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What to see in Greece: travel from Athens to the Peloponnese to the islands

A perfect mix of different flavors: nights full of sparkling stars, seaside taverns, Mediterranean style and legends. And again vengeful gods and armies led by heroes, great ones philosophers and islands where you dance until dawn, the glimpses of Parthenon and the mills of Mykonos. And then the stones of Tiryns and cruise ships in the caldera of Santorinithe old town of rhodes as well as asked her to Thessaloniki and theOracle of Delphi. Disembarking on the Aegean you encounter all this and much more and therefore it is easy to understand why things to see in Greece there are so many. And why this country is so successful among travelers from our home.

Indeed, Greece has for many years now become one tourism magnet succeeding in the fantastic feat of bringing together those looking for the wonder of its beaches where to relax in the sun but also those seeking the thrill of ancient stones and myths. All summed up in an ability to welcome with sincerity and, again, honest prices. Yet despite this ever growing popularity there is still much to discover in parts of Greece such as the hinterland of the continent, perhaps around the Mount Olympusthe magical sites of Delphi or the Meteorsthe coast of Peloponnese and some of more remote islands that have managed not to be engulfed by mass tourism.

Things to see in Greece: noble Athens

The first destination, and likely stopover for most who come to find out what to see in Greeceis Athens. uA city that for some does not seem to live up to its fame but which instead has its own elliptical charm, never brash, certainly not a big fan. And that for this must be lived slowly, taking the time, dedicating moments to the discovery of its neighborhoods more secluded or at a stop in the its restaurants. So, by doing so, you Andenter inside. And, in every seasonit turns out a lot more beautiful.

All, of course, without forgetting the its museums and the absolute pearls like the Parthenon but also the slightly more distant destinations, from fairytale sunset to capo Sounion or the islands, relatively close by the Saronic gulf. We have said of myths and monuments: they are among the first things to see and discover in Greece but also evidence of its great tradition which started from Crete – and from the Minoan civilization – to get to classicism and Hellenism. Who have left traces everywhere, even in themost remote island.

Discovering Greece: the myths are at home in the Peloponnese

Everywhere here lives a legend; from lowercase island of Ithacakingdom of Ulysses tossed about by the gods and storms after the Trojan Warup to the last country of the Peloponnese. This is, of course, the southern part of the Mainland Greece now divided from the mainland since Corinth Canal and it is the ancient land where, according to myths, heroes like each other loved and challenged each other Hercules, Sisyphus, Electra and Perseus. Nowadays, the peninsula is one of the most popular tourist destinations given that, in a radius of just a few kilometers, many important historical and archaeological sites.

To Olympia, even today, the torch is lit which, after having crossed the five continents, will give the signal for the opening of the Olympic games, but not only. More or less rich and suggestive to see here are the traces of the ancient cities of Corinth, Tiryns, Argos, Mycenae as well as Epidaurus and its wonderful theatre. But not only Greek antiquity: here are also the bequests of Byzantine heritage as to Mystras or Venetian blinds such as a Monemvasia and Pylos. Not forgetting the delightful city of Nafplio, that was there first capital of Greece after the revolution.

But don’t worry, there aren’t just stories and cultured references: this strip of land is also the village garden – a large part of the agricultural products come from here – but it is also a destination for those who want to live the sea: and just mention the Costa Navarino And Elafonissosa taste of Caribbean in the heart of Mare Nostrum, to understand what we are talking about.

Things to see in Greece: 1400 islands to choose from

But when one thinks of things to see in Greece and its attractions, many think of the islands. Seen on the map they look like a sprinkle of confetti in the Aegean blue. But those that pop up on the maps are only a small part. Indeed, the country boasts the beauty of 1400 islands and even if only a part are inhabited, it can be said that all deserve a dive.

Some are famous all over the world and have now entered the elite of global tourism: we quote Cretecradle of the ancient Minoan culture famous for the beautiful beaches and for the myth of Minotaurbut also Rhodeswith the ancient stones built by the Knights which then were also of Malta. And again the islands of Corfu, Santorini And Mykonosfavorite places for those who want to combine sunny days and nights of fun but also Kos, Paros And Miloswhere a few steps from the beaches you can fall in love with the white villages that hide treasures from the past.

Yes, because what perhaps makes Greece the true paradise for the summer a stone’s throw from home is its ability to blend many different aspects together. Together they create a unicum that everyone likes: always warm and sunny – but tempered by the wind – water in a thousand shades of blue near small harbors that seem taken by weight from a fairy tale, barren hills but also expanses of pine trees, as in the Sporades or in North Aegean islands, Byzantine chapelsmonasteries and the classics small white houses sprinkled by the splash of color of a shutter or a bougainvillea. And they are images that once seen are never forgotten.

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Let’s go and discover the Cyclades

The Cyclades they are probably the most famous islands among those offered by the Aegean and have always been at the top of the list of those who want to go and find out what to see in Greece. The name already evokes something magical: the word Cycladesin fact, indicates that they form a circle around the sacred island of Delos and wants the myth that they were, originally, nymphs transformed into rock by the wrath of the god Poseidon.

Among these the most famous are certainly Santorini And Mykonos: the first born from a volcanic eruption in 1600 BC, the second capital of elegant entertainment and nightlife in a Greek sauce. But don’t forget the biggest one Naxosperfect for those traveling as a family and want to explore, or the splendid Milos – homeland of Venus what time is it at Paris and some of the most beautiful beaches in the country – o Syros with its unexpected capital that leaves you surprised on your first visit.

The Dodecanese Beauty Necklace

But there are many things to see in Greece. Like its islands. Remembering them all is almost impossible. However, those of the Dodecanesein the southeast of the Aegean, is the sunniest corner of Greece. Here they stretch, as if it were a necklace, twelve large islands and numerous smaller ones that reveal crystalline waters, sandy beaches, archaeological sites as well as Byzantine and medieval monuments.

Do you want tranquility? Then choose Leros, Nisyros or Tilos. Do you prefer to have the choice of clubs and taverns where you can hang out late at night? No doubt: Rhodes And Kos, larger and more cosmopolitan islands, are the right place for you. And for those who love it Mythical Greecethere is always the dream to get to Kastellorizo. Like in movie Oscar Prize.

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Greece looking at Italy: the Ionian Islands

But not only Aegean: Greece is a land surrounded by the sea and in this case the waves are ours, close to Italy, those of Ionian. In fact, even towards the west there are islands not to be missed. Also to see views other than those of Cyclades.

The Ionian islands are scattered along the west coast of Central Greece and they are a group of twelve islands between large and small among which some names of real queens stand out such as Corfu, Kefalonia And Lefkada even if then Paxos or Ithaca they have nothing to envy to the more famous ones. The characteristic of this archipelago is given by the combination of turquoise water and luxuriant vegetation, perfect accommodation facilities and apparently wild cliffs. If we add that the inhabitants of the Ionian are considered among the most welcoming and cheerful of the Greece no need to say more.

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Or again: the Sporades they go out of their way to please those who arrive, from the fun frenzy of Skiathos to the protected nature of Alonissos – where you still meet seals and turtles – just as the northern islands are always different, such as Samos or Ikaria, the island of wine and of Icarus.

In short, the list could go on and on. And it would necessarily be biased. The things to see in Greece are many and if every year the number of tourists increases it is no coincidence. But the fundamental thing is that, always, everyone will be able to find a small space of Hellas to feel like your own. The one where, who knows why, feel at home. And imagine that one of the gods, in a remote time, created it just thinking of us. And all this time she protected and preserved him. Waiting to finally be able to give it away.

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