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What to see in Palma de Mallorca: from the cathedral to the beaches

With her Cathedral towering, the streets narrow between honey-colored stone buildings and a pleasant choice of tapas bars, Palma de Mallorca it may also be small. But she is certainly not boring. As she is never there Spain. Perched on crescent shaped bay of Palma, the city has a long and interesting history, the legacies of which can easily be seen in the architecture that passes seamlessly from Moorish to the Gothic and to the modern making the list of things to see in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the islands, always different Balearics.

What you won’t find, however, luckily are the sprawl of ugly 1970s skyscrapers that have hurt the views of Benidorm and the neighbor Magaluf nor the overly noisy bars and discos. Which have given the latter a reputation as a place only for wild kids.

Palma de Mallorca, pleasant sophistication

Instead, Palma still appears as a pleasantly sophisticated place. With a crowded marina of yachts throughout the summer period and a food scene rich enough to allow those who wish to indulge in pleasures for the throat. For all these reasons the center of Palma it is pleasant to discover, with its sunny square and unexpected courtyards.

Sure, when give it cruise ships when passengers disembark for the day trip, it could appear that the human wave will eventually overwhelm everything. But then the ships leave again and Palma de Mallorca back to showing the best face. The starting point for all those who come to discover and see Palma de Mallorca is the Cathedral of La Seua Gothic masterpiece that dominates the city’s waterfront like a beacon of faith.

The cathedral of La Seu

This monumental stone building dates back to the 13th century but was not completed until the 17th century. The gorgeous gothic facade features sculptural decorations by Guillermo Sagrera. Visitors are awed by the interior with its nave rising to a height of 44 metres. The massive space covers an area of ​​6,600 square meters.

Gorgeous stained glass (some even date back to 1370) illuminate the interior with a very particular light. Many of the interiors have been remodeled by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudíwho left his masterpieces to Barcelona, in the early years of the 20th century. In Royal Capilla Gaudí’s gigantic canopy is modeled as a crown of thorns while in the Chapel of Trinidad the royal remains rest.

From the terrace on the south side of the cathedral, tourists can enjoy a magnificent view of the bay.

Palma and the alleys of the centre

Behind it opens the labyrinth of alleys cobblestones that form the Old Town. It is a rich area restaurants, cafes And squares hidden and often just take a few steps off the beaten track to find yourself pleasantly alone walking with your nose in the air. For those who want to dive into shopping, here you will find objects in glass and lace, objects in olive wood and branded shops. But don’t expect low prices.

A short distance from seafront more popular are still the last fishing boats that go out to look for seafood and fish with which to supply the locals in the area. But not only the sea: in our guide of things to see a Palma de Mallorca there is also a lot of land. Yes why the wine here is something taken very seriously as it turns out walking around. And seeing that a large part of the island is covered in vineyards that produce excellent wines to try. Even with visits to the many cellars.

what to see in palma de mallorca

To see in Palma de Mallorca: the fort and the work of Mirò

The formidable Bellver Castle of the thirteenth century is located on a hill a three kilometers from the historic center and certainly falls on the list of must-see attractions. It was once a royal stronghold but what is particularly striking is the unusual shape which is certainly influenced by oriental architecture. A bridge enters the castle courtyard and one is fascinated by it Romanesque and Gothic arcades. The castle is open to the public and also houses a museum.

Other attractions include the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in the house where the artist lived. This museum has an excellent collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures by the Catalan artist.

In Palma de Mallorca you cannot forget the sea

But we are on an island and the sea is calling. Here then the closest option is given Cala Major, a large sandy beach that is very popular during the summer. Do you just want this? Or sun and sea and relaxation? Then you will have to go a little out of the settlement of Palma de Mallorca and aim for Llucmajorwhich is located about 25 kilometers south of the city.

Here you will be satisfied because this spectacular stretch of Mallorcan coast guarantees many beautiful bays, beaches And cliffs. The 16th century defensive towers along the coast of Llucmajor they offer breathtaking views. There Playa del Arenal it is a very long beach that practically extends all the way to Palma de Mallorca. The calm waters of the beach El Arenal they are ideal for swimming, while a part of the beach is intended for the transit of boats. And so you have to be a little careful. The services on this stretch of coast are ensured with equipped beaches, rental of water toys and also a tourist office.

Not far away is another stretch of beach that deserves to be mentioned. We are talking about the area of Cala Pi which retains much of its natural charm despite being surrounded by hotels and lodgings. Cala Pi is a sandy beach with sweet and crystalline waters and from here you can leave for nice scuba diving while the laziest have available umbrellas and sunbeds.

Another choice to suggest is the small bay of Cala Blava. This beach is very quiet and offers a sensational view of the bay of Palma. Llucmajor it also attracts golfers due to the presence of a well-organized golf course. For some time now a ferry service has been established in the summer season which connects Palma with Formentera without necessarily having to stop at Ibiza.

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