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What to see in Castellina in Chianti: the village, the history, the surroundings

People come for the wine, for the beauty of its hills. One comes for the history that oozes from the stones of its houses. Or for the artistic heritage. Whatever the reason things to do and see at Castellina in Chianti they are a lot. And they begin to be grasped well before they arrive. Indeed, already the journey to this small town less than 3000 inhabitants in province of Siena immediately offers a thousand suggestions along the ups and downs of the Chianti hills among which it seems almost nestled. And from where she has crossed the centuries having to defend and protect.

Things to know and to see in Castellina in Chianti

In the XI century Matilda of Tuscany ceded the municipality of Salingolpe – as Castellina was once called – to the family of Conti Guidi. For its strategic position between Siena And FlorenceCastellina was then transformed into one stronghold and over the years, as the battles between north and south raged, the city ​​was destroyed, rebuilt and fortified several times. And in one of these remakes he put his signature Julian of Sangalloone of the greatest engineer architects of the Renaissance, who designed the fortification giving the structure that can still be seen today with the hexagon-shaped walls and a walkway that is almost underground today and which still strikes: it is called the via delle Volte.

Stop and take a look through the loopholes that peek into the landscape of Chianti while the other side of the passage is marked by doors to cellars and passages which always seem secret. From here you can continue along the parallel Via Ferrucciothe real main street of the village today, where they are shops, laboratories and premises where to stop while admiring the palaces of the powerful of the time such as the Banciardi palace and the Squarcialupi palace.

The signs of war. And the artifacts of the past

So let’s definitely move on to the church of San Salvatore which, unfortunately, was devastated during the war but then rebuilt and which houses some important Renaissance works before climb to the Rock and its 14th century tower, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the city and the countryside, but not only. Inside, in fact, is hosted the Archaeological Museum of Chianti where the objects found in the surrounding area are housed and which testify to the long history of this piece of Tuscany. Inhabited since ancient times. In the museum, there are indeed remains of the Bronze Age, Etruscans and what’s left of Castellina Middle Ages. And the beauty is that to better enter this atmosphere, videos and interactive stations are available that immediately envelop the visitor.

At this point a stop for a glass of Chianti before continuing, it is necessary to find out what to see in Castellina in Chianti and its surroundings. The first goal is Montecalvario which is a short distance away, reachable with a short walk. Here in the 16th century it was found an Etruscan tomb which unfortunately, however, was sacked over the centuries taking away the most valuable objects but the structure made up of four rooms still remains. It is said that the Etruscan chariot which is in the museum it comes right from here.

Fonterutoli and its legend

Then leaving Castellina and following the highway 222 you arrive at the village of Sourcerouts which was historically the border between Siena and Florence. To justify this limit there is obviously one legend that dates back to 1200. The story goes that in order to find the point where to set the border, the two cities decided to have two horsemen leave from their center at cockcrow: where they met there would be the limit. Never Florentines cheated leaving a black rooster without food to start crowing before dawn. In this way, the Florentine left first and traveled further to meet Sienese right here in Fonterutoli. Since then the black rooster became the symbol of military league of Chianti and then some wine too Chianti Classico.

Stories aside, the village deserves to be visited: what was once a castle is now a villa and the village has been restored by the family of Marquises Mazzei who own it from 24 generations and is now one of the most celebrated wineries in the area. Also because just an ancestor of the lineage, Ser Laposigned a document in 1398 where for the first time we talk about Chianti as a wine. You visit the place, stop to eat if you want and then visit the Etruscan necropolis of Poggino which is located in the woods around. Then exit past the houses and look to the horizon. After all, if it is clear, you can see the bell tower of Siena. And the Chianti hills are a hug.

see in Castellina in Chianti

How to get to Castellina in Chianti

The car is certainly the most comfortable and fastest way. Arriving from the North and therefore from Florence walk the Florence-Siena highway going out to San Donato. Then follow the provincial 101.
From the South, then from Siena always follow the Firenze-Siena highway, but take the a abbesses and then merge onto 222.

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