Paris in winter: the weather, what to do for Christmas, shopping and advice

They call her there Villas Lumierei.e. the city ​​of lights. If it is true throughout the year imagine what could happen in the period leading up to end of year celebrations. Also for this reason the idea of ​​a trip to see Paris of winter it is something special. Why the french capital, charming as she is, she likes to show her best face. And some glimpses, perhaps sprinkled by a few inches of snowbecome even more magical.
But it is easy to understand the objection: a Paris in the winter is cold. The answer is: not too much. In the city, between December and January, the medium temperature fluctuates around 4/5 degrees with lows that hardly go much below zero. The snowfall they are not very frequent while it’s easier for it to rain. But this happens all year round under theunpredictable French sky.
Therefore waterproof shoes, some boss for dressing onion and you can go to discover the city. Which, moreover, thanks to its widespread and efficient subway network, allows quick and covered movements. And that’s not much.

Why Paris in winter

Plus, save the chaotic days of Christmas and New Year’soften i tourists in this season they are less numerous and the Parisians reclaim their streets. Mixing with them allows you to enjoy the city to the fullest also enjoying that queues at museums and to the monuments are shorter and le hotel rooms they often offer interesting offers. Plus there’s just the atmosphere: from the end of November the streets are filled with illuminations that here, it is not a figure of speech, are really a serious matter. And in certain streets they become a real show: the avenue of the Champs Elysees, up to beyond Epiphany, it becomes one expanse of colored lights that wrap around 400 trees up toArc de Triomphe. While the many boutiques on the street compete with their windows.
Unmissable are obviously the decorations in place Vendome and around but a lesser known but unmissable area for Paris in winter is that of Bercy Village. It is a’modern area in south of the citynot far from Place d’Italia in the 12th arrondissement which is reached with the line 14 of the subway. One of the largest was once located here wine markets of the world and which has now been reconverted leaving room, in place of the barrels, for a trendy shopsexhibition spaces and locals. And a splendid play of light.

Trendy shops and fun

Another area, among the many scattered in the neighborhoods of Paristo go and discover, less known than the classic places of the Left Bankand the Viaduc des Artsa space obtained from the recovery of the arches of a old railway linea stone’s throw from Place de la Bastille.
Here, during the winter the lights shine but above all you can discover the shops and stores which have arisen, for one kilometre, under the arches: galleries and boutiques, restaurants and showrooms to choose from handmade jewels or blown glass creations. To get there, take the metro line 8 to Ledru-Rollin or lines 1 and 14 to Gare de Lyon. For a relaxing break, don’t miss the Viaduct Cafe which he proposes on Sundays brunch accompanied by Jazz music.

Markets and skating rinks

But winter things to do at Paris I am many: and it’s worth trying them all. One of those that many loved, namely the large skating rink in front ofHotel de Ville it has unfortunately been canceled for some years now. But there are still other spaces for those who want to slip on the ice in a special context. One of these is the track that is set up inside the Tuileries Garden Christmas Market, between Louvre Museum And Place de la Concordewhere beyond the track there are many houses with the classic party atmosphere.

We talked about houses and markets. Wandering through Paris in winter there are many opportunities to stop and enjoy theChristmas atmosphere. In different parts of the city: leaving the historic center one of the most interesting is the one found in the modern district of Defenseat the foot of Great Arch.

It is reached with the line 1 subway and collects 250 chalets on the great esplanade: his full name is Village de Noël Parvis de la Défense. Another Christmas village is located near one of the symbols of Paris: the tour EiffelL. A short distance from its base, in the gardens of the Champs de Marsmeet about a hundreds of boxes which then continue, taking the name of Marché de Noël de Bir Hakeimnear the metro station of the same name up to avenue de la Motte Piquet.

Montmartre and the Grand Boulevards

If, on the other hand, you will be granted a visit to the neighborhood of Montmartre allow yourself a stop in place des Abbesses where there are food stands from different regions of the France. A sort of tour among the markets around the country. It is also the right place for a mulled wine with which to fight the cold.

But in general, if you want to see Paris in winter, you cannot remain indifferent to one of its most classic and greatest attractions: that of the shop windows Department stores and gods shops most important. Just to name a few let’s think about Galeries Lafayettein boulevard Haussmannwhere the windows are a show of lights, toys and automata, without forgetting the gigantic tree under the dome of the department store. The tree comes to life every half hour. And it’s not just the kids who are amazed.


At this point the perfect idea is to treat yourself to a lunch in one of the luxurious brasseries which are located in the area of ​​the Grands Boulevards to then continue the tour among the shop windows, stopping in front of the Magazine Printemps, still on Boulevard Haussmann. Behind the colorful glass a fantastic story unfolds while inside they sparkle 180 Christmas trees. Not to be missed, after a period of closure, are the windows of the Samaritaine Paris Pont Neuf where, in addition to the street, special spaces have been prepared with a huge advent Calendar.

Museums and brasseries

Of course, all this does not prevent you from carving out moments to visit the great museums in Paris which in addition to the warmth of their rooms offer the wonder of unique masterpieces. And from Louvre to the Orsay Museum it will be possible to stop in front of the most famous works without having to elbow as in other peak season periods. But do you spend the holidays? No problem. If after Christmas and New Year would you like to go and enjoy the many surprises of Paris in the winter you will not be disappointed.


Robust lunches and balances

Finished i fireworks and toasts hotel prices drop, the confusion decreases and you can go looking for new ideas in the different neighborhoods. Perhaps by going off the more predictable and obvious paths, looking for the most suitable flavors for the cold season. Yes, because with the snow, which often falls around January, a good idea is to try the restaurants that offer hearty mountain dishes. Like those that offer Italian cuisine Savoy or gods Grisons, tasting raclette or fondue.

And, if you’re real fashion victims hold on and wait for January. When you can go wild with shopping at special prices. THE winter salesin fact, they start on second Wednesday of January and last for a month. Bargain hunters can find stores that deliver discounts up to 70%. Bargain prices in the fashion capital of the world: what more could you want? And if it’s cold it’s better. You will feel at peace with your conscience by buying a extra sweater or jacket.


Three addresses to try:

Le Valois

Traditional restaurant in the 9th arrondissement of Paris with mountain specialties: raclette, Bourguignonne fondue, Savoyarde tartiflette.
52, rue de Douai

Happy Comme Alexandre

In the heart of the Latin Quarter, not far from the Pantheon. Good choice of cheeses as well as fondue bourguignonne and pierrade, or grilled dishes served on stone.
13, rue du Pot de Fer

Chalet Savoyard

In the heart of the 11th arrondissement, a restaurant with authentic Savoyard cuisine, hearty but at the same time refined. A way to bring mountains into the city.
58, rue de Charonne

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