albergo più ecologico e originale

Here is the most ecological and original hotel in the world

Do you want to spend a few days in the most ecological and original hotel in the world? It is possible even if you have to go in Chile. It is in fact found in the South American country, to be precise within the reserve Huilo Huilothe Magic Mountain Lodge, the hotel that allows a unique and extraordinary immersion in nature.

The Magic Mountain Lodge, in the Los Lagos region, dominated by the imposing slopes of the Mocho Coshuenco volcano, in the center of the Andes mountain range, it is particular because of how it integrates with the nature of this slice of Chile off the most banal tourist itineraries and therefore absolutely unspoiled. The reserve where the most ecological and original hotel in the world is located, is characterized by a rainforest that is home to a large number of fauna and where communities live Mapuche Indio. In addition, lakes and natural spas and breathtaking views.

The most ecological and original hotel with a waterfall on the roof

The mountain-shaped hotel was built with local materials and covered with vegetation from the surrounding forest. So much so that every season it offers a different panorama. From the top of the most ecological and original hotel in the world, a waterfall gushes down along the facades to form small waterfalls and small streams in the surrounding land. A suspension bridge then leads to the higher rooms.

The rooms we said: there are only thirteen, furnished in wood with low lights and candles and each one bears the name of a plant. There are also three suites and a SPA for guests to relax. Around the main building there are eleven huts, more spartan as structures but always welcoming and other spaces, including those for children. For the guests of the most ecological and original hotel in the world excursions in the reserve are available, both on foot and on horseback. But for the more reckless there are also original proposals such as the overflight of the forest on cables and pulleys stretched between the treetops thirty-five meters above the ground. The stay in this hotel can be organized as part of a package that also includes stops in Santiago with daily departures.

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