What to see in Mazzorbo, the wine island near Venice and Burano

It was once rich and important and here it also had a villa James Casanova. But now few people know about it only 300 people they inhabit it. That’s why it’s worth coming and discovering it: and not because the things to see in Mazzorbothe sister island of Burano are many. But because here you can breathe the air of the other Venice. The most sincere and less overwhelmed by mass tourism.

Yes, because Mazzorbo is one of the quietest inhabited islands of the Venetian lagoon and is joined to its more famous neighbour, Buranofrom a long one wooden walkway who call here Long bridge. And it’s not a bad idea to put it in a trip which foresees the discovery of the equally quiet Torcello.

What to see in Mazzorbo: a different Venice

Coming down from ferry at the only public transport stop in Mazzorbo, you immediately find yourself in a different world and peaceful from that of Saint Mark. The ferry stops on the banks of a wide canal on whose banks stand several rather run-down buildings, a legacy of when this island as well as Torcellowere a power, while there are many around cultivated fields. Around then, fishing nets and boats beached on the shore where there are more modern dwellings. This is a very slow paced and atmospheric island, with tracts of farmland dividing the scattered dwellings – a very different world from the hustle and bustle of Venice or from the busy alleys of the very close Burano.

How TorcelloMazzorbo was a more important time and populated than it is now. And the name proves it: Mazzorbo is in fact the deformation of Greater Borgo, which is the most important place for inhabitants but also for religious importance of the lagoon. at least untilyear one thousand when Venice exploded and became the Most serene. Here then there were many mills and wells ten churches and five convents. Over time, the arrival of Napoleon and decline have all disappeared. Today, only the one remains among the things to see in Mazzorbo St Catherine’s Church. But worth the visit.


The church and the vineyard

The church of Santa Caterina was originally built in VIII century and was later incorporated into a Benedictine convent. It was later remodeled in XIV century with influences with accents Romanesque and Gothic and modified two centuries later. Before silence calasse on the island of Mazzorbo. The brick walls are warped, the marble floor colored is worn but a nice frescoalthough faded, it can be seen near the beautiful wooden choir. Outside freminders of sculptures decorate the entrance porch from where you can see well the bell tower.

Look up: it is said that the its bell be there oldest in the lagoon and which dates back to 1318. To go back it is pleasant to walk along the foundation which follows the island and which leads to the bridge which connects with Burano but first we need to pay homage to the other protagonist of the history of this island: the wine.
In Mazzorbo, in fact, an estate where it is grown is still active the Doronaanative grape which almost disappeared in the lagoon after the tragic high tide of 1966.


This grape is still produced in Venissa estate which is located on this island and is also particular because the entire plot is surrounded by walls of medieval origin. In that space this continues to be produced wine that the Doges liked it but not only. There are vegetable plots which are cared for by the elders of the island and which serve to feed the starred restaurant which is on the estate. But there is also a tavernless demanding, and a five room resort. At sunset, immersed in silence, think that the crowd of Venice is not far is really a surprise.

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