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What to see in Carmona: the ancient city of Andalusia half an hour from Seville

It is only 30 minutes from Sevilleperched on a hill known as the Vega del Corbónes and in front of one of the most spectacular viewpoints of theAndalusia In addition, it has a thousand-year history. And that’s why the list of things to see in Carmona is so long. This city, in fact, one of the oldest in the region, has seen the passage of different peoples and cultures that have each left their own legacy. Which today is why it is worth dedicating a day to visit of Carmona.

What to see in Carmona: let’s start from the top

This city, of thirty thousand inhabitants, still today it offers to those who arrive a historic center full of charm and well preserved, with narrow cobbled streets flanked by low houses, where when the evening falls you can breathe the silence. And where everyone will find what he is looking for: archaeological remains like the Roman necropolis, majestic and elegant buildings, Baroque churches and the old Jewish quarter. Many tourists who arrive leave the car from the lower part of the country but perhaps the best way to discover the spirit of the city is to go up to the highest point where the former castle is located. Alcázar de Arriba of which there is not much left today. In its place is now the Parador de Carmona: parking is free and the view is perfect over the whole plain around. In addition, you can also afford a delicious break, perhaps with a taste of jamon serrano.

Carmona, as we have said, is in between Seville And Cordoba and has a millennial history: to give it life were the Romans, as a milestone on the road that went up to Cadiz and which is still covered by passing by Puerta de Córdoba then exiting, on the opposite side, through the Puerta de Sevilla. Subsequently the Muslims fortified it with imposing walls until in 1247 the city was taken over from Fernando III. And over time the list of things to see in Carmona grew thanks to the efforts of the builders Christians and Mudejar – Muslims who remained after the Reconquista – who gave life to large churches, convents and palaces.

what to see in Carmona

The old town to see in Carmona

There Plaza de San Fernando it is the heart of Carmona and it is no coincidence that the town hall and many buildings are located here. But its history begins much earlier as evidenced by the fact that in the courtyard of the town hall, from the Baroque era, there is a Roman mosaic. When the legions encamped here. That the city is the result of successive stratifications is also demonstrated by the church of Santa Maria which does nothing to hide its Moorish influences.

The most obvious signs that this was once a mosque are in Courtyard of the Oranges surrounded by arches of unmistakable style. Which make one think of the great monuments of Seville or Granada. But the story is even older: before the arrival of the Moors there was one here Christian church marked by a Gothic column dated 6th century. On this column there is an ancient calendar with the names of the saints carved. And it is the oldest such artifact found in Spain.

what to see in Carmona

Carmona and its churches

Another church worth seeing is located in the lower town, on the edge of the area protected by the walls. This is the church of San Pedro, built in the fifteenth century and finished in its most complete form only in the eighteenth century. The bell tower of this church is one of the highest points in the whole city and one of the landmarks while the interior, formed by three naves, is full of chapels, altarpieces and images of great beauty even if sometimes the overlapping of styles and shapes leaves a little disconcerted.

Other buildings of great interest are the Convent de las Descalzas and some ancient buildings such as the Palacio de los Aguilarthe Palazzo Rueda or the House of the Marqués de las Torrescurrent seat of Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum of the city. Don’t miss the convent of Santa Clara founded in 1460, under the aegis of Pope Pius II and which had such great power that it became the place that kept the keys of the city in times of war.

But above all it is nice to discover the things to see in Carmona to walk through its alleys getting lost in the narrow streets in perfect Andalusian style then go outside the center to look out over one of the most important remains of the Roman era. We are talking about the necropolis which collects a thousand of graves ranging from the 2nd century BC to the 4th century AD And which also houses a small museum. Visiting the necropolis and its archaeological museum is a unique opportunity to take a step back in time and understand how the Romans lived. And, paradoxically, to discover that most of their structures are not too different from those of the medieval era.

what to see in Carmona

From the time of the Romans to the Middle Ages

The tombs of Servilia and of the Elephant in fact they show a curious resemblance to the chapels placed on the sides of the churches, where the nobles buried their families or venerated a particular saint or the Virgin. In addition to the necropolis, it is then possible to visit theamphitheaterconsidered one of the first built by the Romans in Spain. In the heart of that concentrate of Spain that even today theAndalusia.

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