le cose da fare e vedere a Berlino

From the Wall to beer: here are the things to do and see in Berlin

For many Berlin is the summary of all that is great in German culture and perhaps the compendium of all that is to be known about the turbulent history of Germany. This is also probably why Berlin is considered one of the most fascinating cities in the world. A charm that is not always sunny and reassuring. Many people travel here in search of the dark symbols of Nazi period or drawn to the brutal (and almost vanished) legacy of Wall. Yet there are many more things to do and see at Berlin also because the city has risen as a vibrant artistic laboratory and stage for new trends.

Without forgetting the great museums and cultural monuments. And between a walk a Checkpoint Charliean iconic photo Reichstag reflect on what is going to, or would like, to become the Europe of tomorrow. But what are the opportunities not to be missed? Here is a choice. It is necessarily partial but it involves all five senses.

Here are the things to do and see in Berlin: the history and the future

The best place to learn more about the history of the Berlin Wall and the drama of Germany’s division is the Memorial located in Bernauer Strasse, north of the center. The border passed right in front of the houses facing this street and for this the residents were evacuated and doors and windows on the lower floors bricked up. Despite this, until the last moment the Berliners managed to escape from GDR jumping with a thousand cunning tricks from the upper floors.

The memorial information center displays films that reconstruct the various stages of the construction of the wall and there is even a tower from which you can see a section of the wall that has been restored to its original chilled appearance. Another dramatic glimpse not to be missed is the one that can be glimpsed through the holes in the back wall of the building where you can peek the “death strip“, The stretch of land where many have lost their lives. It is true: it is a visit that can be striking. But to know the recent history of Berlin it is an experience not to be missed. The memorial is open from 9.30 to 19, from November to March from 9.30 to 18. Closed on Mondays with free admission

things to see and do in Berlin - a stretch of the Wall

Music and new architectures

After so much pain it is necessary to give a caress to the spirit and among the things to do and see in Berlin there is the perfect idea. This is a giveaway at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestraundoubtedly one of the best in the world which has its headquarters in Philharmoniea yellow tent-shaped building near Potsdamer Platz.

Its interiors, with seats arranged on balconies overlooking the stage, were decidedly revolutionary at the time of its opening fifty years ago. In addition to the visit are not to be missed free concerts which take place on Tuesdays at noon and which bring together musicians who are making themselves known but also renowned artists. The advice is to arrive at least 45 minutes early and bring a cushion with you to sit more comfortably as the public has access to the floor in the lobby. For a trip to Berlin that turns into a journey into music.

Those looking for advice on what are the things to do and see in Berlin can only look for a point where they can embrace the whole city with their eyes. To do this, there are three privileged vantage points in this city which is certainly not made up of skyscrapers.

things to do and see in Berlin

Things to do and see in Berlin: the city seen from above

What to see in Berlin? If there is a relatively flat city with a few skyscrapers, there are many places to get a panoramic view of the city. One of the best places is undoubtedly there Panoramapunkta platform at the top of the tower Kollhoffon the famous Potsdamer Platz.

To get there, there is the fastest elevator in Europe which leads to over 100 meters high to enjoy the view of the old and new center of Berlin. For a break, there is also a cafeteria and an exhibition space for exhibitions. It is a very popular attraction, as evidenced by the fact that since its opening in 1999 it has received over three million visits. Much more natural but no less evocative is the space near the monument overlooking the hill of Kreuzberg in the Viktoriapark.

Obviously the view is not so endless but it is a pleasant space in the summer where it is romantic to be at sunset. Finally, the third viewpoint is located in the district of Neukölln: is the cultural roof garden of Klunkerkranich (in Karl-Marx-Strasse 66). In addition to the beautiful view, you can enjoy a bar and live music and DJ sets. above the parking lot of a shopping center, a bar, DJs, live music and in the evening with a breathtaking view of Berlin.

things to do and see in Berlin

Markets and flavors

You do not live by looks and sounds alone. We also need something for the throat. That’s why markets where to eat deserve a special mention among the things to do and see in Berlin. Too bad, however, that of the many markets of the past only two have survived.

Among these is the Markthalle 9a splendid space located on the Eisenbahnstraße Neighbor Görlitzer Bahnhof, which is over one hundred and twenty years old and has recently been completely refurbished and now hosts various types of sales. On Thursday, for example, it is full for the street food fair (which runs from 5 to 10 pm) and on Fridays and Saturdays there are also farmers’ stalls. Not only that: you also come here to have breakfast with organic products at the restaurant while near the exit leading to Puecklerstrasse is the Weltrestaurant Markthallean ideal place to enjoy a schnitzel accompanied by a beer on the terrace.

things to do and see in Berlin

Dance and entertainment venues

Berlin, as we have said, has a long history and a lot of life behind it. And therefore a visit among the things to do and see in Berlin inevitably leads to the places that are most linked to its culture. And his entertainment. For example, several generations of Berliners danced the night away to Clärchens ballroom which opened in September 1913. And also for this reason it can be an almost obligatory stopping place.

Here we meet many Berliners who return for the hundredth time to dance in a club, which as the photos displayed in the hall show, very little has changed in the last 100 years despite the fact that the front of the building, which is now a terrace, is been bombed during the war. Today the tradition continues both for the music and for the gluttony: here you can also eat traditional dishes such as cutlets and meatballs and enjoy at the same time tango or let loose between sauce And swing 1930s. There are people of all ages. And every now and then you meet some VIPs. The venue is in Auguststrasse 24, Berlin-Mitte

things to do and see in Berlin

Ancient art and blondes in the glass

Finally among the things to do and see in Berlin after paying homage to great museumsa special place must be reserved for the typical German drink: the beer. Because if it is true that the homeland of blondes is by definition Bavaria and above all Monk in the last several years new breweries have opened in the city. Among these, the Il piccolo brewery is very successful brewery Brewbaker which offers specially flavored beers and also carries out courses to make your own beer at home.

Much loved there too‘Eschenbräu (Triftstraße 67 – 13353 Berlin Wedding) specializing in seasonal beers suitable for all temperatures and all circumstances. Instead, among the traditional places there is the Prater (Kastanienallee 7-9 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg), active since 1837, la oldest beer garden of Berlin. Under the green of the trees you can eat the typical flavors of Berlin and in addition to beer there is also wine.

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