più belle spiagge del Portogallo

The most beautiful beaches in Portugal: from the Algarve to the north

The Portugal has a blatant fortune: it can boast the beauty of 948 kilometers of coastline overlooking the waves ofAtlantic Ocean. And then you understand that of beaches there are also too many. But this is only a question of quantity: it is the quality that makes the difference and this comes from the fact that much of the country enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate and some of the most beautiful beaches in the Portugal they could rise to an ideal podium in a competition between beaches of Europe. The most famous stretches of sand, as we know, are located in the southern province ofAlgarve where you can choose between small beacheswrapped in tranquille bays protected by rust-colored cliffs, and long stretches of gold. But there are also beaches with monumental behind them dunes and other nonstop jokes from the broadsides of ocean waves. And if you are super sports, do not worry: the beaches along the west coast are what you are looking for. Especially if you can’t resist the charm of surfboard. Obviously these are also perfect beaches for sunbathing and a path between the most beautiful beaches in Portugal that we are going to propose could be a nice way to create a ideal itinerary across the country.

Remember that during the summer monthslifeguards guard most of the beaches of the Portugal. A checkered flag indicates that the beach is temporarily unsupervised while the green flag points out that you can safely indulge in swimming and snorkeling. Be careful with the instead yellow flag: you can swim but you must not swim or go away from the shore. On the other hand, you don’t really have to go into the water when one is hoisted Red flag. Finally, the blue flag waving on the sand indicates the beach as environmentally friendly and ecologically safe.

most beautiful beaches in Portugal

The most beautiful beaches in Portugal: Camilo

One of the most beautiful beaches in southern Portugal, the beach of Camilo is located near the seaside town of Lagosin the’Western Algarve. Surrounded by sandstone cliffs and bizarrely shaped rock formations this pleasant crescent of white sand can be reached through a long wooden staircase winding through thick bushes that sprout from the rocks. The other strong point is the turquoise waters, also perfect for those who love it snorkeling, which give the beach the sense of a secluded and peaceful place even though it is actually within easy reach of some of the main towns in the region. A little restaurant on the cliff serves bathers: the menu is not bad but above all with that panoramic view that covers a good part of the coast between Lagos And Albufeira every dish looks better.

most beautiful beaches in Portugal

Our journey among the most beautiful beaches in Portugal takes us to Falésia which offers an almost long strip of golden sand six kilometers in one of the most famous tourist areas ofAlgarve. East of Albufeira, Praia da Falesia is flanked by a series of suggestive cliffs of warm and ferrous colors, ranging from ocher to rusty red to orange. Centuries of water and wind have shaped this sandstone belt with deep gorges and cuts as a path runs over the cliff touching the green of pine forests scented. The length of Falésia it is such that, even during the summer, it is possible to find a quiet and uncrowded place to relax and sunbathe. Behind the beach there are some decidedly elegant premises which offer the possibility of pleasant stops for tourists looking for relaxation.

most beautiful beaches in Portugal

The most beautiful beaches in Portugal: Amado

Amado it is one of the beaches where to practice surfing most important of the Portugal. Famous for its ever-changing but constant waves, this beautiful half-moon-shaped strip of sand is protected behind by fairly high dunes and falls within the boundaries of the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano and Costa Vicentina. As with many of the beaches along the wild and whimsical west coast of the Algarve, Praia do Amado it also offers several surf schools, some of which are open all year round. This part of the coast is in fact home to prestigious surfing competitions national and international but due to its particular characteristics, and the fact that it is a little off the beaten track, Amado is not the classic destination for tourists looking for comfort and an all-inclusive resort. Rather it attracts free spirits and those who like to admire and immerse themselves in the flora and fauna of the region.

most beautiful beaches in Portugal

A guide to the most beautiful beaches in Portugal can only suggest a stop at Quinta do Lagoin the heart of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, not very far from Lighthouse. It is a long stretch of sand that can be reached by following a long and narrow bridge, similar to a finger stretched out through a brackish reed bed and then continuing on the shoreline, at the edge of the water. Much of the charm of Praia da Quinta do Lago is found in the wealth ofbirdlife that frequents this stretch of coast ofAlgarve; the marshes are home to numerous waders and they can also be observed storks And flamingos. The beach is very beautiful and quite wild if you exclude a neighbor, and advisable, restaurant known for its choice of fish. For those who want to overdo it, a short distance away is theQuinta do Lago Hotel loved by an exclusive international clientele who then swarms for long challenges to the San Lorenzo Golf Clubone of the most celebrated golf courses in Portugal and southern Europe.

most beautiful beaches in Portugal

The most beautiful beaches in Portugal: Martinhal

It is isolated but full of life, natural but comfortable: for all these reasons the beach of Martinhal it is also a favorite destination for families who like to go down to Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel, a hotel where you can breathe an air of yesteryear with bars protected by beachside awnings. The wonderfully soft, golden sand of Praia do Martinhal forms one natural bay where rocks that emerge from the water stand out. Here the sea is full of life and so snorkeling it is one of the activities not to be missed while those who love to swim for a long time will have what they are looking for. There are also opportunities to practice water sports and when the wind blows from the north you can also dedicate yourself to windsurfing. Leaving the beach you can then travel in time: in about 30 minutes of walking you get to Sagres where there are the remains of furnaces from the Roman eranot far from a tourist complex.

most beautiful beaches in Portugal

If you want one of the best destinations for the windsurfing and the kitesurfing in Europe it is a Guincho that you have to go. The beach enjoys a spectacular location on the coast of Lisbonsix kilometers northwest of the resort town of Cascais. Right on the western border of the Parque Natural de SintraCascaisthe vast expanse of sand of Praia do Guincho it has always fought in a thunderous way with the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to an almost constant breeze, this wild and windy beach offers ideal conditions for surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers who want to challenge the unpredictable whims of nature. Being often beaten by the force of the elements, Guincho is therefore not a suitable beach for those who want sun and rest and not even for families while it is adored by sportsmen and those who live off adrenaline rush.

most beautiful beaches in Portugal

The most beautiful beaches in Portugal: Rocha

We cannot then try to sketch a guide to the most beautiful beaches in the Portugal without spending a few words on Rocha, one of the most famous beaches in the country and which takes its name from the tourist resort that is close to Portimão, the second largest city in the Algarve. It is a long strip of sand which is accessed by passing up numerous walkways which bring many tourists but also many locals to the seashore. Behind the coast then runs a rather busy road with hotels, cafes, restaurants and other recreational facilities. After the bath, go and visit the nearby ones Portimão Marinathe fortress of Santa Catarina east of the beach, and the viewpoint of Três Castelos at the western end. Here the rock with the sea background offers splendid views. And if you want to feel like a Belle Epoque holidaymaker, stop at the historian Bela Vista Hotel & Spabuilt in 1918. It was one of the first hotels in the region.

Another stop between sea and wind is the one that must be foreseen at the beach of Nazaré, near the town of the same name, known for its fishing port and its pleasantly slow and traditional lifestyle. Nazaré is a fantastic beach that attracts sun worshipers but has also gone down in history because here the American surfer Garrett McNamara he rode a wave of 30 meters browsing straight through the books of records. It happened in the so-called stretch of coast praia do Norte while most tourists just laze around the central part of the beach, a stone’s throw from the town’s cobbled promenade. Sunbathers often find themselves close to fishermen who mend the nets or place mackerel and sardines on racks to dry. We talked about fish: around there are a lot of authentic fish restaurants and shops for all tastes.

most beautiful beaches in Portugal

The most beautiful beaches in Portugal: the chic Comporta

Leads it’s about an hour’s drive south of Lisbon and luckily for us it was spared by the most vulgar and smashing tourism of other beaches of the area. It is located on the Tróia peninsula – a strip of sand that extends from the north-western coasts of the province of Alentejo – and takes its name from the enchanting white village of Comporta, a pleasant country between rice fields and salt pans where every chimney, apparently, has been requisitioned by white storks. Praia da Comporta also for all this attracts a more chic crowd than the other places, people looking for relaxation in cabanas covered with straw in the sand dunes. For dinner then we meet in wooden restaurants bleached by the sun which can be reached with the walkways that touch the sea. The emotion of the sea of Portugallived in this way is even stronger.

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