Street art in Paris: the Vitry-sur-Seine district, an open-air museum

It’s easy to tell Paris. And the most usual, immediate, perhaps even banal images immediately come to mind: Notre Damewounded but not won, the Eiffel Towerthe big ones boulevard full of people, that container of beauties that is the Louvre. But Paris, of course, is so much more than these famous neighborhoods. And easily gives surprises. However, it is necessary to discover them getting off the beaten track and focus on less famous areas. But no less interesting for this. Thus, for those who think they have seen all of the capital of France and does not want to backtrack here are some different ideas. To discover street art in Paris.

Street art in Paris: the commune to the south

The first destination to do this is Vitry-sur-Seinea city on the outskirts of Paris. Hardly anyone has heard of her. Once you see her you won’t forget her. Yes, because this municipality of 90 thousand inhabitants, which can be easily reached with the Rer trainsthe regional network that intertwines with that of the metro, has an extraordinary collection of works of art. I’m not in a museum: but on the street. And make a walk a dive into art and this area one to discover when exploring i surroundings of Paris.
In practice, i walls of houses, fences, mailboxes and the switchboards of the electric current have been painted by at least 60 artists from all over the world. And every corner seems to explode with color and desire to express the true soul of street art a Paris.
It’s true, the first impression is a bit shocking: this is one multiethnic area, even the dresses of the black women who swarm the streets in turn offer a palette of shades. But the real surprise is on the walls and all of this is, in large part, due to an artist named Christian Guémy but you sign C215 who arrived here in 2008. And he started painting before inviting other artists.

The municipality has chosen to help the art

Anywhere else in the world it would have been chased by the agents, fined and punished. Here, south of Paris, he has been pampered and rewarded. And he has done so much school that the Municipality of Vitry-sur-Seine he invited other street artists who in turn spread the word.
Now, even if it is difficult to make a precise count, there are hundreds of works on the streets. And there are at least sixty different artists who have worked and are still working here. Their names? ROA, Claudio Ethos, Bebar, Meushay or Alice Pasquini perhaps they say little to the general public. And every type of pictorial expression has found its cradle here.
Even volumes-guides have been published and there are organized tours which lead to the discovery of stencils and graffiti (although some don’t like to call them that) and even specialized agencies (such as ) that carry tourists around.
street art in Paris

Street art in Paris: the fantasy on the walls

If you want The Gioconda and the Louvre you will be lost. But not necessarily disappointed. The trick is simply to walk around looking around: and suddenly you will be able to switch from an image of Baudelaire to portraits of ordinary people, from a giant bird created byBelgian artist Roa to a representation of Samuel Beckett of the Irish Fin Dac, from a disturbing female face of David Walker of London to one geisha pop by Australian Jimmy C.. And the list goes on and on.
The starting point is from rue Pierre Semard, near the Rer stop. Then you can move to the surroundings of the Mac Val contemporary art museum where the gigantic African warriors with spears stand out, the work of Kouka, in homage to Nelson Mandela. And then continue until you are tired. At that point sit on a bench overlooking a work you like or go inside for uno coffee or a beer in a small cafe before resuming the walk. Because the beauty is here, surprises are everywhere. And probably the coolest graffiti is just around the corner.

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