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Christmas in Stockholm: what to do in winter in the Swedish capital

It is useless to lie. These days, between snow and cold, we all dream of the sun, maybe a beach with palm trees. And a dip in the blue sea. Many to realize this dream take advantage of the holidays to leave towards exotic destinations and tropical. But, on the contrary, this could instead be the right time to do the opposite: that is brave the winter moving where frost and snow are at home. That is to north. And if you say north you say Sweden. No, it is not a provocation. But one piece of advice: why Christmas a Stockholm it can be irresistible. And if it’s cold, no fear: because as they say in Scandinaviathere is no bad weather. But only wrong clothing.

Christmas in Stockholm: a sea of ​​lights

Packed in the suitcase heavy clothes and sturdy shoes we therefore disembark a Stockholm. And if the sunlight is poor – sunset comes early – you will be overwhelmed by a sea of ​​lights. What in these parts, between Saint Lucia And Christmas, we celebrate in earnest. Now, everyone knows that Saint Lucia was of Syracuse. But the Swedes have adopted it. And here the Luciadag it’s a big party: candles are lit, sweets are eaten Lussekatter and in each area the most beautiful Lucia is chosen and one takes part in the processions.

Don’t think about religious moments but rather about family and festive events. And in the alleys of Gamla Stanthe old part, the medieval heart of the city, everything looks special. This is where you can spend most of your time. After a while, even the cold will seem to disappear as you walk among the traditional ones tall narrow houses painted as in a watercolor: at the end of the 19th century it was considered a somewhat infamous area while now it seems the perfect backdrop for one Nordic fairy tale. And obviously there is no shortage of classic markets.

Christmas in Stockholm

You take selfies, take a look inside the many bars and cafes and choose the right place to live another of the typical experiences of the Christmas a Stockholm: that of julbord. The word indicates the Christmas buffet but now it is found throughout the Advent season. And get ready: you will get up more than full.

The party buffet

In practice it is a buffet meal where you can experience the strong dishes of the local gastronomy: of course salmon in a thousand ways but also smoked ham and herringbeetroot and meatball salad, and hard-boiled eggs reindeer sausagesroasted and curious pie of potatoes, onions and herring. To digest all beer but also brandy. Full and happy, you can resume exploring and, perhaps, burn calories. And what better way than by skating?

The place to do it comfortably is the track that is set up in the heart of the park of Kungsträdgården. It is in the center, it is large and much loved by the locals and in the evenings between lights and music it looks like a disco. Equally popular is the runway at Vasaparken while for children there is a dedicated track in the Medborgarplatsen. But if you are an expert skater you can do as many of the locals who want natural ice.

Ice skating on rivers and lakes

And they travel for tens of kilometers: when in fact the cold freezes rivers, lakes and open spaces dozens of people travel for hours following the course of the streams and even one has existed for over a century Stockholm Skaters Association that on weekends organizes trips and excursions with blades under their feet. To understand how fashionable it is, just say that it has over 10 thousand members.

If you want to do less effort, you can also visit the city with winter cruises which take place when the canals are not all frozen. It is a different and suggestive way to see the houses and squares from a different perspective. And once again don’t be afraid to freeze: they almost always offer one on board hot soup and there are reindeer skins to cover up. Or, even for sports enthusiasts, just take public transport and take a few minutes’ journey to be able to devote themselves to skiing.

On track for Christmas in Stockholm

The slopes are not steep and even beginners will be comfortable. The city district is called Hammarbybacken and it is really close to the center. There are five tracksa couple of ski lifts it’s a playing field for children as well as spaces where you can rent everything you need. Without forgetting some cafes for a hot chocolate or tea. At this point only one thing is missing: that is to live the top of life of the Sweden in winter. To do this you have to find out what it means do fika: it is an untranslatable term that indicates a pause – which can be quite long – in a room drinking coffee and eating candy.

Don’t think of a standing coffee like we do: there sits down, talksyou live a convivial moment of socialization with friends and relatives while drinking and enjoying a kanelbulle– a cinnamon cake – or chocolate pralines. The trick is not to be in a hurry, to get comfortable and maybe have a window within sight. Self it’s snowing outside one snuggles even more. And she feels so good.

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