Guida di Bora Bora

Bora Bora guide: what to see and what to do on the island of Polynesia

It has less than 9000 inhabitants but it is famous all over the world. It has less circumference of 30km but for many this is where it is heaven. The guide to Bora Bora must necessarily start from here: from the comparison between the dimensions of this segment of land, part of the Society Islandsand his name of pearl among pearls of the French Polynesia. For some the most beautiful island of the south Pacific. For others, the most beautiful in the world.

An exaggeration? Probably yes. But the fact remains that painters, artists and lovers of beauty have always found inspiration here. And that each of us is enraptured in front of white sand beaches look out lagoons full of life and colours. And it is no coincidence that for decades now, those who can have chosen this destination with their family for their honeymoon overwater bungalows. If even VIPs arrive like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman there is a reason why they made this choice.

Bora Bora guide: the barrier and the motus

Leafing through a guide to Bora Bora is decidedly simple: the island proper rises in fact at center of a lagoonsurrounded to the north and east by two long motu – that is to say sandy reliefs which protrude slightly from the water at the edge of the coral reefs : they are Motu Mute (where the airport is) e Motu Piti Aau. To the north-east the coral reef emerges with small strips of sand, while to the south-west there is another motu called Toopua. There is also an islet called Theavanui which signals where the reef breaks off. That’s where it comes from the lagoon and the open sea dialogue and through which the ships and the fish pass. For the rest, the coral reef surrounds Bora Bora like a dam. Or if you prefer with one coral and color boas.

We said it at the beginning: Bora Bora is a small island but made special by the sudden rise of the mountain Otemanu, which reaches 720 meters. Starting from the zero of the sea, it stands out like a spire and can therefore be seen from afar. To visit the interior you can use rental cars – better 4×4 – with which to explore the roads that thread through the vegetation up to the panoramic points. But they are narrow and often poorly maintained streets. And only one is paved. For the more sporty, trekking boots allow you to follow the plot of the paths in the greenery. To get to largest beach on the main islandMatira, you have to go towards the southernmost point where, in addition to the beach, there are also various hotels and restaurants.

Guide to Bora Bora

Guide to Bora Bora

Unlike Tahiti And Mooreamost of tourist resorts of Bora Bora it is not located on the island proper, but rather on the edge of the small motus that surround it. For this reason, you will most likely travel from the airport to your resort by boat and a boat will be the means of transport with which you will move more frequently. For resorts located on the main island, there is the option of taking the ferry to the port village of Vaitapewhere ground transportation is available for individual locations.

Bora Bora has no real city but its own largest village and main port is Vaitape, home to a few dozen shops and several waterfront restaurants and bars. This is the right place to shop and discover the craft which obviously offers exclusive souvenirs such as Tahitian black pearls, shell jewelry, sarong of a thousand colors, wood carvings and perfume oils. To discover Vaitape, a short walk is pleasant and sufficient, also because it is generally very quiet, especially during the long midday shopping break. Except when cruise ships I’m in port.

Guide to Bora Bora

Guide to Bora Bora: the show from above

Getting to Bora Bora is in itself a show since the flight allows you to see Mount Otemanu on the horizon which arises suddenly as a green peak surrounded by azure water. As you get closer, you begin to see them luxury resorts, with thatched-roof bungalows and long walkways stretched out over the sea.

The airport stands on a motu and was built, as the Bora Bora guidebook recalls, during the second World War by American troops. Several daily flights arrive here Air Tahiti with turboprop aircraft from Faa’a International Airport to Papeete and Moorea’s smaller airport, plus connections from several other islands in the French Polynesia. When you disembark you will be greeted by sweet notes of Polynesian music and by the fragrance of tiare flowers. AND’ France but here it is not the aroma of the baguette that dominates.

For the rest, the sea will make the difference: the Bora Bora guide in the chapter what to do will list all the activities connected to the water. Snorkelling, diving but even simple swims will take you to a paradise of warm water and colorful fish. In many points of the lagoon it is possible swim among sharks and rays even mixing with them. At every point the transparency of the water is extraordinary and even those who are not familiar with the seabed will have unique experiences.

Guide to Bora Bora

Bora Bora guide: when to go

The climate in Bora Bora and in the surrounding islands it is tropical with a wet and a dry season. Season humid (summer) goes from November until April and three quarters of the rains of the year fall with a high humidity rate and a temperature of 30 °C. The dry season runs from May to October and in this period tourism is at its peak in the island. During these months the temperatures drop by a few degrees and rain is rare, the water temperature is warm. But in return i prices skyrocket.

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