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The districts of Madrid: what to see, the most lively and fashionable areas

Madrid it is a city that can only please and impress. And indeed between museums, nightlife, good tableculture and a thousand attractions leaves in everyone the desire to return soon to visit it. But Madrid, as a good capital, it is also great. And after the necessary visits to the its museums and to its palaces it can always offer new ideas. To fully experience it, you need to venture out in its neighborhoods: looking for the thousand faces and flavors of the city that has always welcomed and understood, renews itself and allows itself. So here’s one guide of the districts of Madrid: from those of fashion to those multiethnic, from the perfect ones for the night to those gay friendly. All different but all. in the same way, fascinating.

The districts of Madrid: the colorful Chueca

Chueca it is one of the liveliest districts of Madrid and perhaps of Spain has long been known as the LGBT district, home of the wildest clubs – but also of shops perfect for following trends – and the epicenter of Pride of Madrid, which takes place at the end of June each year. It is a kind of magnet for people from Madrid of all ages, gay and straight it doesn’t matter – and is known for its fun atmosphere and choice of great ones restaurants, cocktail bars and clubs. Here you can range from old Hollywood glamor while sipping cocktails at the legendary bar Chicote Museum on the Gran Via, at the stalls of the San Antón market. Before enjoying a drink on the panoramic terrace.

The districts of Madrid

We cannot talk about the districts of Madrid without mentioning Malasaña: partly because this is the place where the famous was born Movida Madrileñaa counter-cultural movement that developed after the dictator’s death Francisco Franco and the return of the Spain to democracy, but also because this is the neighborhood sung by Manu Chao. And everyone knows that name. In the 1980s, Malasaña was an often seedy area where faces from bars, drugs and wild nightlife they merged into the desire to be reborn. While today it has profoundly changed and cleaned up and it is perhaps the most fashionable and pleasant district of Madrid. It is a treasure trove of shops vintage clothes, trendy boutiques managed by young local and local designers where you can relax and indulge your throat.

The districts of Madrid

The districts of Madrid: Salamanca and its VIPs

Let’s go on to discover the districts of Madrid and move on to Salamancaarea of high standard and adequate prices. It is no coincidence that here are the shops of all international and Spanish stylists more exclusive, all concentrated on a stretch of pure luxury. It is a great area to watch the rich and famous – or be watched if you can – and if you are looking for a meal in a starred venue or a very refined cocktail is where you have to come. But don’t be snobbish on the contrary: yes, because it is not necessary to be a millionaire to enjoy the beauties of Salamanca.

The Mercado de la Paz is a lively neighborhood market that hosts one of the most famous clubs in Madrid, Dani house. No.do not think about gourmet cuisine: people have always come here to eat the tortilla de patatas and his menu of the day has a really low price. Completely different is the offer found at Stallsa cinema from the 1950s courageously reconverted, and which is now a reference point for those looking for gastronomic experiences with ethnic cuisines, tapas and great imagination.

The districts of Madrid: cocktails and writers

The neighborhoods of Madrid they are not fixed. Do you think it is an extravagance? Then think about the story of Las Salesas which was theoretically part of Chueca. But that has in fact separated. And the northern part of the neighborhoodthe one that leads to Salamancawhich has increasingly transformed into a boutique area trendy, cafes and restaurants. In short, it is the right place for a weekend stroll among trendy clubs perpetually chased by others who want to take away their stardom. If you want a couple of directions don’t miss the delights Mama Framboisea trendy bakery, and in the evening the magical combinations of Maceraone of the top addresses for those who love cocktails and mixed drinks.

The districts of Madrid

If you want to understand the soul of the city and discover the many faces of Madrid’s neighborhoods, you can’t miss a stop in the barrio de Las Letras. The area is also known as Huertasnamed after the main road that crosses it, and was for centuries the neighborhood of writers. It was here that Miguel de Cervantes he lived as well as other greats of the Golden Age such as the playwright Lope de Vega, of which you can still visit the house. Many centuries later this has also been a favorite neighborhood of Ernest Hemingway who, as usual, had many bars in which he was at home. And where she drank with conviction.

Even today it is a beautiful area full of trendy bars, restaurants and shops with Plaza Santa Ana which represents its fulcrum. This square, once a place of haunt of bullfighters it is now crowded with tourists and locals and is a pleasant setting in which to enjoy a beer while quietly watching the world go by.

The districts of Madrid

The districts of Madrid: the multi-functional Lavapies and the tapas of Latina

Each area has its own soul: and among the districts of Madrid, Latina is one of the oldest areas even if today its fame is due more than anything else to the presence of many famous places where to eat some of the best tapas in town. For your tastings go until late in Calle de Cava Baja while the day you explore the Plaza de la Paja, a delightful square lined with restaurants and bars. La Latina is also a good place to delve into Madrid’s history; the free San Isidro Museum has interesting reconstructions that trace the growth of the city over the years.

The districts of Madrid

We conclude the journey between the districts of Madrid with Lavapiés, the most multicultural area of ​​the city. Lavapiés, is full of clubs that offer the cuisine from all over the worldstreet performers and bars and cafes where to stay late. It is a great place to discover local artists by taking a tour of street art or by visiting local spaces such as the Tabacalera. On Sundays the streets around Ribera de Curtidores are overrun by the crowds that visit the Rastrothe biggest flea market in the city. At night the surprise is guaranteed by the usual, traditional old bars even if not a week goes by without a new place coming up. And Madrid, as always, will look for a way to make you fall in love with itself.

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