I migliori mercati di Parigi

The best markets in Paris: addresses for the curious and gourmets

There are many ways to find out Paris. You can devote yourself to museums, of course, to monuments universally known, focus on brasseries or start looking for the less known things. Or do as the city dwellers do. And that is to have fun snooping through the desks and the exhibited goods in the best markets. On the other hand it is known that Parisians are passionate about good things and do not hesitate to cross entire neighborhoods to find what they are looking for. And whether it is cheesesbooks, antique buttons for a military coat or mixed flavors doesn’t matter: Parisians love markets.

And we who love Paris do as they do, remembering that each neighborhood has its own market and generally the timetables and info can be found online. Know though that most of the Saturday it will definitely be open and this visit to the markets becomes a good tip for the weekend.

The best markets in Paris: Marché d’Aligre

You want to have an experience that combines the experience of the markets in one place Paris? Then maybe you should bet on Marché d’Aligre. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and here you can find endless displays of fruit but also triumphs of cheeses, cold cuts and all goodness. But all in a context of energy and atmosphere different from almost all the others. Even if you are not very strong in French here you can put yourself to the test and dare to make purchases.

The indoor sections they are a blessing on rainy days while the uncovered areas are great to find antiques and linen.
Place d’Aligre

The best markets in Paris

The Marché Saint Martin (open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to 20; Sunday from 9 to 23) is located near a bend in the Canal Saint Martin and strikes for a strange contrast: it is a covered market with a modern and contemporary air but not everyone knows that it dates back to nineteenth century.

Here you will find the classic products – such as fruit and vegetables, meat and many cheeses – but also specialized stands such as the German ones that offer a wide choice of beers and jams. And if you want to eat something and you don’t like the idea of ​​a picnic, stop by Le Réfectoire, an open-air restaurant that shares space with the market and stocks up on the same ingredients sold right next door.
31 Rue du Chateau d’Eau

Le Marché aux Fleurs

After a dutiful tribute to Notre Dame, the Marché aux Fleurs (or aux Oiseaux, depending on the day) is a pleasant variation (and is conveniently open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 7pm; Sunday 8am to 7pm). The crowds of tourists who line up to see the stained glass windows of the Cathedral here they lose themselves admiring the great choice of roses, daisies, hydrangeas and every other kind of colored petal under period pavilions. And indeed this market has existed since 1830.

One thing to remember: on Sundays the subject changes as the market also becomes that of birds. Children will be fascinated by the endless array of cages and birds that make it unique.
Quai de la Corse

The best markets in Paris

Prints and books on the Seine

Paris it is a city of strong character. And it has its quirks and unique characteristics. Among these there is certainly the book market – i bouquinistes which extends along the bank of the Seine. This widespread market (there are about nine hundred dark green colored boxes that line up along the quais of the right bank from the Marie bridge to the quai del Louvre and left of the river) form a kind of column of three kilometers of books And old posters. It is estimated that in total about three hundred thousand books, magazines, stamps and other objects are on display from morning until after sunset.

The best markets in Paris

Fashion and tradition: Marché des Enfants Rouges

It is located within a old orphanage and for 400 years, and since 1615, it has been a point of reference for the now fashionable northern district marais which some twenty years ago rose up to save it from destruction. This is the oldest food market in the city, a stone’s throw from Rue de Bretagne (open from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 to 20; Friday and Saturday from 8 to 20; Sunday from 8.30 to 17).

Parisians and tourists come here for the fresh produce and for ethnic snacks: there are Italian stands but also Lebanese and Japanese tastings. On Sunday, brunch lovers gather at a place called l‘Estamineta restaurant nestled in the heart of the market, oa La Petite Fabrique.

39 Rue de Bretagne

Do you want to feel a little Ernest Hemingway? Then go shopping rue Mouffetard, a steep and picturesque road in the 5th arrondissement. Here there are many shops and clubs and the street is always full of life starting from the charming one place de Contrashoes. In addition to the shops around, there are also some stalls where you can shop and enjoy the life of the neighborhood.

To pay homage to the author of The old Man and the Sea look at number 74 of rue du Cardinal Lemoinea few steps away, Li lived on great writer when he wrote Mobile Feast recalling that this “was the Paris of the good old days, when we were very poor and very happy.”
Rue Mouffetard

The best markets in Paris

Organic and glam flavors

It is said that in France it’s at Paris eat well. And seeing i best markets in Paris it cannot be said that it is not true (even if, for example Lyon, has very little to envy). But if you are also looking for natural products as well as good flavours, you need to focus decisively on the Marché Biologique, the Sunday organic market on Boulevard Raspail. Here the most famous producers meet and also for this reason the market is considered very glamorous and definitely the most expensive on the market Left Bank.

Among the forty or so stands, the vip committed to choosing tomatoes and breads produced with ancient grains. Here three days a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday) around forty merchants exhibit their goods ranging from organic fruit to textile products that respect the environment to homeopathic medicines. The market, which was founded in 1920, is located near the bus stop Sèvres-Babylone metro.

Ruand Cherce-Midi

The markets of Paris: Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen

Want a market but not looking for food? No problem: there is one for you among the markets in Paris. We are talking about the Saint-Ouen flea marketthe largest of its kind in the city (think spanning over seven hectares of land) with thousands of exhibitors who meet at the weekend to propose furniture, fittings, furnishings and any other kind of object that seems to come from the past. And it’s also a good opportunity to get out of the center and go see the surroundings of the Ville Lumiere.

You can also find clothes and curiosities of all kinds and even if you don’t want to buy anything it’s always a lot of fun to wander around and look for something that arouses your curiosity, remembering that the prices are on average a bit high and it’s never a bad idea to negotiate a little ‘ The quotation.
de la Porte de Clignancourt

The best markets in Paris

And if the excessive crowds of the market don’t suit you, you will find the right place for you Rue Montorgueil. This street near the first arrondissement hosts an infinite number of shops and specialized stalls in food products and more with many excellent addresses to discover while strolling through the pedestrian street. There are fruit and vegetable shops, excellent cheese shops and also some famous restaurants such as theEscargot which opened in 1875.

But that’s not all: here is the pastry shop that is said to be the oldest in the city, that is Maison Stoherwhich boasts of the different types of rum baba but also other irresistible desserts based on custard and brulè pasta. The road has always been loved and very busy: the proof lies in the Musée d’Orsay where there is a picture that tells how it was at the time of Monet.
Rue Montorguethe

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