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Things to see in Ios, the island of young people and nightlife

The islands of the Greece they have many faces: there is that one chic and romantic how Santorinithat trendy and gay friendly how Mykonoswhat it seems a butterfly how Astypalea or the one justly proud of hers beaches how Milos. There are Sporades greens of trees. And then there is Ios. Yes why in the Aegean this island with a hard and stony aspect has cut a role that is different. And that is also beginning to be uncomfortable: that of the place of wild parties. Heaven busted where young people from all over the world they come to tear the night to pieces by being stunned by beers and cocktails “two for the price of one”. A kind of refuge for young people who sleep during the day and live at night. With all due respect to the many things to see in Ios.

It’s about a fame in many respects true. Even if compared to the past the situation seems to have been a little appeased even today from the afternoon just advanced, when the sun no longer beats down with so much effort, the island seems to change its face. And to become the stage for a representation of youth and excesses that makes it one movable party under the sky. And that continues until dawn when the light returns and the forces vanish. The result is that for many adults this is one island to avoida stop in the race of the ferry that crosses that rosary of stones and sea that are the Cyclades.

The rugged beauty of the island. And its nightlife

Yet it is a shame that this is the case because this island has one its rugged beauty and its sincere charm. And it’s easy to notice. Just walk around in the morning when you do heroes of nightlife they sleep, to see that there are so many things to experience and see in Ios. And it’s nice to meet the locals walking and shopping, reclaiming their streets. And in the gazes of the elders there is also the perplexity in the face of an invasion that they do not understand. And they certainly don’t appreciate it. We do like them: we seek beauties of things to see in Ios. And even if we know the night is small we try to live even the day.

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Things to see in Ios: movable feast in Greek sauce

Before dedicating ourselves to the beauties of the island, let’s try to understand what it has made famous Ios among young people. And what, at the same time, drives away the more calm and mature ones. The parties and music they normally start in the afternoon and the decibels also rise on the beach, especially at Mylopotas, where one of the most famous and popular clubs is located. A bit like it happens to Mykonos, but here the commitment to excessive fun seems even greater. Before sunset the noise and alcohol level it has normally grown a lot and then the migration to the Chora.

A row of buses shuttles and the crowd disperses among a myriad of discopub (some with eloquent names such as Rehab) that lead the people of Ios late into the night when they move in larger premises overlooking the street. And that remain open until well after dawn. So, predictably, the rush to breakfast and then to the bed where you can stay until the afternoon, missing out on most of the attractions and things to see in Ios. Fortunately, however, between beaches and splendid views, they are available to those who experience the island at a different pace.

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The attractions to see in Ios: the Chora

Ios basically has only two settlements and the main one, that is the capital, is Chora, on the western side of the island. It looks like one of the most beautiful villages of the Cycladeswith classic traditional architecture made of whitewashed houses and blue windows, stone windmills and blue domes, labyrinthine alleys and flowery courtyards that spread like an amphitheater up the hill to the top where the Venetian castle is located. Definitely worth visiting the church of Panagia Gremiotissa to admire the beautiful sunset views and don’t miss the Evangelisimos Cathedral with its blue and white roofs. These are sacred buildings much loved by the locals and where many celebrations take place at any time of the year. A detail that contrasts with the nocturnal liveliness of the island and the town but if you come to Chora during the day you will find it white and beautifulsilent and waiting to be discovered.

Gialos it is instead the natural port of Ios and is located on the west side of the island. This is also a country that respects the traditional architecture of Cyclades with the usual labyrinths of streets and flower-filled courtyards, A nice place to sleep and one of the safest and most pleasant harbors in this part of Greece.

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Things to see in Ios: the theater and Homer’s tomb

On the top of the hill above Chora you are facing the great theater outdoors dedicated to Odysseas Elytis. It is named after a famous Greek poet born in the early 1900s and with its marble structure it was thought to resemble the ancient theaters of the classical era. It is a very suggestive place and where you should not miss the festivals and performances that are put on the bill during the summer.

Remaining on the subject of culture and poetry, one of the classic things to see in Ios is the so-called Tomb of Homer. It is located in the area of Plakoto and the attribution, albeit very doubtful, comes from one quote from Herodotus which says precisely that the great poet author of Iliad and Odyssey died here. In the area there are also remains of Hellenistic era and even if the tomb was not the original one, it matters little: the view from up here is splendid and the short walk to get there is very pleasant.

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Things to see in Ios: memories of the Bronze Age

The walk to get here is short but Ios offers sports enthusiasts the opportunity to take one long network of trails who have been beaten by shepherds for centuries. Before tourism and techno. You can reach the summit of Pyrgosthe highest point of the island passing through what remains of the old monastery of Agios Ioannis. But remember to bring a map, much water and a nice supply of sunscreen.

Also on the hills that dominate the sea from above you can visit the Skarkos sitethe largest place of archaeological excavations of the island. The structures of the Bronze Age settlement can be seen while the finds are housed in Archaeological Museum of Ios. This neoclassical building is located in Chora and on display there are statuettes, tomb fragments and in an outdoor courtyard with marble friezes, columns and sarcophagi. A curiosity: the island of Ios was awarded in 2008 by the EU for the management of the Skarkos site, one of the best in the continent.

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What to do and see in Ios: the beaches

We are on a Greek island: le beaches are key. The most famous among those of Ios is Mylopotas, which is the most visited also because it is located not far from Chora. During the day it is never very crowded and is perfect for enjoying the crystal clear waters and white sand of the Aegean. In the afternoon it is crowded with young people and the music of the famous Far Out Beach Club starts the evening life of the island. Much quieter is that of Gialos, a stone’s throw from the port, which offers transparent water, sand and a relaxed style even if there is no shortage of comforts.

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But the beaches are dozens and for all tastes. Kalamos, for example, on the southeast side, it is perfect for those seeking tranquility and calm water. Walking a little along the shoreline you also arrive at the Papas cave and, even further, the always half-empty beach of Plakes. Then there is on the western side Kolitsani which offers clear sand and transparent water and is very popular with sunbathers without swimsuits. In the end Magganari is a long bay with turquoise waters in the southern part of the island. IS one of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean. The beach is easily accessible and is also quite organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and taverns. Perhaps the music and the nightlife do not come here with the same force. But the Greece, the real one, thanks.

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