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Guide to the most beautiful summer huts in the Alps

There was a time when they were what the name promised: gods shelters to bad weather. In other words, little more than shelters where to stay overnight when the darkness took away from the pleasure of walking in the mountains. But this was before: before Wifi, of saunas, of the prosaic joys of modernity that have also conquered the peaks. Even if some things have not changed: the chatter by the fire – or at the bar -, the comparisons with strangers who become friends talking about peaks climbed in the past and certain robust flavors that are nice to find for dinner. Climb on the shelters of ours Alps it is an unrestrained escape in the time and space of that backpack where you can accumulate what you need for a climb to the top. Above the clouds and thoughts. Here then is a series of the most beautiful proposals summer huts in the Alps. Special places for a stroll at the top. Close to the sky but still without losing too much sight of the comfort of the earth.

Guide to the most beautiful summer huts in the Alps: the Fuciade hut in Trentino

A hut that smells of wood, a stone church and the crode of San Pellegrino Pass to tickle the sky. Above Soraga, in Trentino in the Val di Fassathe shelter Fuciade it has more than the star kit that guides and experts are quick to use for their rankings. Here the Rossi family writes a story made up of care and details every day. From the lace on the windows to the fabric of the duvet covers. The “Fuciade”Has been an institution for almost 40 years: in summer, if you stay overnight, you are allowed to arrive by car. Otherwise the walk, suitable for everyone, is short and has the delicacies of one as a reward Ladin cuisine revisited by chef Martino also in a Mediterranean key without forgetting the “tricks” that mountain dwellers have used for centuries to enrich their table. Raw materials? They all cover very few kilometers. Unlike visitors who can then run around the pass in search of new ones to dispose of the pleasant calories alpine emotions.

Guide to the most beautiful summer huts in the Alps: Pizzini-Frattola hut

It is a real refuge where boots and equipment are left at the entrance and the large blue CAI register is signed. The Pizzini refuge – Frattola, at an altitude of 2706, it is the antechamber of true mountaineering even if, in an hour and a half of comfortable dirt road (or jeep by reservation) everyone gets there. Around the whistle of the marmots, the traces of the ibex, the remains of the war trenches. Panorama on Thirteen peaks and the Gran Zebrù above Santa Caterina Valfurvaimmersed in the national park of Stelvio. Deborah Compagnoni and the mountaineer grew up in these valleys Marco Confortola. But you don’t need to be a champion to get here to share chatter and sunset with a real “grimpeur”, headed for higher destinations. Excellent cuisine, one brand new sauna and rooms with shower are the comforts of a refuge nestled in one of the most Himalayan areas of the beautiful country.

Guide to the most beautiful mountain huts in the Alps Rifugio_Roda_di_Vael

Guide to the most beautiful summer retreats in the Alps: Las Vegas

The name is already a guarantee: because here the bet is won anyway. In addition to the cable car of Piz Soregawhich rises from San Cassianothe Las Vegas lodge can also be reached on foot, with an hour’s walk along the flowery meadows of the Armentarolain the heart of the Val Badia. The terrace of the refuge has comfortable wooden deckchairs, light blankets in summer, very hot in winter, to enjoy the sun until the last or first in the morning. Its outdoor spaces are a large geographical map open to the most famous peaks, from Sasshonger, Lagazuoi, Saddle And Marmolada. A Finnish sauna barrel restores in every season. The rest is done by the delicacies of a kitchen that collaborates with numerous starred chefs and the rooms that give you the magic of the pink sunset of the Dolomites.

Guide to the most beautiful mountain huts in the Alps - Dolomites1

Guide to the most beautiful summer huts in the Alps: Lo Grand Baou hut

It is one of the most beautiful secrets of Vallée or the Valle d’Aosta. At the “comba” of Vertosan it comes from Saint Pierreacross the col di Joux, up to the 1887 meters of Jovencan. Herds grazing, slow shepherds like in a painting by Giovanni Segantini. From here you can first walk, on a dirt road and then a path, up to lakes of Dziule. Or decide to stop earlier and soon return to the flattery of this eco-chic hut which, for 43 years, has welcomed everyone with passion. You will not be many in the evening, silence and stars for companions, a cuisine that mixes memory, passion and the most authentic flavors, often at zero km. Soups, polenta, mountain products – last year fontina from here it was elected the best – and then one of the 5 rooms with only 12 beds.

Guide to the most beautiful summer huts in the Alps: Diavolezza hut

They call “berghaus”, But it is much more than one “Mountain House“. It stands above Pontresinaat almost 3 thousand meters above sea level, suspended on the eternal ice of Diavolezza in the group of Bernina. 175 km from Milan, not far from the glories of Sankt Moritzyou can get there by train – with the legendary and very red Bernina Express – which alone is worth the journey and the adventure. Then, do not worry: to reach the path you can choose the cable car to be given a ride with a jump of 10 minutes. What more do you want? For example, a hot jacuzzi overlooking the peaks, the sun and the sky. Said, done: the bergahusin addition to rooms with a thousand comforts, it has one of the largest solariums in Europetub for high altitude ablutions and a full calendar of summer activities, from walks with guides to grilled en plein air.

Guide to the most beautiful mountain huts in the Alps - Bosio Galli hut

Guide to the most beautiful summer huts in the Alps: Bosio-Galli hut

The mines who gave work to the people of this valley, cheeses and blueberries which are still produced and collected in these woods. And now, in Valmalenco music also arrives. The Bosio-Galli refuge (1h 30 from Torre S.Maria or from Chiesa) is exactly how a child would draw it. The bridge on a fresh and clear river, large erratic boulders that remind us of how once there were ice and not woods, a red roof and the stones of the hut where you can stay late (but not too much) in the evening in front of the fire.

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