Il Full Moon Party di Ko Phangan

The Full Moon Party of Ko Phangan, the party on the sea of ​​Thailand

In the beginning it was a birthday. It is now an event known all over the world. The island close to Koh Samuithe least popular tourist destination Ko Pha Nganhosts in fact every month one of the wildest appointments for people of the night: the Ko Pha Ngan Full Moon Party. Tradition has it that it all started over twenty years ago when a group of kids on vacation organized a party on the beach for one of their birthdays.

There was the moon, the wind was a warm caress, the Chang beer was frozen and the girls were pretty. The party was a success and the following month, even without birthdays to celebrate, they had an encore. Since then it has become a mega event that attracts, precisely with the full moon, even fifteen thousand people who are landed on the beach of Haad Rin Nok by a swirling service of taxi boats, small boats and more or less improvised ferries which, from dusk to dawn, bounce between Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

The Full Moon Party of Ko Phangan: but you can also dance without the moon

Monstrous U2 concert stereo systems line the shoreline and the more than five thousand beds scattered around fill up in a flash when the moon begins to rise. Precisely for this reason, for some time now, the classic rave has spawned. And it’s a twin birth. One week before and one after Ko Pha Ngan Full Moon Party, in the jungle of Baan Tai, the Half Moon Festival is celebrated. When the night is completely black, we always arrive at Baan Tai, but on the beach, the Black Moon Party.

In all cases, the menu is always the same. Thousands of wild young people, techno-trance music, more or less famous DJs and plastic buckets full of ice to carry around, indispensable necessary, soft drinks, abundant alcohol and energy drinks. In a low voice someone adds that the last ingredient is assorted and cheap drugs. Of course it is done but not said. Especially in brochures.

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