Sleeping in a lighthouse in Italy and abroad: the most beautiful for relaxing by the sea

Is it time to turn on a light on our holidays? So why not even try to sleep in a lighthouse? For those who surf, the light towers of the ports they are like the doorbell: seeing them, hearing their sound and breathing their light, it is like feeling arrived. Sentinels in the storm, guardians of every navigation, the lighthouses bring with them a boundless literature of metaphors and suggestions. In some ports, however, technology has supplanted wit and the spirit of observation.
So those ivory towers that signaled each finis terrae and the beginning of the quiet today are increasingly being converted into pleasant vacation spots. For one or more all-round nights – yes, the environments often reflect the specificity of the place – you can choose to take a holiday Lighthouse keeper.

Sleeping in a lighthouse: in Italy and around the world

No, no night to scan the waves and the horizon, if anything sunrises and sunsets to be enjoyed where one still willingly arrives. In the safe harbor of the emotions of many summer evenings. In Italy, with over 7 thousand km of coastline, it is on the islands that one must direct the navigation of one’s desires. In Sardinia one of the first “light landings” to open to tourists was the lighthouse of Spartivento chief..
South West of Cagliariwhere the rugged coastline runs from Pula towards Teulada, here is Chia and the Chief. this lighthouse, built in 1854is one of 20 real buildings designed by Vittorio Emanuele to preside over and illuminate the coasts of the Kingdom. Machine-gunned during the Second World Warwas also the first – was the 2006 – to reconvert to hospitality and, today, pampers its new “guardians” even with a swimming pool and a small hotel open until the dead of winter.

sleep in the headlights

The sea and the wine

She always watches over the places, a still active lantern a 19 meters high to shed light up to 22 nautical miles. In Sicily must head towardsSalina Island: to the head of the Locanda & Malvasia, however, to sleep in a lighthouse you don’t sit on your hands. The surrounding estate bears the direction of the accounts Tasca d’Almerita and, therefore, of their precious nectar. A stay at the lighthouse means conquering one of 27 resort rooms, but also being able to take part in the care and processing of the surrounding vineyards.
In front of the Tuscan coasts, on theLily islandyou can land at the peak lighthouse Fenaio, class of 1883 and a far from yesteryear charm for women four rooms that overlook the infinite. For all the others there is a restaurant with an evocative name, “Sentinel of the sea.
sleep in the headlights
On the other side of the “mare nostrum” or rather beyond theAdriatic here are the coasts Croatian: embattled like lace, lighthouses have made a virtuosity of lights and landings. Among the hundreds of islets on the coast, here is the still uninhabited one of Prisnjak, 300 meters fromisland of Murter. Here, since 1886, a lighthouse has thought of “sheding light” on the rocks and shoals, now fully automated and also equipped for stays. At six nautical miles opens the Kornati nature parkfor endless snorkeling.

The last limit of Spain

On the other end of the marine orb the Spain answers with Larinoa lighthouse that made history. Deep Galicia: finis terrae it is just a few kilometers away and this portion of the coast has gone down in history, without too many words, such as coast “From death”. Since 1921, however, the lighthouse has never stopped pointing the way and his crescent of very fine beach it’s a big draw for even the less adventurous hearts. Today offers 20 rooms overlooking the Atlantic to sleep in a lighthouse and not lose the course of emotions.
The lighthouse is always an ocean sentinel Breton de Kerbel. A two hour journey from Nantes, here is the francophone answer to the guardians of the sea. In the 1989 turned off its lights on Riantec to become a luxurious buen retiro for stays away from the crowds. Unique in all France is the mini circular apartment which you reach after a hundred steps to stay, a 25 meters high all to conquer. The view extends up to Belle-Ile in the gulf of Morbihan. The other three rooms are created at sea level, between the old deposits and the caretaker’s house.

The English cliffs

Across the Channel a trip to the Lighthouse goes far beyond the ardor that Virginia Wolf places the Hebrides in her masterpiece. On the Channel, East Sussex, 30 km from Brighton and just over a hundred from London, there is the Belle Tout to watch over the Seven Sisters, the chalk cliffs that overhang the dark waters of perfidious Albion. Poised to the point of being translated and anchored to the rock, 12 meters further north, today it is one of the most coveted light houses.

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