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Museums of New York: from the Metropolitan to the MoMa to the Guggenheim

The biggest problem? It’s choosing. With hundreds of cultural institutions and world-class sites during a visit to New York it can be difficult to decide which museum to see and which to overlook. Because one thing is certain: seeing them all is impossible, at least during a normal visit to the city. Here then is one short guide to museums from New York to allow you to get an idea.

But know, however, that there are many possible museums. And some dedicated to even unusual subjects and topics from art to design, from history to science, from technology to traditions and every other branch of knowledge. Advice: don’t expect to see more than one museum a day. Plan your visit in the morning (when museums tend to be less crowded and you are fresher) and then choose a Neighborhood to explorea walking tour or a walk in an area of ​​the five districts. Remembering that New York is immense. And that you are on vacation.

The museums of New York: the Metropolitan

The Metropolitan Museum of Artfor everyone MET there are actually two. Since this institution occupies the main building on 5th Ave and the Cloister Museum and Gardens in Northern Manhattan. The museum dates back to 1866 and today is the largest art museum in the country with over 2 million works of art exhibited on 190,000 m² overlooking Central Park.

The space is divided into 17 sections dedicated to various topics such asclassic artthe works of antiquity, i European mastersL’African art, Asian and Oceanian as well as Islamic and American art. In short, the art collection ranges fromEgypt of the pharaohs to the provocations of modern art but they are also there costumes, photographs, musical instrumentsfabrics, weapons and installations.

New York museums

Lots of Italian art

Among the many works in the museum we find “I musici” by Caravaggioan announcement of Botticelli but also the Autumn Rhythm of Jackson Pollock as proof that here art has its own temple that brings together the best from every era. Needless to try to tell the masterpieces contained in the halls ranging from works by Rembrandt, Goya, Turner, Delacroix, Manet, Cezanne, Monet, Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse. In addition to the huge collection there are libraries and special exhibition areas. On the roof there is also a terrace where is a bar, a restaurant and where sculpture exhibitions are also held. And on top of that, you get great views of the city.

The Cloisters is the section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which focuses on medieval European art and one of the most unique of New York’s museums. The museum and gardens were opened in 1938 in Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. The museum building is made up of five cloisters of convents and abbeys that have been brought to the United States from Europe, especially from Franceas well as other elements of the building that were dismantled and taken to New York to compose this museum which, however, also integrates some modern elements.

THE museum gardens they were designed to resemble medieval European palace gardens while the museum collects some 2,000 pieces between tapestries, stained glass windows, capitals of columns, paintings, illuminated manuscripts, embossed metalwork and sculptures from the period between the 12th and 15th centuries.

Museums of New York

The paradise of modern art: the MoMa

The MoMAi.e. the Museum of Modern Art it is found at Midtown of Manhattan and is one of the most important and influential museums in modern Art and contemporary in the world. The collection covers not only the traditional arts but it also ranges between photography And cinema, electronic media and performance. The painting collection of the museum comprises however in addition 150,000 pieces with masterpieces by Paul Cezanne, PicassoGauguin and Vincent van Gogh. But also Klee, Dorothea Lange, Roy Lichtenstein, Miro, Henry Moore, Pollock, Dali and Chagall. And the list goes on.

The museum’s film collection includes over 25,000 titles and 4 million frames and is one of the largest archives of cinematic art on the planet. Some of the famous titles in the history of cinema can be found here starting from “Court power” to get to the films of Alfred Hitchcock. The collection also includes Empire’s copy of Andy Warhol but also television commercials, famous music videos while the architecture and design department owns over 28,000 projects, photos and sketches.

The Guggenheim, the most famous spiral

The Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue is a work in itself. It is in fact famous both for the works it collects and for the building it occupies designed by Frank Lloyd Wright to house what was to become the Museum of non-objective painting. The building was completed in 1959 after both Wright and Guggenheim’s deaths.

Seen from the outside the building resembles a winding ribbon around a cylinder and stands out decisively with i skyscrapers of that part of Manhattan. Inside however one is struck by the spiral tunnel which starts from the roof and descends to the ground with the shape of what is compared to an overturned tower of Babel. The works inside are displayed along the walls of the spiral and in some rooms that open to its side. It goes without saying that it is one of the most particular museums in New York and for some the container ends up crushing the contents. But it is still a space to see absolutely.

The permanent art collection consists of masterpieces by impressionist, post-impressionist, modern and contemporary art. The collection is not divided into sections based on era or author but is seen as part of a seamless whole. In addition to the permanent collection – with works among others by Braque, Kandinsky, Miró, Mondrian, Picasso and Toulouse-Lautrec – the museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions and special events that can often appear difficult to those who don’t know much about the art of recent years.

A museum on water: The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

This is a unique space and not only among New York museums. In fact, it is located at pier 86on 46th Street. But it’s on the water. In fact, the museum is made up of a certain number of “museum ships” moored near the Hudson River docks and can be visited. The museum dedicated to military and maritime history it was inaugurated in 1982 and has since undergone numerous additions and expansion works.

The real queen of this strange museum without paintings and sculptures is the Intrepid aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy and is in its own way a National Historic Landmark. It’s about a real aircraft carrier who fought in the Second World War and was the first US ship to use steam catapults. Visitors can walk aboard the ship and see the interior where historical films are shown as well as some dedicated interactive exhibits.

The museum with wings and propellers

The Intrepid as well as in the Second World War also served in Vietnamduring the Cold War and was used as a recovery vessel of the NASA in the 1960s until decommissioned from the fleet in 1974.
But not only the aircraft carrier: since 2011 the museum has also housed the first shuttle, lo Space Shuttle Enterprise which is located in a special pavilion aft of the aircraft carrier. There are 17 exhibition zones in the pavilion displaying photos, video footage and documents on space exploration. Other than that this museum houses it USS Growler, the oldest nuclear-powered submarine; a British Airways Concorde; twenty-seven warplanes restored like the Lockheed Blackbird, world’s fastest spy plane, WWII aircraft, jet used in the Vietnam War; helicopters and a large documentation center.

Museums of New York

Museum ofamerican art

This museum is dedicated toAmerican art of the 20th century and contemporary American art with a focus on living artists. The permanent collection of the museum is one of the best collections ofAmerican art in the world and organizes a biennial highlighting the most recent developments in contemporary art. The museum implements some innovative policies regarding the sharing of the works and is attentive to the most innovative new trends.

The museum is named after the sculptor Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney who, from 1907 until his death in 1942, wanted to help living artists as the most important patrons did in the past. Today the museum has a permanent collection of 19,000 paintingsdrawings, prints, photographs, sculptures and films representing the work of over 2,900 American artists.

The works were housed in a building designed by the architect Marcel Breuer and inaugurated in 1966. Then on 1 May 2015 the museum reopened in a different and prestigious venue designed by Renzo Piano. The building is located in the neighborhood known as Meatpacking Districtnot very far from Highline.

Museums of New York: the American Museum of Natural History

L’American Museum of Natural History is another of the great attractions of the museums of New York and is located inUpper West Side of Manhattan, in Theodore Roosevelt Park. It is a huge museum complex consisting of 27 buildings interconnected with each other. Together they form 45 exhibition spaces and here is a planetarya IMAX theater which offers particularly spectacular images, spaces for research and an enormous library.

The museum collects over 32 million pieces displayed in rotation for obvious reasons of space. The first thing museum visitors see upon entering the huge hall that looks like a basilica is a skeleton of Barosaurus which introduces to the huge dinosaur collection. You can admire fossil footprints, follow documentaries explaining evolutionary theories and see the skeletons of Tyrannosaurus Rex And Triceratops and other behemoths of the past including the jaws of a 10-million-year-old sea creature, ancestor of the shark.

In Milstein Hall of Ocean Life there is a blue whale hanging above visitors and a number of dioramas showing the habitat of many sea creatures such as giant squid, dolphins and walruses. There are sections dedicated to the space with interactive experiences while other parts are aimed at making people known North American animals. Here is also space for geology with The star of Indiathe largest sapphire in the world but also for one of the moai statues from Easter Island.

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