guida delle cose cosa da vedere in Malesia - veduta di Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysia guide: what to see between beaches, Penang and Kuala Lumpur

There Malaysia it’s big. But most things are easy to achieve. And surprises are always around the corner. The obligatory starting point for a guide of things to see in Malaysia is undoubtedly the capital Kuala Lumpur which is also located exactly halfway between the heritage cities of theUnesco, Penang And Rattan. But also a few hours by bus from Taman Negara National Park.

Malaysia guide: wonders for all tastes

But the country’s charm lies not only in the possibility of wandering around and discovering different worlds. Whether you are a backpacker or a lucky traveler with a fat wallet, Malaysia will offer everyone a exotic scenery made of calls to prayers come on minarets and of spicy foodsof cultivated fields and jungle, ancient cities and glimpses of the future. While everywhere you meet smiling and friendly people who want to know and talk. In addition, Malaysia’s calendar is full of parties and also for this every season can guarantee the possibility of living extraordinary experiences.

Malaysia tends to be unfairly penalized among the destinations of the southeast asia, particularly among backpackers who think this country is more expensive than its neighbours Cambodia, Laos, Thailand And Vietnam. In reality it is a cliché and a mistake because it is true that Ho Chi Minh And Vientiane they are very cheap places. But even in Malaysia you can travel very well on a low budget. What’s more, avoiding the hordes of tourists who throng on the beaten paths of the nearby villages.

guide of things to see in Malaysia

Malaysia, a country with many faces

A guide of things to see in Malaysia it should actually be divided into two parts because the country is geographically separate. Malaysia peninsular it covers the entire southern part of the Malay peninsula and is itself divided into two states plus two federal territories. Then, on the other side of the South China Sea There is the Borneoa huge very sparsely populated island that shares the territory with theIndonesia. For a trip to the country it is worth planning a stop in both areas to admire the natural wonders of the two states Sabah And Sarawak in the Borneo – here they are well 23 national parks– but also to enjoy the colonial cities and the charm of capital.

By force of circumstances our guide dedicates the initial chapter to the capital Kuala Lumpurusually called KLwhere to dive into one very modern underground jungle Made of skyscrapers like the famous ones Petronas Towerair-conditioned malls galore, and an impressive public transportation system.

This is the heart of the country which from its ancient peasant tradition is becoming one of the capitals of the global world and where young Malaysian designers challenge each other every day to always introduce new technological and aesthetic bets. Is between trendy bars, hyper-modern venues and trendy suggestions one is amazed to still find the old arcaded shopping streets and the markets of the past.

From Kuala Lumpur to Melaka

Just south of KL it is located Melaka, the cradle of Malay civilization. It is a pleasant and elegant city where you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere appreciating the evident traces of the colonial past influenced by different cultures, from that of theHolland to that which came from Portugal. While for those who love to taste different flavors this is the perfect place to find out how Malaysian cuisine both a perfect fusion of chinese, indian and european food. And the result pleases the palate.

guide of things to see in Malaysia Penang

The island of Penang: atmosphere of an English colony

The island of Penangoff the west coast of Peninsular Malaysiawas occupied by the British for a long time and also for this reason the fascinating today Georgetown it boasts a panorama of perfectly maintained streets that offer a leap in time to the era of merchants and colonies.

And it is a real pleasure to walk among the restored colonial architecture buildings. Not only that: local gourmets say that this is perhaps the place where it is eat better in malaysia. And for this, forgive me, we will hardly be able to say thanks to the English who are certainly not known as refined gourmets.

Travel to Malaysia between sea and jungle

For many people Langkawi it is for malaysia what it is Phuket for the Thailand. That is to say luxury resorts designed for carefree tourists, great white beaches and transparent sea. Unfortunately desecrated too often by jet skis and boats launched at full speed.

It is a trivialization, it is obvious, but it is also true that in this splendid country you can find much more suggestive and less crowded corners and therefore the most sincere advice is to aim elsewhere to find the dreamed place. Who wants the islands and the sea which is breathtaking should head to the east coast of Malaysia, where Perhentians And Pulau Tioman they offer a nature still carefully preserved. And the possibility of finding excellent bays for snorkelling and diving.

Looking inland, the park Taman Negara protects some of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world and allows nature lovers to find every possible challenge, from walks in the greenery to the ascent to the top of the Gunung Tahan. And let’s talk about the highest peak of the Peninsular Malaysia. The park, established in 1938, is an island of absolute nature conservation in what otherwise appears, sadly, to be an ever-growing ocean of palm oil plantations that have engulfed much of the Malay Peninsula.

guide of things to see in Malaysia - Mosques in Terennganu

Cameron Highlands: the green heart of the country

Although today it certainly cannot compete with Taman Negarathe called zone Cameron Highlands it was once one of the “greenest” areas in the country. Even if unfortunately it has now been affected and is still being affected by the usual short-sighted and environmentally unrespectful development that is changing the face of our world. But don’t think badly: if you have the chance, don’t miss the opportunity to come and visit this area, it remains one of the destinations not to be missed. Also thanks to the relaxed lifestyle and the possibility of enjoying a respite from the fierce humidity that afflicts the rest of the country.

Not only that: here you can still breathe gasps of the old history and the English presence. So between one cup and another of tea you can devote yourself to lenses trekking eco-conscious, to the exploration of rare unexplored forests and to the visit of some temples interesting. Even in tourist areas you can breathe peace.

guide of things to see in Malaysia Sarawak

Malaysia and its secret face: Borneo

We said it: the guide of things to see in Malaysia must be divided into two parts. So those looking for wilder areas and more intact territories must aim directly towards the Malaysian Borneo – the northern slice of the compact island of Borneo.

Sabah is the smaller of the two Malaysian states of Borneo and offers the bet of Mt Kinabaluwith its 4,101 meters to conquer – but also the interesting views of the city of Kota Kinabalu. For a dip and a sunbath there are the postcard islands of Gaya And Manukan without forgetting the real meccas for diving lovers that they are Pulau Sipadan And Mabul.

Bigger, even wilder and this less touristic finally arrives Sarawak which is the largest state in all of Malaysia and boasts one of its most engaging capitals – the former colonial relic of Kuching. In addition to being a destination that alone would be worth the trip, Kuching it’s also one of the nicest places in Sarawak to use as a base for exploring the hinterland. The state is fully protected by a number of national parks. Between these Bako And Gunung Mulu, and unlike Peninsular Malaysia is still largely covered by rainforest. And who knows how many undiscovered treasures are hidden in that treasure chest called Malaysia.

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