The beaches of Dubai: the most beautiful from Marina to Kite Beach and La Mer

You say Dubai and what comes to your mind? Record skyscrapersbusy life, wild shopping, places of all kinds and for every taste. But never forgetting the sea. And beaches. Yes, because if it is true that here in the Emirates the sea is not that of Maldives and or some islands of Thailand it’s also true that the beaches of Dubai they are kilometers long, they have hot waterto always and am equipped for every occasion. Here is a small guide to choosing. And find out that in the desert country I’m not alone dunes. But also a lot of beach.
Let’s start with a detail: the absolute majority of Dubai beaches they are well maintained and always safe and around sunbeds and umbrellas they offer all possible services: they are there restaurants, bars as well as a rescue service, children’s areas and toilets. And often within walking distance there are also swimming pools and picnic areas. The only difficulty is choosing.

The beaches of Dubai: JBR and Marina

If there was one beach to choose how icon maybe that would be it. the Beach at JBR this is the original name (where JBR file extension summarizes Jumeirah Beach Residences) is located in the city center and satisfies everyone since that in addition to sand and sea offers all kinds of attractions. It’s kind of resorts surrounded by a fifth of skyscrapers where there are dozens of excellent restaurants, Some of best clubs in town and, in fact, one of the most popular free beaches of Dubai.

Here you can sunbatherelax or play sports since there are also a 600m jogging track, a outdoor gym and fields from Beach volley, spaces for i massages and it yoga. And if you want, you can also go for a walk camel back. On the sea side they can be rented jet ski, hop on a speedboat to go offshore or just sit back, and enjoy the incredible view up Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah Island and the famous 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab.

Having fun at Kite Beach

The name says it all: this is the favorite place for those who love to ride the waves flying with kite surfing. But don’t be scared: even if you’re not capable, people come here just for sunbathe, try the SAP or play at volleyball between baths. Until recently this was between the beaches of Dubai one of the less known ones, frequented mostly by expat but now it is much loved and chosen by those who love sports. And indeed there is a 14 km long course for running besides one outdoor gymplaygrounds and schools for learn to surf.

It is of course cleaned and supervised by lifeguards and beyond bathrooms and showers there are sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. For after swimming, a wide choice of snacks in the many restaurants and kiosks that offer sandwiches, burgers and other dishes from every cuisine. It is always crowded SALT, American foodtruck style.

the beaches of dubai

La Mer, industrial atmospheres on the water

Another of the beaches of Dubai more interesting is undoubtedly Wed. Also because to be precise, it is not a beach but rather a urban development project divided into four areas in the Jumeirah neighborhood. It is here too white sand and warm sea but also areas deliberately created in style industrial, graffiti and local: between the two zones north and south – La Mer North and La Mer South – they are beyond 130 restaurants, bars and other spaces a stone’s throw from deck chairs, Caribbean tents and even hammocks suspended.

For children and those who love the genre there is also a maritime park called Lagoon Waterpark with a huge slide and in the background the usual view perfect for selfies with the skyscrapers of the city. And it is no coincidence that in addition to families and trendy tourists, they often come here to take their services fashion photographers.

The sunset beach

His name would be Umm Suqeim Beach. But in the list of Dubai beaches everyone knows her as Sunset Beach and is is one of the quieter and more scenic beaches. Here one obviously comes for sunbathe but also to relax by filling your eyes with the always spectacular Burj Al Arab which dominates not too far away. The audience here is mixed: there are the usual ones expati tourists but also local families and services are complete.

There is even one small library to take a book to read in peace. Although when the crowds of tourists which descend from cruise ships tranquility fades. If you want live rich know that nearby is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel where you can indulge in some luxury while if you want to stay on the beach until late this is the right place: swim after dark in dubai its forbidden but not here.

And there are special lampposts that allow you to swim even in the dark. At least until midnight.

Moving further north, almost to the border with the emirate of Sharjah you arrive at the park of Al Mamzar within which they are located well five beaches put in a big one green area of ​​over 100 hectares with large pools, huge lawns and thousands of palm trees. And this is also why it is much loved by the locals and perhaps less so by tourists. For those who want to move then there is no shortage of suns volleyball and basketball courtslarge tanks, areas for lo jogging and areas dedicated to picnics with lots of barbeque available.

The secret beach

And to conclude the tour between the beaches of Dubai let’s go to Al Sufouh Beach. That someone also calls Secret Beach. Now, there is very little secret, people know it and crowd it also because there are some nearby luxury buildings which are not far away and which gave it the other name of Black Palace Beach. But nicknames aside from partial invisibility is given by one row of palm trees that protect her while on the other side here is the waves and the sand full of shells.

Unlike other more pop places here there are no bars or restaurants and the only services available are those of rescue. But if you want to sunbathe it’s the right place especially remembering that you just have to look up to get in front of you Palm Jumeirahthe palm-shaped artificial island that can even be seen from the sky.

About the Palm tree: on its coast which represents its trunk it is also found Palm West Beach, a perfect beach to see the sunsets and go in search of exclusive places. Here are some of the more exclusive hotels to many stars in the city but also top class restaurants and with appropriate prices. But here we are at Dubai. There is everything and everything is possible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cheap, though.

Beaches of Dubai

The rules to be respected on the beaches of Dubai

But what is possible and what is forbidden on the beach here at Dubai? In reality, in general you will not have any problems as long as you remember that the real prohibition concerns nudity. Therefore always bathing suit and no topless. But otherwise the rules are quite flexible: on the beaches you can wear the normal suit while when you go out it is necessary cover yourself completely as it is not allowed walking down the street in a bathing suit.

On public beaches, especially less crowded ones, pay attention to aareas intended for families marked as “Family Beach” : they are reserved for women and their children and here women have to be more covered. Beware too to alcohol: on public beaches it is forbidden to drink alcohol while it is possible on the bars and restaurants and on private beaches. Never bring alcohol with you to public beaches: a glass could be expensive.

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