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The guide to the most beautiful islands in Thailand: here are the best ones to choose

With hundreds of islands more or less large along its splendid coasts – and others that also stand out among rivers and lakes – the Thailand always manages to surprise those who come looking to relax by the water. Many of these islands of Thailand are very well known and names like Phuket And Koh Samui are now famous all over the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. But there are many others that are yet to be discoveredoutside the laps of the charters and organized trips. But that doesn’t make them any less perfect for one escape on the sea of ​​the “land of smiles”.

Discovering the islands of Thailand: la dolce vita in the hammock

Our Thailand island hopping tour starts from Koh Phayama small island off the coast of Ranong and near the border with the Myanmar. Koh Phayam offers a slow pace which allows you to taste the life of Thailand of the past. Once you get here you will have very little to do except take the time of the place, remembering that the electricity is a bit intermittent, only some roads are paved and the Wi-Fi connection is very inconstant.

But for those who want to explore beaches around the island – on foot or with a moped – will be perfect as well as for those who wish to see forests And plantations of rubber trees. Or to lie in the sun. If you are looking for special seabeds, however, this is not the Thailand island for you. There are places with a more transparent sea: people come here to immerse themselves in a traditional lifestyle where development has not yet devastated nature and the rhythm of the day.

If you want a transparent sea instead you have to focus on Koh Similanin the sea of Andaman. Koh Similan is the largest island in the group of Similan and boasts of beautiful beaches White sand caressed by blue waters from which curious rock formations emerge. The clear and deep waters around the island are the ideal ones for those who want to dedicate themselves to diving and snorkelling and according to some they are for this reason among the best in the world.

Whether it is true we do not know: but certainly among the islands of Thailand not many beat it and in addition here you can also admire a large variety of birds while the views at sunset are incredible

islands of thailand

Trip between the islands of Thailand: relax under the sun

With 23 kilometers wide, the island of Koh Kood (also known as Koh Kut), in southeast Thailand, is quite a find because it has been spared since mass tourism as well as most of the nearby islands. It is not small – in fact it is there fourth by extension after the famous ones Phuket, Koh Chang And Koh Samui) but for a long time it was not considered an interesting destination. And it is very strange since it can boast about volcanic landscapes and beautiful lagoons as well as a reef full of colors and fish.

A number of facilities have actually been developed recently but without the excesses found elsewhere on Thailand’s islands. So if you want party until dawn, maybe dancing with the moonis not the right destination for you but if you are looking for a destination where to relax and enjoy some of the most idyllic idyllic landscapes of the south of Thailand you will feel at home. Beaches most popular of Koh Kut are Tapao, Klong Yai Kee And Chaowhich are located near the beach of the waterfalls Kong Chao. Also Phrao Bay worth a visit. The choice is wide: but in any case you will not be disappointed.

islands of thailand

Here are the islands of Thailand: the beach of the film

Have you seen the movie?The Beach” with Leonardo Dicaprio and do you want to experience the thrill of diving into those same waters? It can be done, the beauty of the islands of Thailand is that they also allow these dreams to come true. In this case it will be enough to point towards the small archipelago of Koh Phi Phi which also thanks to the film – and its evident beauties – has become one popular tourist destination. The risk, however, is that you find yourself in the midst of a small crowd but the time when this was a destination for the few is now over.

To get an overview of Koh Phi Phi Don you will have to climb up to an observation point where you can admire the narrow isthmus that connects the two main parts of the island, with two sandy bays curved between steep and verdant mountains. Surrounded by greenery, limestone rocks rise proudly from the turquoise waters. The smallest of the islands Phi Phi is The which is not inhabited and does not host houses. But that doesn’t mean you will be alone.

Droves of day-trippers disembark here every day, drawn by the alluring beauty of Maya Bay, the beach that became famous thanks to the film. A deserved success: there are the junglethe barrier hidden in the transparent waters e soft white sands where to relax. To complete the perfect picture for a successful photo on Instagram there are traditional boats with long tails bobbing nearby.

islands of thailand

The islands of Thailand: the Lanta Islands

Staying between the islands of the Thailand which are found in Andamannot far from Phuket And Phi Philess than two hours from the coast of Krabithe small archipelago of Koh Lantaformed by two islands: Noi and Yai.

Koh Lanta it is one of the pearls among the islands of Thailand since here both the sea and the nature on land offer unique glimpses. The beaches guarantee rest on the white sand with splendid backdrops but even behind the sand there are the surprises of rain forest engraved by caves, plantations and rock pinnacles. The rugged wooded hills and the mangroves offer magnificent views and the possibility of strolling in the shade before diving back a stone’s throw from the sand.

In addition to the beaches there is more: here you can get in touch with members of the local community ChaoLehthe so-called “sea ​​gypsies“, people of origin indo malaysian who have always lived a semi-nomadic life. I’m great sailors and unbeatable free divers who live in harmony with nature respecting an animistic tradition that comes from the most distant past.

islands of thailand

The islands of Thailand: the cave of Koh Muk

If you still want to discover the most beautiful islands from Thailand you will have to make a stop at Koh Muk, a unique destination for those seeking an uncontaminated environment. The island attracts with its beaches not far from the coral reef while in the interior, rocks and cliffs stand out where a continuous flight of noisy swallows alight. At the center of the island then there is the real jewel of this island which for centuries has also been a pirate shelter: the Emerald Grotto.

Known in Thai as Tham Morakot, is only accessible from the ocean and during low tide. You enter the cave and yes swim in the dark, while the sounds of crashing waves fill the air making for a truly unique experience. At the end the prize: we arrive at the light and we are faced with a beautiful sandy beach surrounded on three sides by very high rocks while the turquoise water gently caresses the fourth side.

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A marine park of 42 islands

We finish the flight on blue and green islands of Thailand exploring Mu Koh Ang Thongin southern Thailand, a marine park formed by 42 islands. It is a very particular area where high rocks suddenly emerge from the sea rising like stone towers in the blue but there are also beautiful beaches.

You can get there effortlessly from Koh Samui thanks to organized trips which lead to discover the different islands including Wu Talap which is the heart of the park and where a lookout at over 400 meters from which you can enjoy a special view of the entire archipelago. Also worth visiting is the island of Mae Ko where is the Thale Nai, a large lake connected to the sea by an underground conduit. Once here, give up the hustle and bustle: rent a bungalow and try to live like the locals. You will find that life on islands of Thailand she is different. Almost always better.

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