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Where to see the sunset in Santorini: the best places for an aperitif

Santorini is one of those destinations that, sooner or later, must be seen. And not just for those in love with Cyclades and of Greece. This island in fact unites unique beaches to extraordinary views as well as a romantic atmosphere that conquers. And the symbol of her, you know, is sunset. Each evening long lines of people prepare to find the best place to enjoy the color changing sky and watch the sunset at Santorini. Here is a guide on places to lurk. For a selfie and a special aperitif.

The first must-see address for watching the sunset in Santorini leads to Fira promenadealong the edge of the cliff that sinks into the sea, a two steps from the cathedral. There is always space to place oneself here but many prefer to indulge in a special aperitif in one of the bar with a terrace overlooking the blue. However, inquire first: some clubs, more fashionable, ask for reservations. And if you want a little more intimacy, get out of the crazy crowd and grab one small road that leads downhill: the view remains impressive, the view of the splendid sunset. But you can avoid the crowds.

The sun plunging beyond the caldera

If you wish to be alone, do not consider Oia. This is the best place to see the sunset at Santorini but as you know, the others know it too. And so it is created a real crowd. In fact from this point, on the end of the calderathe view is awesome but you have to share it and you will be crushed by it sound of cameras, from the enthusiastic comments and also from the applause. The sun gives thanks but in the summer, in the high season months, perhaps he too feels a little pressed.

A valid alternative to see the sunset in Santorini it could be there Ammoudi bay, at the foot of Oia. It can be reached by motor vehicles (pay attention to the parking lot) but also on foot with the stairs and here you can enjoy the sunset sitting in one of the restaurants on the harbor, right next to the water. The flavors are good and the view excellent.

Another strategic point is the village of Imerovigli, right on the caldera but less crowded than Fira. Here, the sun sinks gracefully behind the baby island of Thirassia and even here they are bars and places to be pampered. For a sunset accompanied by a glass of wine, the right address is there Holy Winery, a winery that is located right in the center of the crescent overlooking the sea and has a terrace where you can taste the wines produced on site paired with cheeses and other pleasant snacks. The place is beautiful but it is known: that’s why in high season it is better to book here too.

see the sunset in Santorini

The less traveled areas to see the sunset in Santorini

To have a slightly different point of view, do the opposite of most people. And instead of north, head south. Here is the Akrotiri lighthouse from where you can enjoy a splendid view. You leave the vehicle not far away and then after a short walk you arrive at the lighthouse even if someone says that the best place is just before where there are the remains of a old windmill.

see the sunset in Santorini

Finally, for those who want to live a truly different experience, the suggestion is to go beyond the caldera. And reach the island of Thirassia. To understand, it is the island that everyone faces sitting on the top of the caldera, the one behind which the sun dips. The island is tiny and has a few tavernas and a handful of rooms but you can see from here a unique sunset. With the others in the background Cyclades in the distance and the caldera, seen from the sea, which will give you unique photos and colors. However, this experience must be prepared because it really is the accommodations are very few and often after sunset there are no connections to return. So you risk having to sleep under the stars. But after seeing the sunset a Santorini this too may perhaps be a memory to be lived.

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