The Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most famous thermal spa and swimming pool

L’Icelandyou know, is the land of geysers, ice, volcanoes And lava. And boiling water. This means that although it is generally cold there are very hot places. Where to relax in the warmth that comes from underground. The most famous of these places is certainly the Blue Lagoona geothermal spa where Icelanders and tourists alike queue up to experience this dedicated wellness complex that includes a huge pool with saunasa hot waterfall and a wide range of treatments that use products for skin care completely natural.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland: soothing warmth

Yes, because the Blue Lagoon in Iceland prides itself on expressing the better than nature. But it is not a natural structure. This place was born in fact alone in 1976 as a result of a geothermal power plant. In practice, with very Icelandic concreteness, it was decided that nothing is thrown away from hot water. The boiling liquid that flows from the earth, cousin of that of the geysersfeed before whirlwind that produce electricity, then switch to one heat exchanger which heats the houses and finally flows into the lagoon at a temperature just below 40 degrees. And here we go to enjoy the bath and during the right season lying in the water they can also enjoy the northern lights.

And here the question arises? But after these steps the Blue Lagoon is clean? Absolutely yes, indeed it is practically curative. Analyzes have shown that there are no chemicals – not even chlorine – but only natural minerals beneficial to people’s skin.

The discovery of Valur

The first to find out was a young man named Valur Margeirsson that suffering from psoriasis he was looking for a remedy: he asked permission from the power station management and began to bathe, realizing that the water had positive effects for him and his pathology. After a few years this discovery convinced to create one facility open to the public. And now one of most famous in Europe.

On the other hand the passion for natural pools and warm water spaces is very common in Iceland and it didn’t take long for the locals to start flocking to this new resort facility. Also because it is quite easy to reach: you arrive in about 15 minutes from the airport Keflavik and about a half hour drive from Reykjavik. And now she is one of them best-known tourist attractions in the country before or after the round of what is called the Golden Circle.

This has meant that now you have to book even weeks in advance and prices are very high. Even in a country as expensive asIceland.

The Blue Lagoon

How to enjoy the bath

We said it: water is rich in minerals and before entering it is necessary to take a thorough shower and then put on a swimsuit, leaving clothes and the rest in the lockers available to customers.

Once inside the water you can also drink by buying sodas and beer in the bar located in the center of the lagoon. Where you pay with a bracelet. If you want, before or after you can also stop in the restaurants built around the spa. But again expect high prices.

In addition to enjoying the water that flows from the underground Blue Lagoon also offers other services: there are saunas, steam rooms, a waterfall to be massaged by the water but also massage services and spaces to get yourself mud mask rich in minerals. The mask can also be done near the bar in the center of the lagoon. After, the skin is very smooth. Of course, each additional treatment increases the price. You can choose the basic access which fluctuates around the 40 euros per person or add special pampering. Because it is basically a unique experience which, inclusive of everything, it also reaches 200 euros.

Not only the Blue Lagoon: the other hot pools

However, precisely this commercial and tourist attitude does not convince many who prefer other natural pools and other thermal areas of the country. Certainly cheaper and perhaps original. Sure they aren’t as well equipped as this but often do they are free and in very suggestive locations such as the Reykjadalur valley or the natural baths of Myvatncompletely surrounded by lava fields. Worthy of one land of fire, ice And boiling water.

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