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Discovering the most beautiful castles in Ireland: from Kilkenny to Cahir

We say Ireland and we think of the sparkling atmospheres of Dublinto the fishing villages on the sea, to pints of beer and to the green expanses of meadows and clover. Yet theIreland has another great wealth: the castles. Castles of all kinds, more or less well preserved but always fascinating, from stately buildings to ruins, from those with turrets to those that look like palaces. If you are traveling around the country of Saint Patrick and you want to spend a different afternoon perhaps refreshing your knowledge of Celtic legends this might be a good idea. Here she is guide to the most beautiful castles in Ireland not to be missed.

Ireland’s most beautiful castles: from Dublin to the countryside

Dublin Castle

Sure, there aren’t crenellated towers and not even a can be no turrets here, nor even a hint of a moat but this collection of historic buildings in the heart of the city is still worth a visit. During the visit it is worthwhile to wander around the outside of the Norman Towerpeek at the Royal Chapel and take part in the state apartments guided tour – guided tours cost just € 2 more while the standard entrance fee is € 8.50.

Open seven days a week until mid-afternoon, it is the perfect place to calm your conscience before diving into the beers and bars of Temple Bar and spend the night having fun. After all, this too is local culture.

Cahir Castle

It is one of the best preserved castles and therefore one of the most beautiful castles inIreland. Cahir still has its keep, tower, crenellated walls and even a drawbridge in full working order. To see it you need to arrive on the rocky island in the middle of the river Suir where to start exploring the 13th century complex.

Do not miss the scale model of how the castle looked at the time medieval. In September, the castle hosts charity events with live music and street food tastings.

Ireland's most beautiful castles

Ancient stones on the river

Kilkenny Castle

From the top of a loop of the River Nore the castle of Kilkenny dominates the city of the same name and for those who love history it is a call that is impossible to resist: it is certainly worth a visit as it happens in most castles most beautiful in Ireland. Restored in 1830 to its former glory, it offers an extremely elegant interior and during a tour here you will see the librarythe living room and the imposing Long Gallerywhich occupies an entire wing of the building.

Guided tours cost a few euros more and during the summer it is often necessary to wait for the line of onlookers to reduce. From November to January, however, the entrance is possible only and exclusively with a guided tour. Open every day, admission costs € 7 for adults, children pay € 3.

Ireland's most beautiful castles

Those stones protected by the waters

Doe Castle

Doe Castle provides a complete catalog of possible natural defenses: it is indeed surrounded by water on three sides and protected by the rock on the fourth. But the builders of the time knew how to work well and this made it one of the most impregnable fortresses in the north-west of theIreland; there sixteenth-century tower it has walls so thick (about eight feet) that the dungeons, usually placed underground, they are here instead on the third floor. Admission is free, although the interior is not open to the public.

Ashford Castle

Here’s your chance to be the king (or the queen, to your liking) of the castle for one night. This fairytale castle built in the 18th century was once owned by the family Guinness and now it is a five star hotel with 82 rooms, including the presidential suite with original fireplace and views of the Lough Corrib. Obvious: feeling like a king costs something and the price of the room starts at 305 euros per night. If you don’t feel like it, you can fall back on afternoon tea served every day in the spectacular Connaught room for the princely sum of 34 euros per person (plus 15% service tax). But sip your tea in one of the Ireland’s most beautiful castles worth a treasure.

At lunch as in the Middle Ages

Bunratty Castle

The castle of Bunratty it is more complete fortress medievalIrelandrestored in 1954 with original 15th and 16th century furnishings and works of art: all to do it to return to its original splendor of when it was built in 1425. The experience continues if you want to participate in a medieval banquet in the large dining room of the castle (it costs about fifty euros each), or you can visit the Folk Park, a vaguely kitsch reconstruction of a 19th century village complete with a post office and pub populated by actors in period costumes. The castle is located along the N18 road between Limerick and Ennis. Admission: adults 10 euros, children 8 euros.

Donegal Castle

There is everything: Persian carpets, French tapestries and refined period architecture that places it among the fascinating examples of the most beautiful castles in Ireland; it is difficult to imagine that before the 90s the Donegal Castle had practically fallen into disrepair. Now it has been proudly restored and stands as it once did on the banks of the River Eske also allowing you to see the view of this pleasant town from above.

The legend of eloquence. And the story of poisons

Blarney Castle

There is a particular legend linked to the Blarney Castle which is located a short distance from the city of Cork; that of the stone of eloquence. For about two centuries in fact the stone of Blarneywhich has always been located between the battlements of the castle, has been honored by politicians, writers and actors in search of its gift: theeloquence. To do this, visitors once dropped upside down between the walls.

Today it is much safer to do so and the long lines show that speaking is a much desired gift. The castle is also worth a visit for his beautiful park and because here there is a rare attraction: the garden of poisons. Here is a collection of poisonous plants from all over the world that are kept in cages due to their danger.

Dunguaire Castle

The Dunguire Castle is perfectly reflected in the calm water of the bay Galway enough to appear a kind of quintessence of all the crenellated towers. Or, if you prefer, for the evil ones, the perfect construction to sell a lot of picture postcards. Fill your eyes with this manor and remember that here the greats of literature like Yeats And George Bernard Shaw they came here for inspiration. Inside, even for that, banquets are organized during which pieces of their works are staged.

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