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What to see in Marbella in Spain: the historic center and the sea

A little bit of England and a trifle of Montecarloa taste of France and a splash of yachts. AND’ Marbella in Spainless than 40 km southwest of Rum raisin, an expanse of brightly colored holiday homes clinging to the hills and a line of luxury boats bobbing in the harbour. Nothing strange: for the Anglo-Saxons Marbella is the best tourist resort of the Costa del Sol the one with the most elegant (and expensive) restaurants and bars, but not only.

And also, if the city has been able to avoid the worst urban planning and architectural excesses of the nearest towns such as Torremolinos, the result is certainly not what it must have been in the past, when this was a pleasant fishing village, with white houses and a blue sea. Now, if some parts of the historical center are excluded, instead what catches the eye is the infinite choice of shops and clubs and restaurants haunted by an international and moderately wealthy public who enjoy the villas, golf courses and wild nightlife.

But don’t think too badly: all this is true but there are still things to see in Marbella and from here you can then start to discover a Spain apparently untouched by the most vulgar and cheeky tourism. Where the rhythm of life is marked by tradition and where there are still, for real, tapas bars to explore. And to fall in love with what theAndalusia.

What to see in Marbella: everyone is crazy about shopping

One thinks of Marbella, a place for holidays and trendy tourism, but in reality the best places for shopping are still the markets, which are a focal point of local life. Marbella, for example, attracts enthusiasts on Mondays at Ferial enclosure of Arroyo Primero while on Fridays it is worth a visit antique market in old City. Yes: but what to buy? The best shopping they concern the Moorish ceramics without forgetting the Andalusian craftsmanship that offers T-shirts and leather shoes. Tourists should expect to bargain hard. Here the prices are different if you come from far away (with a full wallet) or someone who lives and therefore knows these places and their rules.

Marbella in Spain on the Costa del Sol: where to eat and what

Marbella, as we have said, is a capital of tourism. So the prices are not and will never be low. Don’t despair though: there are local’s fish and chips on the seafront which certainly won’t give you gourmet experiences but will fill your belly. Beach bars, for example, offer a decent offer of what you’d find in a pub with an excellent view at sunset. THE tapas bar are always a good bet, as is fish cooked in the local style that features paella. A warning: if you can avoid eating juvenile fish. Nature will thank you.

The area of ​​the premises of includes Ana Marias while some very popular posts are The Night Piano Bar and the The Stones Music Bar. Among the places that are worth trying, during a holiday in Marbella I’m the legendary Nikki Beach without forgetting other places like the Dreamers and the Sea Suite. Do you want to dream? The Golden Mile Marbella is the place to see and be seen with the rich and famous. Including members of the Saudi royal family.

What to see in Marbella: beach and monuments

Obviously the main activity here is the simplest one: staying in beach and enjoy the sun and the sea. But for those who can’t sit still, there are many water amusement parks. For the evening then those who love gambling can visit the casino or stay up late attending performances by flamenco.

Purists say they’re a bit too touristy, but it’s always a pleasant sight. In general, however, it must be remembered, when looking for things to see in Marbella, that it is an expensive place even compared to the other small towns in the area and due to the great tourist development it has lost much of the grace and charm it had about twenty years ago. ago when tourism began to develop here.

Marbella in Spain on the Costa del Sol

The old quarter

But after all these premises let’s find out the old neighborhood, the first destination among those to see in Marbella. Here, around the Plaza de los Naranjos there are beautiful buildings and glimpses to understand how people lived here in past centuries. Indeed, the historic center is still that of a typical Andalusian town by the sea – with tree-lined squares, churches and whitewashed houses, Muslim-inspired décor and cobblestone streets. The heart of the center is the Plaza de los Naranjos where the town hall is located, the 15th century Renaissance fountain and the House of the Corregidor as well as the Baroque-style church of Saint Mary. It was built in 1618 and its interior underwent a makeover after the civil war. It houses a large organ which is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Not far away, in the piazza de l’Iglesia, is the church of Santa Maria de la Encarnacion: the church is beautiful but the square is splendid with the scented shade from the fruit trees. And here it is good to rest. So you have to point directly towards Las Murallas del Castillo, which holds the remains of the Arab castle and the walls of the old city. Built in the 10th century during the period of the Caliphthis castle was once surrounded by towers which served as lookouts.

Things to see in Marbella: the castle and the cathedral

Unfortunately, all the towers have disappeared, victims of the ravages of time. Currently, part of the castle and its walls have been restored. Finally, among the things to see in Marbella do not miss the Vega del Mar Basilica which houses several areas of archaeological excavation as is logical given that the Basilica is founded on the remains of a 4th century church. After all, Marbella is ancient and it shows: not far away there are also the remains of the beautiful one Roman villa of Rio Verde.

This is the center of the city. But remember that the coast of Andalusia extending from Almería to rate it is a very popular destination all year round thanks to an always pleasant climate (otherwise it is not explained why it is called So coastl) with a decidedly high water temperature even in winter e beautiful beaches. The privileged access point for the coast of to reach Marbella is the bustling city of Rum raisin which is also the hometown of picasso and to which an interesting museum has been dedicated. The most famous tourist resort on the Costa del Sol is poi Torremolinos, which retains some elements of the Spain traditional and of its past even if by now most of the main streets are pedestrian streets invaded by souvenir shops and ice cream parlors.

What to see in Marbella: how to get there

The airport is located between Rum raisin and Torremolinos on the national road N340, which connects all the towns and villages along the coast. Bus services connect coastal towns and inland cities such as Round And Granada; there is also the train between Malaga and Fuengirola and a rail link that goes to Ronda ea Rum raisin.

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