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Things to see in Djerba: beaches, villages and desert

It is located two hours from northern Italy. But on arrival it reveals itself to be very different, a kind of oasis in the Mediterranean. On the other hand of things to see in Djerba there are many: starting from sea ​​and its beaches, it’s obvious. And if even Ulysses and the companions, arriving here in the mythical land of the lotophages, risked losing their memories there must be a reason: here anxieties and worries fade away. You just want to relax and stay calm and enjoy the island, the sun and its beauties.

What to see in Djerba: the island without mountains

The mythological land of lotophages, the current one Djerba is an island without mountains long one thirty kilometers facing the Tunisian coast and not far from the border with the Libya. The island offers long beaches that reach over 130 km in length. The capital is called Houmt Souk but there is a second smaller town which is called Midoun as well as small villages in the interior. Which are definitely on the must-see list.

The beaches on the northwest coast

The most beautiful beaches are those on the north-west coast and here, in fact, near the capital, there are most of the hotels while i resorts tend to be more close to Midoun. The coast is practically always sandy and also suitable for families with children. The strong point of Djerba is that the island is connected with the mainland and therefore represents a very good one start point to visit the inside of the Tunisia. Right on the mainland is the seaside resort of Zarzis, which has developed rapidly in the last few years. It is in the heart of a large palm grove which is one of the reasons for the charm of the place.

It can be said, given the proximity between Djerba and Zarzis, that the two places are now a single point of tourist attraction which, as mentioned, in addition to the sea, also offers other attractions. Yes, because what appears to be an island born only for relaxation and sea life has a long history. And the buildings, even the religious ones, reveal it. Here it was fought and things to see in Djerba often they arise from this story also made up of battles. And not just sun and baths.

things to see in Djerba

An example? Those who arrive will certainly notice many mosques strangely not very elegant but rather with a very solid shape. It is no coincidence: they served as places of resistance against invaders and in fact, thanks to the courage of the Berber peoples who have always lived here, the island was never subdued. But not only Berbers: among the things to see in the center of the island of Djerba, there are two villages, Hara Kebira And Hara Séghirawhich testify to the presence of a Jewish community.

Things to see in Djerba: towards the desert

Wanting to leave the beach to go in search of other things to see in Djerba and its surroundings you can leave for Matmata, the troglodyte village at the gates of the desert of Sahara. TO Matmata the houses are dug into the hills with large deep wells that serve as a courtyard. The courtyards are also used to collect water – here it rains very little – while the rooms are dug like narrow tunnels in the rock. The place became famous in the 70s because an episode of the saga was filmed here Star Wars.

Continuing there are many places to visit thanks to one convenient network of roads now paved that allow you to travel without too much effort even without a 4 × 4. Tataouine, for example, it is a picturesque site which is particularly famous for the international festival held every spring and which was born to keep alive the beauties and traditions of this area of ​​Tunisia. This part of the country is in fact characterized by arid and rocky mountains where there are thousands of ghorfas, or particular buildings of the Berber architecture of southern Tunisia.

These are granaries that resemble fortified rooms that suddenly emerge between oases and cultivated fields. There are some of the most evocative places to discover them Ksar Haddada, a Ksar, or rather a fortress, formed precisely by these ghorfas where you can also stop. Another unmissable stop a Medeninewhere the ghorfas are almost six thousand distributed over six levels. Here, for those who love to shop, you can find the kilim rugs more refined. And after so many things to see in Djerba, the time has also come to find things to buy.

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