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What to see in Andalusia, the Spanish region of the sea and flamenco

L’Andalusia it is a symbol, an archetype, a place of imagination. Yes, because if you think about this region of the Spain of the south, a thousand images are born on the fly, infinite commonplaces materialize: and the list of what to see in Andalusia is populated by bullfighters and women kidnapped by flamencois colored by white of its houses he was born in gold color of the its beaches. In short, a land kissed by a sun in love where they coexist, and collide, passion, poetry, drama And beauty. As if this place were some kind of summary of Spain where to pass effortlessly from beaches full of life ai castles clinging to the rocks, from the labyrinths of the gods Moorish neighborhoods at churches imbued with devotion. Where for the Holy Week takes off masked while, all year round, the arpeggios of the gypsy music.

The truth, beyond the stereotype, is that many of these suggestions really have a home here, just as it is true thatAndalusia is a place of contrasts: snow-capped mountains and a western desertmosques and cathedrals. Christianity and Moorish heritage. All this because what there is today to see in Andalusia has distant origins, when this was the last stronghold of theIslamic expansion in Western Europe and the place where the game was played until the end Christian reconquest. Precisely this cultural diversity – that of Christians, Moors and Jews – has left deep traces in the Andalusian culture which is the lucky fruit of a unique mix in the world.

What to see in Andalusia: art and tradition

Andalusia is the largest of the seventeen regions of the Spain the southernmost, as it extends from the border with Portugal west to the Mediterranean south of Murcia to the east – and it is the one that evokes the most powerful images. In fact, great masters such as Picasso And Velasquez but also a place that has attracted writers from afar who have fallen in love with its views: and one above all is the great Hemingway. It is not enough? So we think that here is set, not surprisingly, one of the most famous works in history, like the Carmen of Bizet. And walking through the center of Seville it still seems possible to meet the bewitching cigar-maker dancing with her gypsy friends on the door of a tavern.

Inland there are the famous “white cities“, among which Rondafamous for its bridge, and Arcos de la Fronteraa kind of icon of Spain. Jerez it is, instead, the place to taste it sherry while Tarifa is the capital of the watersports. Finally, no visit to Andalusia would be complete without seeing Rum raisinthe hometown of Picasso.

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What to see in Andalusia: a leap into history

After the Moors invaded Spain in the 8th century, the region became the powerful kingdom of El Andalus it’s the capital Cordoba it was transformed into a center of unimaginable wealth and a reference point for culture. Is Western and Islamic. According to the legend of those times the people of El Andalus asked for Allah five favors: living under perennially blue skies, having seas full of fish and trees loaded with all kinds of fruit, being able to love beautiful women and enjoy a system of government of absolute fairness. Allah, good-natured, granted them everything except the last favor: because if they also had this, that kingdom would have become paradise.

We remembered a legend. But going around discovering what there is to it see in Andalusia we understand that a lot of beauty in these lands is still within everyone’s reach. In fact, one encounters a painfully fascinating nature, with majestic mountains and a coast that follows one another 900 kilometers. And that made her one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The secret lies in whether you desire water pastimes or wild nightclubs or magnificent Moorish architecture and medieval villages seemingly frozen in time, Andalusia will have something for you.

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What to see in Andalusia: the coasts and the cities

The vast majority of vacationers head towards the famous beaches – from the Costa de la Luz at the Costa del Sol – which offer the fun and pleasure of beach life with all the comforts. But luckily not everyone succumbs to the lure of the sand nightlife and heads inland to try to get the best of what can be seen in Andalusia. Away from the waterfront there is another world made of winding roads, white villages and also the rhythm of life seems different, more similar to that of the past. This in the countryside, of course. Cities, and they are splendid cities live in the time of modernity. But always with a particular Spanish flavor, which can only be experienced here, wandering among the orange-scented squares of Seville, Cordoba, Cadiz And Granada.

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Seville however, it is not just the scent of citrus, flamenco and bullfighting posters. There capital of Andalusiaon the banks of the river Guadalquivir, combines the languid atmosphere with its great historical importance. L’Archivo General de Indias was the center of trade with the New World and contains important historical documents and it was in theAlcazar that Christopher Columbus met the King Ferdinand and the Queen Isabella before leaving to go and change history forever. Now, traces of that past remain as splendid as that Moorish building which is today the most ancient royal palace of Europe still in use while the gothic cathedral it is the largest in the world. But it’s not just history, Seville is also dolce vita: enjoy the best tapas in the old Jewish quarter, the Barrio Santa Cruzand find out how the people of this part of Andalusia love to party.

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What to see in Andalusia

The attractions of these cities, which still exude the charm of capitals of the past, are many: just think about Mezquita from Cordoba – the third largest mosque in the world built at a time when this was the most opulent city on the planet – or the famous Alhambra Palace from Granada which today represents one of the most impressive architectural feats ever.

Northeast of Granada is thethe only European desertthe place where they were born and have become a myth spaghetti western but there is also the possibility of going to know several troglodyte villages with caves inhabited in ancient times. Finally, for those who cannot give up snow even far from the Alps, it can be remembered that the Sierra Nevada mountain rangesoutheast of Granada, is home to the southernmost ski resort in Europe. And remembering that it is less than two hours drive from the beaches of the Costa del Sol the sea and mountains are worth daring. The district, which is just over 30 km from Granada , offers over 100 km of slopes but for those who don’t put on skis there are also options for mountaineering and trekking. And with the summer, for the canoe.

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What to see in Andalusia: the Berber hinterland

To conclude the short journey between the things to see in Andalusia it is impossible not to mention the area of Alpujarras, a maze of valleys overlooking the south side of the Sierra Nevada, one of the places where natural beauty has remained most unspoiled. Here they are still found small villages with white houses of evident Arab origin and each village seems to give a leap in time. Climb up here, a Trevelez and you will find the highest country of Spain. But above all villages with one Berber architecture which evokes the style of countries of the Morocco. Which make us understand, more than anything else, how much here the Moors have been at home. And yet, after all, they peek without being seen in the heart of the more Spanish region what’s up.

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