The city of Anchorage in Alaska: what to see, attractions, excursions

Stand out in the midst of forests And mountains, rivers And fjords. In the heart of the city, however, there are skyscrapers and crowded streets with places full of life And Art gallery. Not only that: they live here 290 thousand people but also hundreds of moose, brown bears And grizzly bears. And it is normal that this is the case because this is the city of Anchorage, the capital – only economic and commercial – of Alaska, a settlement born in 1915 as a tented camp for the workers who had to build the railway Alaska Railroad.

Then, over time, the discovery of oil in the bay of Prudhoe and the construction ofTrans-Alaska pipeline did the rest and the development of Anchorage was rapid and continuous so much so that today it is the place from which one necessarily passes to come and visit theAlaska. But also the fundamental hub to go and discover the surrounding area.

The City of Anchorage: A Century of History

And it is a discovery for all tastes: here is the center of the system state transportation which allows you to reach all destinations – and not surprisingly the lake hood and the seaplane base busiest in the world – but there are also trips and excursions in the surrounding area such as the peaks of Chugach State Park or the sparkling banks of the Turnagain Arm. You will never again see a river with such a tide.



Plus, the city of Anchorage, which is also immersed in nature, boasts the outburst of dozens of city parks and about 200 km of cycle paths. And despite being so north the maritime climate makes for winter almost bearable. Only about twenty minutes by car from the center is the route of the excursion most loved by the locals, that of Flattop Mountain but it is in winter that the city becomes the amusement park for snow lovers.

Everything is white, le northern lights they fill the sky and on earth there are tens of kilometers of cross-country trails always well maintained but also paths to dog sleds, spaces for skating. And if that’s not enough for you, just take the car and drive in less than an hour you reach theAlyeska Resort, the premier ski area in the state. of theAlaskawith over 60 km of slopes and five ski lifts.

Museums, restaurants and shopping

But we said it: there is not only nature. It is strange to think that here a century ago there was not not even a house while today in the city of Anchorage you live with the same relaxed comfort of a any modern city. And for those who want it there are good restaurants that exploit the many raw materials of the state, museums, shops and shopping areas. In summer then many meet in the center every weekend for the Anchorage Market & Festival, which is a major visitor attraction and features a wide range of local produce including clothing, paintings, jewelry handmade and foods often offered directly by the producers.

Native culture and Alaskan history

Wanting then to point out some of the attractions and things to see in the city of Anchorage, we cannot forget theAlaska Native Heritage Center, northeast of the city center. It is a place that reconstructs the culture of 11 indigenous groups of Alaska and it’s a good way to understand what the city used to be, and theAlaskabefore modernity. At the Heritage Center, six traditional houses surround the baby Lake Tiulanaand in every village you get closer to the ancestral culture.

Always to go back in time and space of this state you have to go to theAnchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center. This is a modern glass fronted building containing a large selection of artistic and historical objects pertaining to the‘Alaska and the Arctic.

Cycling among moose and belugas

But then, eventually, the call of the Wild has the upper hand. And the simplest and most common proposal is to get on the saddle and go for a bike ride on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. It is a route along the coastabout twenty kilometers long, which starts from the center of the city of Anchorage and travel in southwest direction. The route begins near the oldest house in the city, Oscar Anderson Houseand continues to the head of Earthquake Park – where information panels describe how the 1964 earthquake has engulfed stretches of coast and overturned the city.

Along the way you can then see specimens of wildlife such as the moose. Is in the Cook Inlet Even the beluga whales. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail ends big Kincaid Park, from where you can enjoy splendid views of the surrounding mountains. If, on the other hand, you want to see the peaks more closely, organize yourself to go and discover the Chugach State Parkone of the four largest state parks of the United States. The park borders the Anchorage city area to the east and is a complete catalog of mountains, rivers, lakes and glaciers.


The inhabitants, needless to say, are wolves, moose, bears, beavers, lynxes and other wild animals. Here, the cruise ship passengers. And for everyone, without distinction, it is a show to immerse yourself in the pristine scenery. A century after all it is little to overcome its strength. And in fact here we understand our weakness. And the force of the nature.

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