor Joseph II in 1776 as a court theater. After a devastating fire in 1945, the theater finally reopened in 1955 and has been believed ever since most important theater in the country. In addition to its size and the value of the shows that are represented there, it is worth noting the grandeur of the interior decorations which are in French Baroque style with a staircase embellished with frescoes of Gustav and Ernst Klimt.

things to do and see in Vienna

After so much art and seriousness, a little rest and relaxation. And what better place than Praterthe large park located between the Danube and the Danube Canal, where it is normal to feel like in another world. Covering an area of ​​3,200 acres, this vast park – once a royal hunting ground – has long been one of Vienna’s most popular recreation areas. There is something for everyone, and in the called area Wurstelprater there is the famous amusement park with its retro-style rides, eating areas and above all, the famous Riesenrad Ferris wheel which provides a privileged point of view over the city since 1896 and has become one of the symbols of Vienna. But this green space is also a place for it sport and leisure: here you can go to horse, to swim in the pool, play football, tennis and so on. The main avenue that crosses it is long beyond four and a half kilometers and is shaded by more than 2500 plants. There is also a restaurant housed in an imperial hunting lodge.

To conclude our, by force of necessity partial, list of things to do and see in Vienna we come to Hundertwasserhausa complex of buildings designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser which is one of the main architectural attractions of theAustria. This is a large, brightly colored property at the intersection of Löwengasse And Kegelstrasse, completed in 1985 and it is not surprising that its inhabitants are artists, intellectuals and creatives. Those who live here can indulge themselves in coloring the space of the facade to their liking and in addition there are hundreds of trees and shrubs that make it a green space in the center of the capital. Although whimsical brightly colored building can be enjoyed only from the outside, you can explore the neighbor Hundertwasser Village, a shopping center built by the artist himself. There is a village square, a bar and numerous shops in the unique style of Hundertwasser.

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