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Where to eat in Athens: the guide to the best restaurants and taverns

After filling your eyes with the wonders of Parthenon Museum and be left speechless seeing the city from the top of theancient agora the time to eat comes. And Athens, from this point of view, it can easily be a disappointment. For every authentic place, where to taste the traditional dishesthere are one myriad of tourist traps offering bad quality food at excessive prices. And this doesn’t just happen in moles strictly tourist neighborhoods like Plaka. But despite this, the Greek capital is always worth discovering. Here is one short guide on where to eat in Athens. For a complete experience also for the palate.

Here’s where to eat in Athens: taverns and restaurants


If you are looking for a famous place to eat ad Athens without disappointment you must not miss the restaurant To Mavro Tried: is located in the well-frequented area of Get paid and offers traditional Greek cuisine prepared with care. The outdoor tables are always highly coveted by Athenian customers who come here mainly to eat dog-based dishes but not only: on the list there are other classics also for those who love vegetables such as broad bean and eggplant salad. There is also a good selection of labels of ouzo and raki if you want to feel like a local: but remember that to dine on ouzo you need to be trained. Or you risk getting drunk.
31 Arrianou – closed on Sundays


If you are looking for the flavor of traditional Greece, the Marathonitis Tavern (close to Panathenaic Stadium) is a safe address. The atmosphere is lively and warm – sometimes even too much – with live music often at a high volume. On the other hand the menu is authentic and the koriatiki – what is called Greek salad – tasty. To accompany your meal try the House wine tapped from the barrels in the room. In short, the folklore is guaranteed but you will certainly not eat badly.
3 Vinkelman,

eat in Athens

Where to eat in Athens: the local zero kilometer


Recently opened on Saligaros is a restaurant that offers dishes with influences that come from Crete and that connects to the network of producers operating in the Exarchia area for a kind of eating net in Athens a zero kilometers. The menu is small but offers some interesting things like marinated pork steaks even if among the Greeks pappardelle with rocket pesto go crazy (Italy always wins on the table) while we prefer legume salads and flavored meat. As for the drinks, try the selection of Greek wines or sample cocktails made with an extravagant Cretan twist. Then in the evening there is almost always live music to make everything more lively.
37 Solomou

eat in Athens


Located in the heart of the central market of Athens, L’Epirus Tavern it is a traditional Greek restaurant that many people like. And not only among the locals who also know too well where to eat ad Athens. The menu is simple and no frills like everything around. The specialties are i classic dishes cooked for a long time in casserole and despite being open early in the morning it is always full. If you like them try the soups and the meatballs and try the pasta dishes: they are not the Italian ones but to be in Greece they are a specialty. Fast but accurate service.
4 Filopimenos,
closed on Sundays

eat in Athens

Where to eat in Athens: the place born after the dictatorship


Peinaleōn is located on the edge of the district of Exarchiaat the intersection of Mavromichali And Voularoktonou Street and it has a long history as it was born in the first period of the political transition from military dictatorship to democracy in Greece becoming a haunt of left sympathizers. Not only that: the owner’s brother is the director Dimos Avdeliodis and the décor has a lively vibe that evokes the world of arts and cinema that blends with the friendly and not at all formal atmosphere. The food also helps to smile as it offers classics of the Greek cuisine cooked to perfection. Try the eggplant with feta cheese or specialties like the soutzoukakia which would then be meat flavored with spices, in particular cumin or beef stew in tomato sauce.
152 Mavromichali,

eat in Athens


You are at Piraeus, do you have free time, do you want to eat well and maybe fish? Then head for this place that won’t disappoint you. It is certainly not there Tavern older than the port but the food looks to tradition. The atmosphere is warm and the fish is prepared with simplicity, without too many additions, taking out the best from the sea. In addition to the menu there are proposals of the day and whether you eat grilled octopus or blue fish you will not be disappointed. The furniture of theYperokeanio unfortunately it is in nautical style but what’s on the plate is anything but kitsch.
48 Marias Chatzikiriakou, Piraeus, Athens

Where to eat in Athens: in the market area


The tavern tou Oikonomou is open from 1930 and this should already be a guarantee of tradition. But it is not only the time that proves it but also the fact that there are Athenians crossing half the city to get here. And we don’t think there is anything else to add except that here the menu is the classic one of the Greek tradition with many stewed dishes and an excellent lamb. In the evening here the consumption of retzina and ouzo it is impressive but the people are happy and the place also has an ethically correct soul: what is left over in the kitchen is always given to those in need at the end of the working day
41 Troon, Petralona

eat in Athens

Leisure it’s hard to find. But that’s okay: it’s a basement tavern on the corner of Sokratous and Theatrou Street in the Neighborhood of the Central Market of Athens. There are no signs and the stairs to go down are very low but from 150 years it feeds the Athenians by offering tables to share and without reservation. You eat quickly with orders made by voice – and here they speak little English – choosing between bean soup, chickpea soup, broad beans, fried sardines, stew with tomato sauce and salads. Said so it seems little: but the dishes are really what they used to be. And Athens around he receives you with his most sincere face.
9 Sokratous,

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