Rovaniemi in Finlandia:

Rovaniemi in Finland: what to see in the city of Santa Claus

Approximately 200,000 reindeeran expanse of hills, the sky that changes color with the northern lights and a resident with bright clothes and a bulky personality. If you needed a hasty identikit to introduce Rovaniemi in Finlandthe capital of the Lapland, it is from this information that one should start. The reindeer they are the symbol of the place, the hills are the ones that almost always ripple the earth covered in snow. And the celebrated inhabitant is Santa Claus. And there is no need to say more. Other than that it is always a good idea to bring warm clothes.

Rovaniemi in Finland: the capital of Lapland

Rovaniemi is, in fact, beyond the Arctic Circlemore than 800 km from Helsinkiand is the capital of the Finnish Lapland. With a population of approx 61 thousand inhabitants it is quite small: yet it has been visited for about half a million people every year, becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Rovaniemi today is a modern city. And the reason is sad. In fact, most of the houses were destroyed in 1944 during the Second World War. The reconstruction process began shortly after, led by the famous architect Alvar Aaltowho designed the town plan modeled on the shape of a reindeer, the symbolic animal for these populations. Aalto also contributed projects for the town hall, library and a number of residential buildings.

But the most famous inhabitant of Rovaniemi in Finland is Santa Claus. And almost everyone goes up here for him. Many of the local attractions are in fact dedicated to Santa Klaus and here is the famous village with post office who receives the letters: since 1985 they have arrived here approx 15 million letters from all countries. They sort them out the elves, obviously. And if you want to write, this is the address: Santa Claus – Santa Claus’ Main Post Office – Tähtikuja 1 – 96930 Arctic Circle – Finland. Apart from about four kilometers from Rovaniemi airport in Finland there is the Santa Claus village but also other attractions like it Snowman World and theArctic Adventure Park Huima. Easily accessible by bus from the city are the Ranua Wildlife Park and the amethyst mine Lampivaara.

Rovaniemi in Finland:

In Rovaniemi in Finland there is not only Santa Klaus

Rovaniemi also hosts Arktikumwhich houses theArctic Science Center and the Regional Museum of Laplandbut also the Science Center Pilke, housed in the famous Pilke House, a modern office and museum structure entirely made of wood. One of the few buildings in Rovaniemi that was not destroyed during the second World War was the bus depot which was then renovated to become the current headquarters of the Rovaniemi Art Museum and an excellent place to enjoy concerts under the colored sky northern lights.

Rovaniemi’s most visited attraction in Finland is, of course, the Santa Claus Village located right on the Arctic Circle. That he is loved is obvious: this is where Santa Claus he spends most of the year meeting and welcoming visitors from all over the world. And don’t try to say that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

Rovaniemi in Finland:

The site includes theSanta’s main post office, a colorful Christmas world of cards and stamps where visitors can sit by a fireplace and write to friends and family. Everything will be hand stamped (by the elves) using Santa’s special post office stamp.

Rovaniemi in Finland:

Between elves and snowmobiles. But there are also huskies

But the Santa Claus village also offers souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants with Lappish traditions – but also more modern kitchens – in addition to Christmas House which hosts an exhibition that introduces the most famous Christmas traditions of the Finland and the rest of the world. Santa’s House of Snowmobiles is a permanent exhibition that tells the importance of the snowmobile for life in Lapland and in the arctic regions and nearby is also theArctic Circle Snowmobile Park that organizes snowmobile safari and other special activities for children. For visitors who prefer something a little less noisy, they are organized reindeer sleigh rides or as a husky.

Dedicated the right time to the most important resident of Rovaniemi in Finland, let’s talk about the city itself: despite being in an apparently unfriendly place due to the climate it is actually a pleasant city that combines a growing tourist vocation to a pleasantness of life also due to exuberant character of its inhabitants.

Rovaniemi tapas in Finland: the local version of the dolce vita

Life in these parts can be tough: but the inhabitants of Rovaniemi have chosen to try to enjoy it: and in fact they are struck by the variety, quality and pleasantness of the cafes, restaurants and clubs of the city. Those looking for a good food in a relaxed atmosphere they will find what they want and there are also ethnic and distant culture restaurants. But don’t miss the opportunity to eat some Lappish tapas: they are called Lapas (Lapland Tapas) and they serve them al Café & Bar 21. If you are looking for a special atmosphere go to the restaurant instead Sky Panorama on top of the Lapland Hotel Ounasvaara: offers unrivaled views of the city and the river. And then in the surroundings you can live the experience of one night in one beautiful ice hotel.

Rovaniemi in Finland:

Among the things to see in Rovaniemi in Finland there is certainly theArktikumwhich is the seat Lapland Regional Museum e of the Arctic Science Center housed in a building that is itself an architectural gem. The permanent exhibits provide a view of the territory it extends from Rovaniemi to Upper Lapland and from prehistoric times to the 1970s. The Arctic region is being examined in light of today’s Arctic research and what the future may hold. There are also numerous temporary exhibits dedicated to Northern and Arctic life and culture.
Then there is the neighbor Science Center Pilke that tells everything you will ever want know about woods and forests. And in fact the building is entirely made of wood from forests of the Finland. In addition to hosting exhibitions, Pilke House is the home of the Metsähallitus, the government agency that manages Finnish national parks, world heritage sites, national hiking areas and wilderness areas. Finally we finish our walk to Rovaniemi by going to the Korundi House of Culture.

Rovaniemi in Finland:

Culture and music under the sky of the great north

The old bus depot it is one of the very few buildings in the city that survived the Second World War. After the war the building was enlarged using bricks collected from the ruins of the decimated city. It was extended again between 2009 and 2010 and continues to successfully combine local history with modern architecture. Today the Korundi House of Culture it is so called because its main function is to provide a home and to support two nationally significant artistic institutions of international interest: the Lapland Chamber Orchestra and the Rovaniemi Art Museum. The Lapland Chamber Orchestra performs regularly in the Korundi concert hall, a multi-purpose venue of the highest standard with 340 seats. The main focus of the Rovaniemi Art Museum is Finnish contemporary art and Northern art. And for a place that is only famous for an elderly white bearded gentleman there is really no complain.

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