The beaches of the Canaries: the most beautiful from Tenerife to Fuerteventura

For atlases and politics le Canary Islands I am part of Spain. For geography they are pieces of Africa scattered in the Atlantic waves. For tourists, especially those arriving from Northern Europe, they are the perfect and convenient destination to find sun and mild temperatures in every season. For everyone they are relaxation. And the beaches of Canaries are the right place where lay down in the sun. Although it must be remembered that they are in everything over 500divided into the various islands that make up thearchipelagoand therefore they are very different from each other: there are those very longplacid and golden, and those tiny and out of the way, those equipped for tourists who want services and luxury and the solitary ones where you can feel like an explorer.
But all the beaches in the Canaries have one thing in common. The sea ​​is never very very warm – we are in the Ocean – and the average temperature travels around the 20°C in the months of February and March going up to 25°C in September – but in return there is a beach for everyone. Whether you want silence and tranquility or prefer bars close at hand and services you will not be disappointed. Here you will find yours corner of sand and sea.

Beaches of the Canary Islands: an archipelago of characters

A premise before moving on to the list of Canary beaches not to be missed: these islands are volcanic and have great differences between them. It passes by lunar scenarios from Fuerteventura to the green hills of Lanzarote to the hard and harsh glimpses of El Hierro. And consequently, don’t expect beaches that are always the same but rather choose your destination also according to what type of beach and holiday you want and are looking for.

Canary beaches.

El Bollullo beach – Tenerife

The beach of El Bollullo is located on northern coast of Tenerife in an area not too devastated by resorts which for many are the symbol of this island. This beach will then be perfect for anyone looking for one space not too large, collected and does not feel the need for the classic golden expanse. Which indeed here the sand is black and you can breathe a wild and natural atmosphere. To get there, go along the La Orotava Valley moving on narrow streets between banana plantations. High cliffs stand out around the beach and there are no particular tourist facilities except a small bar where to eat fresh fish.

If, on the other hand, on your tour of the beaches of Canaries you want luxury, services and international atmosphere Playa del Duquealways to Tenerife. It is one of the most exclusive areas of the island, in the tourist area of Costa Adeje, with many star hotel and a clear shoreline with the sand that came from not too far away Sahara. People come here to sip a drink cocktails laid out on the sunbedstroll along the promenade that actually connects eight beaches or to devote himself to beach sports and aquatic. Of course there is plenty of choice of restaurants, shops and bars.

the beaches of the Canaries

The beaches of the Canary Islands: Playa de Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

Think about the Sahara desert. And put it on the sea. Here you are; you will have the Maspalomas playa on the southern tip of the island of Gran Canaria. Over the centuries the fine golden sand here has created a vast expanse of dunes and it is no coincidence that it almost never rains. And the temperature rarely drops below 20 ° C. In addition to the sand hills there are also five km of sand overlooking the blue sea. View the beauty it is always crowded but the dimensions guarantee the sspace for all, also for nudists and LGBT audiences. The sea is generally quite warm and calm, although sometimes they come good waves for surfing. Every hundred meters or so you will find kiosks and bars to refresh yourself and take a break.

At its end it begins playa del Ingles one of the best known and busiest with amusement parks, shopping centers and all kinds of services. In addition, as well as on the beach you can walk on the Paseo Costa Canaria: on the one hand luxurious villason the other nudists lying in the sun. Or long Paseo Maritimo with its thousand pubs, shops and assorted clubs.

Las Teresitas beach – Tenerife

Las Teresitas is located near the village of San Andres and it is decidedly known and touristic. Also because it offers, between the ocher sand and the palm trees, caribbean glimpses. There is everything you need: bars and restaurants, clubs of all kinds and umbrellas. And the presence of breakwaters guarantees a generally calmer and even warmer water. For all these reasons it is much loved by tourists and locals who flock there also because it has rather low prices. A striking detail: how beach is fake. In the sense that the sand was brought from Sahara in the 70s to cover the original black one.

More “real” and wild is the las Gaviotas beach, about ten minutes away village of Santa Cruz. It’s not huge and it’s formed by blackish sand with pebbles and stones in the part towards the cliffs. It accommodates a mixed audience of surfers and nudists, families and young people: there are no umbrellas and deck chairs and for a drink you have to wait for the street vendors who pass by. Suggestion: come in the morning. In the afternoon, after 17, the shadow falls on the beach.


El Cofete beach – Fuertaventura

Cofete beach is located on the headland from the southern tip of Fuertaventura. And here forget the lights of the resorts: here reigns wild nature. The beach is a wide expanse of golden sand which stretches as far as the eye can see 12km. Behind the spectacular Jandia mountains they shoot skyward carved by thousands of years of harsh and brackish winds. There are few houses around and after a small village, where there is also a restaurant, you park and walk choosing your favorite spot. A curiosity: here is a villa that is a sort of container of legends. Is called Villa Winter and was built shortly after WWII by a German engineer. Take a look and then go back to looking at the sea and remember that here the waves are not joking. If you want to swim, be careful.

The beaches of the Canaries: discovering La Palma

The Palm it is certainly not the best known island of the archipelago but here is one of the beaches Canaries more fascinating. And someone says about the whole Spain. It’s about Playa de Nogalesin the area of shore it up, immersed in a natural context of paths and mountains. And by the sea, but without the madding crowd. The beach can be reached in 15 minutes walking down the cliff and you arrive in a crescent of black sand with a thousand shades. Due to the currents, you need to be careful when swimming. Just as it is advisable to keep an eye on the waves. However, one comes here to be immersed in the nature and silence.

Another one of Canary beaches worth the trip is located in the small island de La GraciosaNorth of Lanzarote. Is called Las Conchas and is in the territory of the municipality of Teguise. It is an idyllic corner from which you can clearly see the nearby islets of Allegranza and the Roques del Este And West. It is a place with a rough and isolated appearance, which can be reached on foot and which remains impressed. Around the peaks of the Montaña Bermeja and of the Montana Clara while on the shoreline you are enveloped in colours. The rock is reddish, the sand golden, the water turquoise with an infinite number of shades. In short, a real treasure that deserves the fatigue it takes to get there: 45 minutes on foot or 20 by bike. Or a 4×4. That beauty pays off.

Playa Amadores – Gran Canaria

In the southwest of the island of Gran Canaria there is a beach that seems to be the perfect place to be lazy. And enjoy the sun. And the Amadores beach and presents itself with blue and calm waters, protected by two breakwaters. More the sand is soft and clear and reigns silence because music, those who play ball and those who make noise are not welcome. Families and those who find it perfect to end the day enjoying themselves are preferred to the compensation the sunset over the sea. But don’t think badly: they are also there deckchairs and clubs where to have a snack.

Let’s finish this necessarily partial guide of the beaches of the Canaries with a place that is not a beach. We are talking about the Charco Azul from El Hierro, one of the small among the islands. And one of those where nature has preferred stone to sand. That’s why people come to swim in this natural pool created by lava where you can immerse yourself without fearing the power of the waves. This swimming pool is located in the El Golfo area and also occupies part of a cave where you can splash around in the water with incredible colors before lying on the wooden platforms. Volcanic rock is certainly not comfortable but the feeling is special. Especially if you think that this was fury of volcano and lava. And now it’s pure relaxation.

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