le più belle spiagge della Andalusia in Spagna

The most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain

It is useless to go around it: the most beautiful beaches of the Andalusia in Spain they are among the most spectacular in the whole Iberian Peninsula. And it is no coincidence that they are always found in the high parts of the rankings that indicate the places not to be missed during a summer to spend between Sun and sea. But it is obvious that this is the case: five of the eight provinces that make up the autonomous community of Andalusia they overlook the coast and, thanks to their fortunate geographical position, most of them can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Maybe not really for swimming: but in short, the frost is not something that concerns the most beautiful beaches of the Andalusia in Spain. On top of that as well as blessed for the climate they are lucky enough to have different characteristics and attractions thanks to the view on Atlantic or Mediterranean. Different but the same: at least in their ability to make you dream of a dip and a walk on the sand.

Bolonia, Cadiz

In the area around Tarifa you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Andalusia in Spain e Bolonia it is definitely one of them. In addition to golden sand that plunges into a blue sea, this beach is unique big duneover 30 meters high and more than 200 meters in length that stretches to graze the Pinewood from Camarinal point. In addition, this large Gaditana beach, almost four kilometers long and which is practically in front of the city of Tangierin Morocco, gives those who choose it not only a perfect natural environment but also a piece of history. And it is useless to pretend: anyone will be kidnapped.

Behind the beach, just four kilometers away, are the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudiaone of the archaeological sites most important in the area. The ruins are well preserved and are reflected in the sea with their long history that dates back to the foundation, in the second century BC, by the Phoenicians. In short, sea and history, culture and nature: this combination certainly makes Bolonia a beach not to be missed.

The most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain: dunes and transparent water

Playa de Islantilla, Huelva

The beach of Islantilla it has always attracted a lot of people thanks to its more than 1200 meters of golden sand and a lucky climate that gives about 3000 hours of sunshine per year.

If you really want to look for a fault you can say that the water is often cool but despite this the beach is crowded from spring until autumn. Another attraction is the ability of this beach to combine the beauty of nature with the services it offers to the public including the rental of umbrellas, water activities and even chiringuitos where to drink and party. Islantilla beach is located halfway between the towns of Isla Cristina And Lepe and perhaps the best part is precisely the one near Isla Cristina where the shadow of a pine forest which is confused with some sand dunes that change according to the wind.

most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain

Playa de los Muertos, Almería

We are in Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Parkone of the protected areas where some of the most beautiful beaches of Andalusia are located in Spain. In addition to hidden coves where you can spend a day at the beach feeling almost like a castaway, who has a desert island all to himself, this stretch of coast offers some stretches of open sand that for their spectacular beauty always end up being mentioned in the lists of most beautiful beaches. That de los Muertos it is certainly one of them and is close to the village of Carbonerasthe shelter of fishermen on the boundary of the park area.

The name is not frightening: some say that it is due to the fact that the currents once brought the bodies of the castaways here while others argue that it is due to the fact that the huge rocks that come out of the sand look like tombstones. In any case, no fear: the sea is beautiful but often rough and to reach the beach you have to walk a bit following a path that descends from the cliffs. Remember: you are in a park and there are no bars: bring your own food or drink. The sea will do the rest.

Always in the same area, in Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Parkthere is also another famous and splendid beach: Playa de Mónsul, which is very famous (almost like a star) thanks to a huge rock that comes out of the water and which according to some would be a petrified wave. Legend, of course, but what pays off. Here they shot several movie scenes and even Indiana Jones used the rock wave as a backdrop.

guide of the most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain

The most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain: rocks and cliffs

Salobreña beach, Granada

The coast of Granada it also has great beaches to enjoy the beautiful Andalusian climate. And this comes as a surprise to many because Granada looks quite a long way from blue. Instead its coast, called Costa Tropical, offers several views that deserve more than a stop and are still to be discovered for many. Among these certainly the beach of Salobreña a small and quiet fishing village formed mostly by white houses, where you can eat, among other things, excellent fish.

Not far away there is this beach, also called Punta del Rio, which mixes fine sand and pebbles with a slowly sloping seabed with an almost always calm sea. This is also why it is loved by families – in the area and beyond – and by those looking for suggestive views: here the sunset is magical as well as the view from the Alcazar of Salobreña.

Cliffs and rocks by the sea

Caleta de Maro, Malaga

In the natural park called de Los Acantilados de Maro, in the province of Rum raisin, there is a very suggestive stretch of coast with cliffs and rocks that are reflected in a very transparent sea. This beauty obviously pays off with some difficulty in achieving this stretch of dark sand which does not offer any service but on the other hand gives emotions. At least for those who want to put their head underwater.

THE backdrops in fact they are very beautiful and rich in fish and it snorkeling guarantees explorer sensations that make it rightfully included among the most beautiful beaches of the Andalusia in Spain. For those who want to guarantee more comfort, they can stop at Cala de Maro, wider and more organized where there are also bars and, consequently, more people. Remember that from the parking lot to the beach it is necessary to walk a few hundred meters of path. It’s not a climb but when it’s hot you can sweat a little.

most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain

The most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain: swimming in the parks

Cuesta Maneli beach, Huelva

Making rankings is always difficult: but this in the ranking among the most beautiful beaches of the Andalusia in Spain it would certainly rank among the top positions. First of all it is inserted in the Donana National Parkprotected from Unesco, and can be reached with a pleasant walk that follows a path of wooden walkways stretched between the dunes and the marshy areas which are located behind the sea.

It is a walk of a few minutes that is absolutely worth taking as the prize is a beach of almost five kilometers where everything seems perfect: golden sand, clean water and even long stretches that are almost deserted. A useful tip can be to choose immediately what you are looking for: to the right of the walkway is the most populated area where it is easy to meet groups and families.

On the left, however, the environment is quieter and is also loved by those who want to take the sun without costume. Decide what you prefer and look for a place to spread the towel. It is one of the most pristine beaches in Andalusia but fear not: they are also within a relatively short distance restaurants and services to allow yourself a dip in comfort.

Fun on the golden sand

Valdevaqueros beach, Cadiz

Valdevaqueros is one of those beaches that remain etched in the memory. It is located not far from Tarifain province of Cadiz, and immediately plays his cards: sand dunes, splendid views and four abundant kilometers of sand on which to have fun. Yes, because this is the right beach to do the bathroom and sunbathing but not only: between most beautiful beaches of the Andalusia in Spain this is one of the favorite ones surfers who arrive attracted by the strong wind. As always, the wind brings as a consequence the possibility of renting equipment and a few bars where you can stop for a drink, brag about your businesses and admire those of others.

El Portil beach, Huelva

In the coast of Huelva there is another one of the most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain. Thanks to its vast expanse of golden sand – we are talking about a record length of the beach beyond three and a half kilometers-and the fact that it is very easy to reach, this is one of the summer expanses chosen by many tourists and also by many inhabitants of the area. many of those who choose it for their summer holidays. One party chooses to move to the Flecha del Rompidoa beautiful place at the mouth of the Piedras river where to find secluded areas also loved by nudists.

Swim and experience sport

Zahara Beach, Cadiz

The beach of Zahara it is a beautiful stretch of coast characterized by a long strip of light sand and with calm and transparent water. It is located between the mouth of the river Zahara and the Cabo de la Plata, 8 kilometers long. During the day you can enjoy the sun and swim but also indulge yourself water sports since the beach is equipped with every service. Despite this, the natural environment is decidedly unspoiled and the atmosphere is peaceful. In the evening, grab a drink and make yourself comfortable: here the sunset is spectacular and guarantees that this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Andalusia in Spain to stay dreaming while the sun plunges into the sea.

The most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain

The most beautiful beaches of Andalusia in Spain

La Fontanilla Beach, Cadiz

Located a short distance from the fishing village of Conil de la Frontera, this wide beach is particular for the presence of vast expanses of sand that mix with some lagoons. And during low tide the space multiplies giving the feeling of being in a kind of coastal desert. It is the place of dreams for those who have always wanted ride on the sand among the splashes of the sea on the shoreline even if perhaps such an experience is difficult to live in high season when, of course, the beach is filled with people. Just north of With the there are also a number of hidden sandy coves, called Calas de la Roche where it is possible to remain much more secluded.

Burriana Beach, Rum raisin
Burriana it is located in the Nerja area and is a comfortable and sheltered beach, with splendid sand and transparent waters. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Andalusia in Spain also because gods were set here in the 80s well known TV series in Spain. The serial launched this stretch of coast and now Buriana is very popular also because it is equipped and comfortable. It is a beach about eight hundred meters long and about forty meters wide with a promenade behind it Paseo Maritimo, where to find bars and restaurants. And beach life becomes paradise.

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