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What to see in Maine: Drive from Portland to the lighthouses to Acadia park

Its symbol are the lighthouses overlooking the Atlantic. But they come from all over the world to admire the spectacle of its woods painted since foliage. They call it State of the pine tree but then he rushes to feast on lobster. It has over 5000 km of coastline but the mountains Appalachian they cross it. So, scroll through the guide of things from see in Maine, in short, it seems to bounce between a thousand contrasts. But it is precisely in this that the beauty of this state lies in the easternmost part of the United Statesbordering the Canadian provinces of Quebec he was born in New Brunswick.

What to see in Maine: the beauty of nature

A state that has its strength in the beauty of nature even if important pages have also been written here US history: its coast was one of the first landing points of the settlers from Europe looking for a new life. But with the old woman in my heart. And this is easily understood since it is enough to scroll the map to see cities that are called Belgrade, Palermo and Belfast.

So let’s dive into the heart of Maine, the largest state in the region New England. The original inhabitants were the natives of the Algonquian tribes while the first Europeans to settle were the French in 1604. Over the next few years, control of the area was contested between the British and the French and was later incorporated into the Massachusetts in 1691. An annexation that did not please the locals who fought to be independent becoming, in 1820, the twenty-third state of the United States. A state that attracts many visitors thanks to its rugged coastline dotted with lighthouses, fishing villages and sandy beaches but also forests, impressive mountains and almost 6000 lakes.

When to go to Maine: the best times

It is thanks to this variety of different natural contexts that the things to see in Maine can be chosen according to the season: the warmer months bring a flood of fans of the life in the open aira, who seek contact with nature and wildlife observation.

But also winter fills of life, in the houses in the woods, this state where with the cold the snowboarding, the ski and excursions with snowshoes they replace canoeing, camping and trekking on the trails. Although, perhaps, it is the autumn the peak season when the first cold, according to what is a hallmark of the whole New England, bring a feast of colors. The leaves of the immense forest you become a palette that swings from yellow to red and these colors create a unique contrast with the rocks and the sea.

Acadia Park: between sea and forest

We talked about the famous foliage. So let’s continue our ideal trip to Maine from the place where nature always offers a new show: the Acadia National Parka large region rich in lakes, streams and forests. And it’s no coincidence that this is the playground for the locals sportier and for visitors who love the outdoor life. The overview Park Loop Road it winds through the park and skims the main attractions allowing you to easily visit the different areas.

But if you don’t want to drive, no problem: the convenience network Island Explorer bus connects the most important junctions while those who really want to struggle – such as cyclists and walkers – have more than one hundreds of paths and narrow streets. For champions but also for the untrained. Among these are also the paths that lead to the top of the cadillac mountain, the point tallest in the parkfrom which you can enjoy a splendid view of the coast and the islands.

But if we talk about the Acadia park one cannot forget to go and see the famous Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, one of the fmost photographed aries in the area and don’t make a stop at Thunder Hole: it is a small inlet, dug into the rock by the sea, where the waves break. At the bottom of this cove, down below, is a small cave where, when the wave comes in, it seems like thunder explodes. And it is understood ocean power.

Continuing the visit of the park further north we arrive at Schoodic Peninsula, an area full of trails for walkers and kayaking enthusiasts. In the park, for those who want to stay longer, there are two large campsites and a number of picnic areas.

Visit Portland

We said it at the beginning: le things to see in Maine are mostly related to the world of nature. But of course there are also cities and towns to visit. And the most important settlement is Portland, a city of 65,000 inhabitants, pleasant and decidedly full of life. To visit it, follow the Eastern Promenade, which winds its way approximately 2 miles along the harbor which is also the starting point for sea and island excursions.

See in Maine

Then, unmissable, the lighthouse awaits you Portland Head Light, which marks the entrance to the port from 1791. It is one of the most beautiful along the coast, and from its promontory you can see the city and the Old Port. There, along with the fishing boats, the crowded docks and the fish restaurants, ships from every era stand out because this is still a very active port of call. The narrow streets that rise from the quay of Commercial Street they are lined with brick and stone buildings which were born when this port was one of the busiest in the East Coastfrom colonial times to the 19th century.

A stroll along the coast

Probably the best way to go and discover the beauties and things to see in Maine is to take a car and follow the coastperhaps occasionally detouring to go and peek at what is hidden between the forests. In this way you will be able to go and see the other towns of the country including, of course, Kennebunkport, 12 miles south of Portland. It is a pleasant and elegant place, especially in the summer, when it’s nice to walk while admiring the old ones villas of captains and shipowners carefully restored and often transformed into bed and breakfasts.

The shopping area is around Dock Square, which is lined with shops, boutiques and restaurants while Parsons Way is a panoramic path that starts from the square and leads along the shore to Walker’s Point. Across the river KennebunkThen, you can relax on a number of beautiful sandy beaches. Two miles east of Dock Square is the fishing village of Cape Porpoise where the boats still go out every day to lay the pots. And stop here for one feast of lobster.

See in Maine

Main street, artists and ancient vessels

Continuing the journey we arrive at Rocklandcentral to coastal Maine, approx 80 miles north of Portland and just a two hour drive from Boston. Historic downtown Rockland is spread along the classic Main Street with shops, restaurants and local artist galleries. After the walk don’t miss a tribute to the old ladies of the Maine Windjammer Fleet: it’s about a collection of historic sailing ships who often set sail for one-day or multi-day trips along the coast. If it happens to you, don’t miss the opportunity to get on board. If you love lighthouses, which are a major attraction here, visit the Maine Lighthouse Museumwhich has a large collection of artifacts from lighthouses all over New England.

We will return to the lighthouses. But we also dedicate a few lines to Boothbay Harbor which for two centuries has been considered the meeting place for local artists and craftsmen. It is no coincidence that the town hosts numerous galleries and many cultural events are organized during the summer. But we are still on the sea: and therefore dozens of boats depart from here excursions, tourist cruises and looking for whales and deep sea fishing trips.

The famous lighthouses of Maine

Now it’s time to talk about lighthouses: we have already mentioned the famous one in Portland, but there are many others. One of those that never fails in the list of things to see in Maine is the Pemaquid Point Light located in central Maine. It is so famous that it is one of the state symbols. Built in 1835, they still remain today tower, the guardian’s house and the structure from where the sound signal came out for foggy days. The whole is made even more impressive by the surrounding rocks with bizarre shapes.

If you want to see the most photographed lighthouse in New England just reach out Nubble Light which is located on an islet close to the rocky point of Cape Neddick. When the tide rises the waves break forcefully and the scene makes us understand what life was like in these parts in the past. In late November, the lighthouse and keeper’s cottage are transformed into a kind of Christmas tree and have a party with lots of music, hot chocolate and Santa Claus. You can take a cruise from Ogunquit to see the lighthouse from the water.

What to see in Maine: whales

We complete the tour with West Quoddy Headone of the most popular places to visit on the northeast coast of Maine. The brick lighthouse opened in 1858, but this replaced an earlier structure from 1808, when the President Thomas Jefferson he ordered its construction to guide ships through the Quoddy Narrows. All around there are paths that also allow you to observe sea birds, especially during the spring and autumn migrations, but they can also be spotted from above humpback and fin whales which slip into the narrow passage, which is bordered on the opposite side by the high red cliffs of Grand Manan Island in the New Brunswick.

See in Maine

We end the trip at the beach. But it looks like a 19th century beach. We’re actually talking about Old Orchard Beach, an old-fashioned seaside resort. Here the atmosphere of the resists New England of the pastwith a vintage playground and the classic ferris wheel. You stroll between stalls where you must not miss the lobster rolla rich sandwich stuffed with lobster meat seasoned with melted butter. And you can enjoy the sea also thanks to a free beach ten kilometers long protected by dunes. Leave the busier area behind and sit on the sand. In front of you the ocean. Here it feels like a point. and theAtlantic seems infinite.

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