Guida di Petra in Giordania

Guide to Petra Jordan: Traveling to the Lost City

Petra it’s one of the new ones Seven Wonders of the World. On this we all agree. And it matters little what you have read or heard about this mysterious city: nothing will prepare you for the emotion you will feel when you find it in front of you for the first time. So the only thing to do is open your mind to wonder and be ready to go back to being a child. Why no Petra guide in Jordan will be able to tell you about the emotion of finally being in the lost city. Where the magic is pink. Like the temples and the rocks that surround you.

Guide to Petra in Jordan: what it was and its history

History buffs know that Petra it’s an ancient one Nabatean city which dates back to 300 BC, unique for the presence of buildings and rose colored temples that seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape. This is what it used to be: today, and it could not be otherwise, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world Middle East which attracts half a million visitors each year.

People from all over the world, we said: but the curious fact is that Petra has been forgotten and remained unknown for centuries. And its existence was known only to the bedouins who made it their home. So it was until 1812 when the great Swiss explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt “discovered” it. Or rather: he found himself there almost by chance when, during one of his travels, dressed as a Bedouin, following the stories that spoke of a mysterious site, he asked for help from the local tribes.

A sacrifice in the forgotten city

They looked at him very suspiciously and then he pretended to want to pay homage to the grave of Aaron, the brother of Moses, which was said to be at the site. To be more believable he brought a goat with him as the tradition then wanted for the sacrifice in honor of Aaron and this convinced the Bedouins who took him to Petra.

He was the first European after at least a thousand years to set foot there. Today, Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is always at the top of the futile lists of places to see absolutely before you die.

Guide to Petra in Jordan

It starts from a gorge

Our Petra guide in Jordan can only start from the beginning. That is since Siq. The Siq (which means throat) has always been the main entrance to the site. The passage consists of high rock walls – even 200 meters – on both sides of you that have separated over the millennia following the sliding of the plates. The rest was done by time, water and wind which smoothed them out, making them the ones we see now. It’s a path over a kilometer long to be done slowly also because in some stretches you can see them the graves and engravings.

In the end then the surprise and the guaranteed heartbeat when you find yourself in front of it Al Khazna. It is certainly the best-known image, the one found in every guide but however famous it is, it is always surprising and mysterious. The name Al Khazna indicates the Pharaoh’s treasurea building dug out of pinkish sandstone 40 meters high And over 28 wide that for a long time it was debated whether it was a temple or a funeral monument.

Now we are inclined towards this hypothesis and also on the dating there are conflicting opinions even if it is thought that it can date back to around 110 BC. However, the image is shocking for its beauty and grandeur. And here the shots from the camera become a burst.

The tombs and the theater in the rock

From here, after the dutiful stop, you can continue along that Roman-era road where monuments and the remains of buildings and tombs follow one another. Not only that: you also get to a theater carved into the rock which could seat thousands of spectators. There are many things to see here: there are the Lion Fountain and the Soldier’s Graves And of the garden. And here too the colors of the rock offer poignant emotions as well as the awareness that everything here has remained as it was in Roman times. It can be seen by admiring the fountain of the Nymphaeum with its columns where water once flowed brought with complexes ducting systems.

Guide to Petra in Jordan

The Temple of the Lions and the Monastery

The visit then continues and following the guide of Petra in Jordan you arrive at column street where you pass by the remains of a gate and the market before arriving at the Temple of the Lions. Then it’s time to put in the biggest effort and tackle the beyond eight hundred steps which lead up to what is called Al Dier, i.e. the Monastery.

The structure resembles that of the Treasury but is even more impressive: it is 50 meters wide. It was built in the third century BC by the Nabataeans as a tomb but has been baptized Monastery because in the following centuries it was used as a place of worship. The best time to see it is in the late afternoon when the sun colors the rock in particular shades. Around other less monumental tombs and remains of structures.

Climbing higher up with a path you get to points where the panorama appears infinite and goes up to almost Israel and the Palestine. Higher still is another building said to be there Aaron’s tomb. Just what he pretended to be looking for Jean Louis Burckhardt.

Guide to Petra in Jordan

Petra: when to go

It’s everyone’s dream: to have the entire site to yourself, also to be able to take pictures without having selfie tourists in the middle of the frame. However, it is very difficult to obtain it: the best moment is come very early in the morning since the site opens at six in the morning. The bulk of visitors arrive around 10.30 in the middle of the day it’s easy to stumble across large groups.

However, the size of the site makes it possible to disperse enough of the crowd that usually leaves around 3 pm to be able to return to Amman. The site closes at 6pm and before that time you often get the best light conditions. If desired, there is also the possibility of enjoying Petra at night thanks to Petra by Nighta show that takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The walk from the Siq to the Treasury is illuminated by 1,500 candles which cast fascinating shadows on the surrounding rock. The light show starts at 8.30pm and lasts for two hours.

A must advice for those who have problems walking for a long time there are available horses with cartdonkeys and camels. Evaluate and know how to negotiate a minimum on the price.

Guide to Petra in Jordan: how to get there

Petra is located in the southwest of the Jordan near the border with Israel about three hours by car from the capital Amman. For those arriving from Israel, it is possible to visit Petra from either Jerusalem is Tel-Aviv but this is almost always part of a two day tour. Also, you can visit Petra in one day from Eilat. Most of the people come directly from Amman and there are too public buses and mini-buses that take you directly to the site. In case you decide to use a taxi, be prepared to negotiate the fare for a long time. days. One thing to know: entering Petra costs a lot. The ticket for one day costs over one hundred euros. Curiously, the ticket for two or three days costs less.

Petra and useful advice

Petra is in the middle of the desert so it goes without saying that it’s hot. bring your ownwater or buy it on the spot. But be prepared for very high prices. Remember another rule a hat and that you are in an Islamic country: a certain correctness in clothing is important. Obviously the most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes and suitable for rough terrain.

If you want to sleep in the surrounding area, know that the city is nearby Wadi Musa. There are also hotels dotted around the site with prices to suit all budgets. Those who want high standards can choose the Mövenpick Resort Petra. Instead, those who want a particular atmosphere can aim for Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp just 30 minutes from Petra. She is sleeping in a sort of tented camp with comfortable services. At night the surrounding rocks are covered with candles to make everything more suggestive.

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