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What to see in Scotland: tour of cities, castles and highlands

To say Scotlandfor foreigners, means thinking of bagpipes, William Wallace and the battles of Brave heart. Or whiskey And moorsgolf courses under an untamed sky, mountains and challenges rugby, ancient savage clans. And the list of things to see in Scotland could easily go on and on. This is because the rowdy and proud culture of this land has captured the imagination of people all over the world. And therefore many dream of exploring its landscapes of extraordinary beauty, passing through romantic medieval castles to cities full of life, to then end the day in a atmospheric pub sipping a glass of that whiskey unique that smells of peat and North Sea.

Things to see in Scotland: from lochs to cities

This is because Scotland manages to found its own unique cultural identity with an extraordinary multiplicity of landscapes and natural contexts. And it’s easy to go from castles to cities, from lakes to Highlands, offering each visitor always different experiences. And there’s always plenty to see in Scotland starting from the obvious place: the capital Edinburghfull of history and charm.

Things to see in Scotland

What to see in Scotland: the capital Edinburgh

There location of Edinburgh and ancient architecture make this one one of the most attractive cities in Great Britain and one of the must-see destinations. The castle on the hill, which dominates the city from above, is also its symbol and the place everyone thinks of when they imagine the Scottish capital. But what is around is no different: the Old Townwhich surrounds the castle, is a network of narrow streets not to be missed but without forgetting the Royal Mileflanked by mansions leading to Palace of Holyroodhouse. And to continue the guide of things to see in Scotland and ad Edinburgh it is necessary to mention the new part of the city, with wide avenues and large open squares, considered a masterpiece ofGeorgian town planning.

Things to see and do in Scotland: Glasgow

It’s time to Glasgowthen, the largest city in the countryand the fourth largest of the United Kingdom which in recent years has completely changed its face: from industrial center has turned into an interesting one modern metropolis with a crackling art and cultural scenewith a fundamental role in the field of music and a great attention to art as told by the successes related to Glasgow School of Arts and several major art galleries.

Things to see in Scotland

But a route through the things to see in Scotland is certainly not based only on the cities: in the zarea surrounding Glasgow there are a number of interesting places that can be visited in a day trip or independently for longer stays. Among them, the main one is Loch Lomondthe largest lake in the Great Britain, which can be enjoyed on a boat ride or on one of the trails in the area. The Stirling castleperched on a crag high above the city is another one of those must-see destinations.

Things to see in Scotland: Hebrides and Highlands

For those who wish to venture further afield and immerse themselves in a classic scottish landscape nothing can be as exciting as one walk through the Highlands or, even, an escape to the Nordic atmospheres of Hebridean islands exploring the dramatic scenery of theIsle of Mull or even more remote thanStaffa island.

Things to see in Scotland

Inverness poi is the gateway to Highlands: here you can spend the evening in its always pleasant and crowded center and the next morning leave to discover the eastern coast, at the mouth of the river Nessa few kilometers from the beautiful and mysterious Loch Ness. And it goes without saying that everyone’s dream is to meet Nessie, the monster most famous in the world.

This land is a treasure trove for lovers of the outdoors, despite the notoriously wet, cold and changeable weather; in fact, fog and clouds often seem to add further drama to the country’s rugged landscapes it also features ancient archaeological sites. Who, in addition to time, play the cards of mystery.

Things to see in Scotland

Skara Braeon the main island of Orkneyis one of the best preserved villages in thestone age in Europe; Orkney gives the opportunity to explore neolithic monuments walking among mysterious stone circles; or the discovery of Wall of Antoninusonce the northwestern frontier of theRoman Empire. It dates back to about 140 AD and is located over 160 km north of the more famous Hadrian’s Wall. And then castles like, precisely, those of Stirling, of Edinburgh and of Balmoral.

Things to do and see in Scotland: the great outdoors

Scotland is also a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Adrenaline junkies can throw themselves into the rapids in Perthshireclimbing ice falls a Glencoe or follow the spectacular West Highland Way. Not to be missed among the things to see in Scotland is also the Cairngorms National Park which protects the highest mountain range in the UKrivers, lakes, forests and oodles of wildlife.

And then there’s the other great Scottish invention: the whiskey. Between Inverness and Aberdeen Thirsty tourists can follow the malt whiskey trail, visiting distilleries to learn about this national icon.

Things to see in Scotland

If, on the other hand, you want tranquility and nature, take into consideration the idea of ​​succumbing to the spell of the shetland islandsa necklace of a hundred islands geologically very particular and closest to Norway that a Edinburgh. Here you can find out if you have the hand of the fisherman, sea trout or halibut, it doesn’t matter. Or try socializing with people in the small village pubs, buy uniquely shaped sweaters along the Shetland Craft Trail or learning to play golf late at night in the almost perpetual light of the summer solstice. Marvel at that under the Scottish sky many surprises are close at hand, for you.

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